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Old 02-18-2010, 05:52 PM
Dave Anderson
Default crash version 5.0.1 is available

- Due to a change in the x86 disassembler output from the embedded
gdb-7.0 that was introduced in crash version 5.0.0, there may be
a stream of warning messages during invocation that indicate
"crash: invalid input: <string>:" and "crash: input string too
large: <string>: (9 vs 8)" on 2.6.20 and earlier x86 kernels.

- As of glibc 2.11, the mkstemps() function has been introduced as a
versioned symbol. As a result, crash utility binaries built on host
machines with glibc 2.11 or later cannot be run on systems that run
pre-2.11 glibc versions, failing during invocation with the error
message "crash: relocation error: crash: symbol mkstemps, version
GLIBC_2.11 not defined in file libc.so.6 with link time reference".
With the patch, the pre-existing version of mkstemps() from the
built-in libiberty.a library will always be used.

- Fix for the "irq" command on 2.6.33 and later kernels to account for
the removal of the irqaction.mask structure member. Without the
patch, the "irq" command fails with the error message "irq: invalid
structure member offset: irqaction_mask".

- Added a defensive mechanism to handle a corrupted "cache_cache"
kmem_cache structure. Without the patch, a vmcore that had such
a corruption caused a failure during invocation with the error
message "crash: zero-size memory allocation!".

- Fix for the "swap", "kmem -i", and "vm -p" commands to account for
the 2.6.33 kernel changes to the swap_info_struct data structure and
the swap_info[] array type. Without the patch, "swap" would show
only the command's header, "kmem -i" would show zero swap usage, and
"vm -p" would show "(unknown swap location)" when translating the
swap file name for any swapped-out pages in the task.

- Fix for a segmentation violation during session invocation when
running against 2.6.30 or later x86_64 dumpfiles whose kernel is not
configured with CONFIG_SMP.

- Fix for the "bt" command on an ia64 "INIT" process that interrupted
a task that was running in user space, but was unable to modify the
original (interrupted) task's stack. Without the patch, the "INIT"
task's backtrace would not display the task that was interrupted,
and would display the error message "bt: unwind: failed to locate
return link (ip=<user-virtual-address>)!". With the patch, the
interrupted task information is displayed in the same manner as if
the original stack had been modified.

- Fix for x86, s390, s390x and ia64 architectures to set the system
cpu count equal to the highest cpu online plus one. Without the
patch, those architectures would use the number of online cpus as
the system's total cpu count, which would be misleading when any
offline cpu number was less than the highest online cpu number.

- Fix for package build failure on x86_64 when using gcc-4.5. Without
the patch, these types of errors are generated:
unwind_x86_32_64.c:50:2: error: initializer element is not constant
unwind_x86_32_64.c:50:2: error: (near initialization for 'reg_info[7].offs')
unwind_x86_32_64.c:50:2: error: initializer element is not constant
unwind_x86_32_64.c:50:2: error: (near initialization for 'reg_info[8].offs')

- Fix to recognize the symbol type change of per-cpu variables from
'd' or 'D' to 'V'. Without the patch, entering a command of the
form "p per_cpu__<variable>" would fail with the error message
"p: gdb request failed: p per_cpu__<variable>". With the fix,
the symbol is recognized as a per-cpu variable, in which case the
data type of the variable is displayed, followed by a list of the
virtual addresses of each per-cpu instance of the variable.

- Fix for the "struct" and "union" commands when passed an address that
is in a valid kernel virtual address region but is either unmapped or
non-existent. Without the patch, the following three error messages
are displayed:
struct <name> struct: invalid kernel virtual address:
<kernel-address> type: "gdb_readmem_callback"
gdb called without error_hook: Cannot access memory at address
*** glibc detected *** crash: double free or corruption (!prev):
<crash-address> ***
followed by a backtrace and the crash utility memory map. The session
aborts at that point. With the fix, the commands will fail gracefully
after displaying error messages reporting that the kernel virtual
address cannot be accessed.

- Update for 2.6.33 and later s390 and s390x kernels to account for the
"_lowcore" structure member name change from "st_status_fixed_logout"
to "psw_save_area".

- Fix for very large Xen domU dumpfiles that locate the base offset of
relevant ELF sections beyond the 4GB mark. Without the patch, the
crash session fails with the error messages "crash: cannot find mfn
<number> (0x<number>) in page index" followed by "crash: cannot
read/find cr3 page".
(anderson@redhat.com, xiaowei.hu@oracle.com)

- If a kernel crash occurs during a kernel module loading operation,
it is possible that a subsequent crash session on the vmcore may
result in a segmentation violation during the "please wait...
(gathering module symbol data)" phase.

- Fix for a gdb-7.0 regression that causes the line number capability
to fail with certain ranges of x86 base kernel text addresses.
Without the patch, the "dis -l <symbol>" or "sym <symbol>"
commands would fail to show line number information for certain
ranges of base kernel text addresses.

- Fix for the "bt" command when run on offline s390/s390x "swapper"
idle tasks. Without the patch, the command fails with the error
message "bt: invalid kernel virtual address: ffffffffffffc000
type: async_stack".

- Preparation for future s390x ELF dumpfile format.

Download from: http://people.redhat.com/anderson

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