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qiaonuohan 07-20-2012 06:25 AM

add support to "virsh dump-guest-memory"(qemu memory dump)
Hello Dave,

I made this patch to make crash can analyze core dump file created by
"virsh dump-guest-memory"(I will call it "qemu memory dump" below). In
my test(guest OS: RHEL6.2 x86 & x86_64), the patch works well with dump
files created by "qemu memory dump".

However, after some investigation, I think I need to discuss further
works with you.

The core dump created by qemu memory dump is similar to kdump. The
distinctness only focuses on note sections. The former one gets
note sections with a name called "QEMU".

1. Some registers' information stored in "CORE" note sections, needed
by crash, also stores in "QEMU" note sections. I think it's not
reasonable to replace them. What do you think?

2. Other registers which are only stored in "QEMU" note sections are
not directly used in crash. I will continue investigating the use of
these registers. And if you give some suggestion, it will be helpful.

Qiao Nuohan

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