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Lon Hohberger 11-29-2007 11:59 PM

rind-0.8 patch for rgmanager
Patch is against current RHEL5 branch.

Changes since 0.7:

* Return correct values to clusvcadm
* Show Master / Slave states in clustat output
* Random node placement


* clusvcadm's enable-by-failover-domain is default when
central_processing is enabled. This is intentional.


* Migration. Might not need clusvcadm -M anymore, though due to the
fact that rgmanager has the possibility of locating VMs even if they
were migrated outside of its control.

* Possibly: Alternative service placement policies for services outside
of failover domains (e.g. RR, Least-Services, etc.). It's really easy
to add these, but I want to kind of avoid feature creep for now.

* More testing.

Also includes:

* Patch to make clustat terminal-width dependent + have sorted output
* Patch to make retry if mount fails
(These will be going in to CVS tomorrow)

How to test:

* Add central_processing="1" to the <rm> tag in cluster.conf. If stuff
breaks, it's a bug. Since I haven't committed it to any part of CVS
yet, either mail me directly or report it to this list.

-- Lon

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