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Old 11-20-2007, 03:02 PM
Dave Anderson
Default [Crash-utility] crash version 4.0-4.9 is availlable

- Fix for the "kmem -p" command in kernels configured with
the patch, the page structure address for each physical page
was erroneous. (oomichi@mxs.nes.nec.co.jp)

- Fix for the "kmem -p" command output of MAPPING and INDEX values
on kernels where the mapping and index members of the page structure
are contained within anonymous unions. Without the patch, those
fields may be dashed-out.
(bob.montgomery@hp.com, anderson@redhat.com)

- Fix for the "mod" command to search for module object files in the
/lib/modules/<release>/updates directory tree before looking
in /lib/modules/<release>. (charlotte.richardson@stratus.com)

- Fix for the "waitq" command for 2.6.15-era and later kernels, which
replaced the __wait_queue.task member with the __wait_queue.private
member. Without the patch, the command would fail with the error
message: "waitq: invalid structure member offset: __wait_queue_task".

- SIAL interpreter fix for an "operation on 'v1' may be undefined"
warning in sial_exeop(). (bwalle@suse.de)

- Fix for several unpredictable failure modes when attempting
"crash -h [command] > outputfile" from a shell command line.

- Addressed compiler warnings generated by extensions/echo.c and
extensions/dminfo.c. (bwalle@suse.de, anderson@redhat.com)

- Addressed compiler warnings generated by lkcd_common.c, lkcd_v8.c
and symbols.c when using:
-O2 -fmessage-length=0 -Wall -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 -fstack-protector
-fno-builtin-memset -fno-strict-aliasing

- Fix for "kmem -p" on i386 CONFIG_SPARSEMEM kernels with greater than
4GB of memory. Without the patch, the physical address value wraps
back to zero after physical page ffff0000.

- Fix to redirect SIAL script command output to pipes, files, etc., in
the same manner as native crash commands.
(Robert.Denman@teradata.com, anderson@redhat.com)

- Fix for ppc64 kernels with 64K pages whose PTE_RPN_SHIFT has changed
from 32 to 30. Without the patch, an initialization-time warning
message "WARNING: cannot access vmalloc'd module memory" would occur,
the "mod" command would fail with the same message, and "kmem -s"
failures could occur when attempting to read a kmem slab cache name
string. Translations and reads of vmalloc'd kernel virtual addresses
and user virtual addresses would appear to work, but bogus data was
returned because the resultant physical address that was read was
incorrect. (anderson@redhat.com)

- Fix for "kmem -s" if a slab cache whose name string cannot be read
is encountered. Without the patch, a fatal error message would be
displayed and the command aborted. With this patch, a non-fatal
warning message is displayed, and the cache name is indicated as
"(unknown)". (anderson@redhat.com)

- Fix for x86-64 SPARSEMEM kernels with CONFIG_NUMA off. Without the
patch, the crash session fails during initialization with the message
"crash: invalid structure member offset: pglist_data_node_mem_map".

- Fix to use the ia64 physical start address from the LKCD dump header
instead of the default value. This was reported as bug on an SGI
machine. (bwalle@suse.de)

- For s390[x] kernels the page table allocation method will be changed
such that instead of 3 levels, it will be now possible to allocate 4
levels. The current implementation of the page table walk functions
in the crash utility makes assumptions on how the page tables are
allocated by the kernel, e.g. 3 levels are hard coded. This patch
changes that, and the page table walk is done only according to the
s390 architecture without assumptions on the implementation in the
kernel. (holszheu@linux.venet.ibm.com)

- Fix for LKCD dumpfile access failures that abort() the crash session
after displaying an error message indicating a problem with physical
memory zones in the dumpfile. Without the patch, the crash session
would end immediately after displaying an error message of the sort:
"conflicting page: zone 0, page 0: 0, 177160130 != 65536". That
error message will now only be displayed if the crash debug mode is 1
or more, a readmem() "seek error" will be displayed instead, and the
session will return to the "crash>" prompt. (anderson@redhat.com)

Download from: http://people.redhat.com/anderson

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