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Old 05-11-2011, 03:05 PM
Dave Anderson
Default crash version 5.1.5 is available

Download from: http://people.redhat.com/anderson


- Fix to allow a vmlinux.bz2 file to be accepted when it is part of
a relative or absolute pathname. Without the patch, the file is
rejected with the message "crash: <path-to>/vmlinux.bz2: not a
supported file format", although it is still possible to use it with
the "-f" flag.

- Fix for the usage of a vmlinux.gz or vmlinux.bz2 file if the
relevant gunzip or bunzip2 file is not located in /usr/bin.
Without the patch on an Ubunutu system, the uncompression fails
because those binaries are only located in the /bin directory.
Also fixed the uncompression error message to differentiate
between gunzip and bunzip2.

- Created a new exist_regs_in_elf_notes() function for extension
modules to pre-determine whether an ELF note containing registers
exists for a specified task. The function is also used by the
currently-existing get_regs_from_elf_notes() function to clean up
redundant code in the various get_<arch>_regs_from_elf_notes()
functions that it calls.

- Exported the formerly static x86_64_exception_frame() function
to extension modules, and created a new EFRAME_INIT flags argument
that directs the function to fill in the x86_64 pt_regs offset table
and return any errors encountered in doing so.

- Created and exported a new get_kvm_register_set() interface for
extension modules to get a copy of the per-cpu registers stored in
the kvmdump header.

- Fix for the handling of x86_64 compressed kdump dumpfiles where
the crashing system contained more than 454 cpus. Without the
patch, the crash session fails during initialization with the error
message "crash: compressed kdump: invalid nr_cpus value: <cpus>"
followed by "crash: vmcore: not a supported file format".
(tindoh@redhat.com, tachibana@mxm.nes.nec.co.jp)

- Fix for the "uvtop" and "vm -p" commands when run on tasks that
have performed an mprotect(PROT_NONE) on a user-space page. Because
the PAGE_PRESENT bit is not set in that case, the page was presumed
to be swapped out. Without the patch the "vtop <address>" command
fails with the error message "vtop: cannot determine swap location",
and "vm -p" indicates "SWAP: (unknown swap location)" when iterating
over the page.

- Fix for the use of the "-g vmlinux" command line option by non-root
users if the /dev/crash module has been preloaded. Without the
patch, after the vmlinux file's debugging information has been
shown, the error messages "ERROR: Removing 'crash': Operation not
permitted" and "NOTE: cleanup_memory_driver failed" are displayed.

- Fix for the s390x "bt" command to handle a program check interrupt
while operating on the process stack. Without the patch, the
backtrace stops prematurely upon reaching the pgm_check_handler()
interrupt handler.

- Long overdue rewrite of the crash.8 man page and the associated
"crash -h" built-in usage display. The crash.8 man page clarifies
the required invocation options, adds all of the rarely-used
command line options that have proliferated over the years, and
updates the ENVIRONMENT variables section. The "crash -h" output
closely mimics the relevant parts of the crash.8 man page.

- Fix for the embedded gdb module to determine member offsets of the
pglist_data structure when the kernel was compiled with gcc 4.6.0.
Without the patch, the system MEMORY size shown by the initial system
data and by the "sys" command is nonsensical, the "kmem -n" command
shows faulty memory node data, and if the kernel is configure with
CONFIG_SLUB, "kmem -[sS]" will fail with numerous "kmem: page_to_nid:
cannot determine node for pages: <page-address>" errors. There
may be other ramifications given that the pglist_data structure is
crucial to the functionality of the crash utility.

- Implemented the capability of using the NT_PRSTATUS ELF note data
that is saved in version 4 compressed kdump headers to determine the
starting stack and instruction pointer hooks for x86 and x86_64
backtraces when they cannot be determined in the traditional manners.
(wang.chao@cn.fujitsu.com, wency@cn.fujitsu.com)

- Added a new "--osrelease <dumpfile>" command line option that
displays the OSRELEASE vmcoreinfo string from a kdump dumpfile.

- Fix to recognize the per-cpu symbol name change from "cpu_info"
to "ia64_cpu_info" in 2.6.33 and later ia64 kernels. Without the
patch, the message "WARNING: cannot find cpuinfo_ia64 location"
would appear during invocation, and the "mach -c" command would
fail in a similar manner, indicating "mach: cannot find cpuinfo_ia64

- Fix for "kmem -[sS]" command on 2.6.39 kernels where the original
slab structure members have been moved into an anonymous union.
Without the patch, either command fails immediately with the error
message "kmem: invalid structure member offset: slab_list".

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