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Jeff Moyer 03-21-2011 12:52 PM

How to find core utlility implementation (source code) file in Linux kernel ?
VL Chowdary <> writes:

> Hi,
> This is VL Chowdary, a software engineer in Bangalore,India.I am currently
> working on a project that deals with "Creation of Postmortem data log file
> on Linux platform".
> The project is on Fedora 12 with Kernel2.6.31.5 version.
> For that i need following things.
> 1. Find the location of core utility in the kernel.
> 2. Find the source file that consists of actual implementation of
> the core utility (On Fedora's kernel
> 3. Based on that i want to implement a core file with my own project
> requirements.
> 4. Build the kernel with the above implemented corefile replacing the
> existing one.
> I went through many
> documents and they were saying that core file generated location is in :
> /proc/sys/kernel.
> Is it correct?.
> I couldn't get the source file that contains the implementation of core
> utility.
> Please help in the project for further proceedings.
> Advance thanks to all repliers.

You can record messages using trace points or trace_printk in the
kernel. Enable whatever trace points you want (or add trace_printks),
then you can examine them in the vmcore using the crash command 'trace'.


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