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Old 11-30-2010, 07:09 PM
Dave Anderson
Default crash version 5.1.0 is available


- Fix for the x86 "bt" command for the active, non-crashing, tasks
in 2.6.31 and later KVM dumpfile kernels that are not configured
with CONFIG_4KSTACKS. Without the patch, the exception frame
generated by the reboot_interrupt() entry point is not displayed,
and if the task was running in user space, the command would
generate a "bt: cannot resolve stack trace" error message.

- Ksplice Inc. proposed a patch which added the module name to x86 and
x86_64 "bt" frame displays so that it would be readily evident that
a kernel function had been replaced by a ksplice module function.
Given that the functionality is useful for the frame display of any
kernel module function, it has been extended to be used in the "bt"
output of the other architectures, as well as in the output of the
"bt -[tT]" options.
(nelhage@ksplice.com, anderson@redhat.com)

- Enhance the "sym" command to display the containing module name
name in brackets (if applicable) when entering a virtual address,
symbol name, or symbol query argument.

- Implemented support for the recognition and display of module per-cpu
symbols after they have been loaded by the "mod -[sS]" command.
Without the patch, any per-cpu symbols declared by a module were not
recognized or displayed at all. With the patch, they are displayed
in the module's symbol list, and as is the case with base kernel
per-cpu symbols, they can be the target of the "p" command in order
to show their type and per-cpu virtual addresses.
(nakayama.ts@ncos.nec.co.jp, anderson@redhat.com)

- Fix for the x86 "bt" command to properly handle a NMI-interrupted
idle task running in cpu_idle(). Without the patch, the backtrace
indicated "bt: cannot resolve stack trace" even though it had resolved
the trace correctly.

- Implemented support for s390x compressed kdump dumpfiles created
by the makedumpfile facility.

- Fix for the "bt" command on x86 Xen hypervisor dumpfiles where a vcpu
received a shutdown NMI while running in the event_check_interrupt()
interrupt handler. Without the patch, the backtrace would indicate
"bt: cannot resolve stack trace", and dump the text symbols on the
stack. The patch recognizes all hypervisor entry points at the
top of the vcpu stack.

- Fix for the "bt" command on x86 Xen hypervisor dumpfiles where a vcpu
received a shutdown NMI while running in the hypercall entry point,
but its return address on the stack gets perceived as an assembly
label symbol within the hypercall code. Without the patch, the
backtrace would indicate "bt: cannot resolve stack trace", and dump
the text symbols on the stack. The patch replaces the assembly
label symbol name with "hypercall".

- Fix for the "help -n" output for s390x ELF vmcore dumpfiles to
recognize the EM_S390 e_machine value, the NT_FPREGSET n_type,
and the new NT_S390_TIMER, NT_S390_TODCMP, NT_S390_TODPREG,
NT_S390_CTRS and NT_S390_PREFIX n_types. Without the patch
the e_machine field showed "(unsupported)", and the n_types
showed "(?)".

- Fix for the "help -n" output for s390x ELF vmcore dumpfiles to
properly dump the contents of the descriptor data of each Elf64_Nhdr
note. Without the patch, the pointer to the descriptor data was
incorrectly calculated and the resultant data output was "shifted".

- Fix for the "help -n" output for diskdump and compressed kdump
files to show the file name as stored in the per-file diskdump_data
structure. Without the patch, only "split" dumpfiles displayed their
individual dumpfile names, whereas single dumpfiles showed "(null)".

- Resurrection of the "irq -b" command option for 2.6 kernels.

- Fix for the displaying of data generated from shell-escaped commands
when the data contains a "%" character followed by a conversion
character. Without the patch, a segmentation violation may occur
when the a conversion gets attempted by fprintf().

- Reworked the do_radix_tree() utility function to work without
depending upon a hardwired copy of the kernel's radix_tree_node
structure, and changed the RADIX_TREE_MAP_SHIFT, RADIX_TREE_MAP_SIZE
and RADIX_TREE_MAP_MASK #define's into dynamically calculated values.

- Call FREEBUF() on a GETBUF()-generated buffer in the do_radix_tree()
utility function.

- Store the .debug_frame section offset and size from the vmlinux file,
and use its data as an alternative to the .eh_frame section data in
the x86_64 unwind code.

- Fix for the "irq" command when run on 2.6.29 kernels, which declared
the irq_desc_ptrs as a static array indexed by NR_IRQS. Without the
patch, the command would show nonsensical IRQ data or fail with the
error message "irq: invalid kernel virtual address: <address> type:
hw_interrupt_type typename".

- Fix for the "irq" command to run with 2.6.34 or later kernels that
replaced the array of irq_desc structures or irq_desc pointers with
a radix tree. Without the patch, the command would fail with the
error message "irq: x86_64_dump_irq: irq_desc[] does not exist?".

- As of 2.6.37, the output of the "irq" command will change from the
current manner of displaying a few cherry-picked structure members
that are of questionable usefulness and a nightmare to maintain. The
new scheme displays the address of the irq_desc/irq_data structure,
and a list of one or more associated irqaction structures and their
name string. With that information, it is simple matter to ascertain
any other desired data concerning the IRQ.

Download from: http://people.redhat.com/anderson

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