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Dave Anderson 02-03-2012 06:43 PM

crash version 6.0.3 is available
Download from:


- Fix to gdb-7.3.1/bfd/bfdio.c to properly zero out a complete struct
stat with a corrected memset argument; caught when compiling with
the Clang Static Analyzer.

- Fix for the SIAL extension module to remove a call to sial_free()
for an uninitialised variable that can result in a segmentation
violation when unloading a sial script.

- Fix for the "runq" command for kernels that are configured with
CONFIG_FAIR_GROUP_SCHED. Without the patch, tasks contained within
the task-group of a cpu's currently-running task may not be displayed.

- Implemented support for the analysis of 32-bit PPC ELF kdump vmcores.

- Implemented the capability of building a PPC crash binary on a PPC64
host, which can be done by entering "make target=PPC". After the
initial build is complete, subsequent builds can be done by entering
"make" alone.

- Determine the PPC page size from the kdump PAGESIZE vmcoreinfo data.

- Fix for the "kmem -[sS]", "kmem -[fF]" and "kmem <address>"
options in 3.2 kernels. Without the patch, the commands fail with
the error "kmem: invalid structure member offset: page_lru".

- Addition of a set of dumpfile read diagnostic debug statements. They
are primarily of use when dealing with kdump invocation or runtime
read failures (ELF kdumps or compressed kdumps), and can serve to
help pinpoint the problem as a faulty/corrupted dumpfile vs. a crash
utility bug. Some statements are seen when invoking crash with "-d1",
more with "-d4", and all of them with "-d8". During runtime, debug
statements may be seen by entering "set debug <level>".

- Fix for X86 kernels that have CONFIG_X86_32, CONFIG_DISCONTIGMEM,
the patch, the VM subsystem fails to initialize properly because the
pgdat structures are allocated by the remap allocator.

- Fix for the "vtop" command on large NUMA X86 kernels where a node's
starting physical address is larger than 32-bits. Without the patch,
the page struct contents of a virtual address may not be displayed.
Associated with that fix, the "kmem -n" line that displays a node's
MEM_MAP, START_PADDR and START_MAPNR values has been adjusted to more
properly handle large physical addresses.

- Update for the ARM architecture to recognize a recent change of
its vmlinux section name from ".init" to ".init.text". Without the
patch, a warning message indicating "crash: cannot determine text
init space" is displayed during initialization.

- Significant speed increase of the "kmem -p" command, especially on
large-memory systems.

- Implemented new "irq -a" and "irq -s" options. The "irq -a" option
displays the cpu affinity for in-use IRQs. The "irq -s" option
displays per-cpu IRQ stats in a similar manner to /proc/interrupts
for all cpus. To show a limited set of per-cpu IRQ stats, there is
an associated "-c" option that limits the cpus shown, which can be
expressed as "-c 1,3,5", "-c 1-3", or "-c 1,3,5-7,10". The options
are currently restricted to X86, X86_64, ARM, PPC64 and IA64.

- Removal of a redundant read of the kernel's __per_cpu_offset pointers
in the ARM architecture's arm_get_crash_notes() function.

- Fix for an ARM architecture segmentation violation because of a stack
overflow due to recursion in the page table translation code. This
was seen when analyzing a dumpfile where the page tables had been

- Fix for the the "FREE HIGH" tally in the X86 "kmem -i" display.
Without the patch, the PAGES, TOTAL and PERCENTAGE values would
always show zero values.

- Fix for the "kmem -n" output display for 32-bit architectures that
are configured with CONFIG_SPARSEMEM. Without the patch, the values
under the CODED_MEM_MAP, MEM_MAP and PFN columns are all shifted to
the left.

- Cleanup of several SIAL extension module files to address bison 2.5
and gcc 4.4.3 compile-time warnings.

- Fix for "net -[sS]" command options on the ARM architecture. Without
the patch, invalid data would be displayed because the calculation of
the socket address was off by 4 bytes.

- Fix for the ARM "bt" command to allow the core kernel unwind tables
to be used in cases where the module unwind tables are inaccessible.

- Implementation of a new "dev -d" option that displays disk device
I/O statistics. For each disk device, its major number, gendisk and
request_queue addresses are displayed along with the total number of
allocated I/O requests that are in-progress. The total I/O requests
are then split out into synchronous vs. asynchronous counts (or reads
vs. writes in older kernels), and the number that are in-flight in
the device driver.

- Update for 3.1.x and later kernels configured with CONFIG_SLAB, which
have replaced the kmem_cache.nodelists[] array with a pointer to an
outside array. Without the patch, the crash session fails during
invocation with the error "crash: zero-size memory allocation!".

- Implemented support for the analysis of 32-bit PPC compressed kdump

- Prevent the "runq" command from dumping an unending loop of tasks if
the CFS runqueue has been corrupted. If the output of a cpu's
runqueue would display a duplicate task, the output will stop with
the message "WARNING: duplicate CFS runqueue node: task <address>".

- Repurposed/renamed the rarely-used and rarely-needed "mod -r" option
to "mod -R". The option is used to reinitialize the module data; all
currently-loaded symbolic and debugging data is deleted, and the
installed module list will be updated (live systems only).

- Implemented a new "mod -r" option, which will pass the "-readnow"
flag to the embedded gdb module, which will override the two-stage
strategy that it uses for reading symbol tables from module object
files. If the crash session was invoked with the "--readnow" flag,
then the same override will occur automatically. It should be noted
that doing will increase the virtual and resident memory set size.

- Performance increase for the "kmem -s <address>" option on
kernels configured with CONFIG_SLAB, most notably on kernels
whose kmem_cache.array[NR_CPUS] array is several pages in size.

- Require that the "<slabname>" argument to "kmem -s <slabname>"
be escaped with a ' character in two situations:
(1) in the highly-unlikely case of a kmem_cache slab named "list",
to prevent the ambiguity with the "kmem -s list" command option.
(2) if the first character of the <slabname> actually is a '

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