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Old 03-23-2012, 03:14 PM
Dave Anderson
Default crash version 6.0.5 is available

Download from: http://people.redhat.com/anderson


- Enhancement to the "foreach" command to allow any of the "name"
arguments to be POSIX extended regular expressions. The expression
string must be encompassed by "'" characters, and will be matched
against the names of all tasks.
(qiaonuohan@cn.fujitsu.com, anderson@redhat.com)

- Fix for the embedded gdb module's "ptype" command, and by extension,
the crash utility's "struct" command, to be able to fully display
embedded structure or union members of a structure/union. Without
the patch, if a structure or union is a member of a structure or
union that is a member of a structure or union, then it is displayed
as "struct {...}" or "union {...}".

- Extend the "ps -l" output to also display the task state next to
its last_run/timestamp value.

- Enhancement to the "foreach" command which adds a new "state"
task-indentifier argument that filters tasks by their task state.
The state argument may be any of the task states displayed by
the "ps" command: RU, IN, UN, ST, ZO, SW or DE.
(rabin@rab.in, anderson@redhat.com)

- Implemented a new pc->cmd_cleanup function pointer and an optional
pc->cmd_cleanup_arg argument that will allow any command to register
a function and an optional argument that will be called after a
command has completed successfully, or more likely, unsuccessfully.
Normally the only cleanup required for a command is the freeing of
buffers that were allocated with GETBUF(), but that is performed
automatically after each command is run. However, with the
introduction of the new POSIX regular expression functionality of
the "foreach" command, there needed to be a way to call regfree()
in the case where where regcomp() was called successfully, but then
the command later encountered one of several fatal error conditions.
This facility is also available for use by extension module commands.

- Enforce the usage of a kernel thread's pgd from its active_mm for
the ARM "vtop -c" command; if its active_mm is NULL, make the command
fail similarly to the other architectures, displaying the error
message "vtop: no active_mm for this kernel thread".

- Fix for the x86_64 "bt" command running against recent kernels
if an active task was operating on its IRQ stack when the crash
occurred. Without the patch, the determination of the IRQ exception
frame was off-by-8, displaying invalid register data and the error
message "bt: WARNING: possibly bogus exception frame".

- Update to handle the vfsmount structure change in 3.3 kernels, in
which most members of the vfsmount structure have been moved into a
new "struct mount", and the vfsmount structure has been embedded in
the new mount structure. Without the patch, the following commands
will fail, displaying the following error messages:

mount: "mount: invalid structure member offset: vfsmount_mnt_list"
files: "files: invalid structure member offset: dentry_d_covers"
vm: "vm: invalid structure member offset: dentry_d_covers"
swap: "swap: invalid structure member offset: dentry_d_covers
fuser: "files: invalid structure member offset: dentry_d_covers"

The "fuser" command generates the above error because it uses the
"files" command behind the scenes.

- Fix for the "ps" command to prevent the display of "??" under the
ST (task state) column. Without the patch, in more recent kernels,
if more than one bit were set in the task_struct.state field, the
state would display "??". With the fix, the primary state will
always be displayed.

- Update to the output of the "set" command when it displays a
task's state. Without the patch, if more than one bit was set
in the task_struct.state field, "STATE: (unknown)" would be
displayed. With the fix, all bits in both the task_struct.state
and task_struct.exit_state fields are translated.

- Implemented a new "vm -P <vma-address>" option, which is similar
to "vm -p", but only does the page translations of the specified
VM area of a context.

- Add support for the Freescale PowerPC e500mc version of the E500
processor chipset, and rework the PPC platform-specific code in
order to more easily support new processors.

- Implemented a new "gdb" crash environment variable that can be used
to alter a crash session's behavior such that all commands are passed
directly to the embedded gdb module. The new mode is turned on and
off by entering "set gdb on" and "set gdb off". When running in this
mode, the command prompt will be "gdb>". In order to execute native
crash commands while running in this mode, precede the command with
the "crash" directive, for example, "crash ps".
(bruce.korb@gmail.com, anderson@redhat.com)

- Fix for a "*** stack smashing detected ***: crash terminated" failure
during the initial system banner display on a 32-bit PPC platform.

- Redesigned/simplified the internal read_string() function to prevent
a potential segmentation violation.

- Updates for the 32-bit PPC "vtop" command output:
(1) Translate kernel virtual addresses for FSL BOOKE by using
the TLBCAM setting
(2) Remove the PMD line from the display
(3) Fix the displayed PHYSICAL values of FSL BOOKE PTE format

- Fix for crash invocation failure on 3.3-era kernels in which the
the former standalone "xtime" timespec structure has been moved into
the "timekeeper" structure. Without the patch, the crash session
would fail early on with the message "crash: cannot resolve: xtime".
The patch also prevents the crash session failure in the unlikely
event that the timespec access fails.

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