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"Fabio M. Di Nitto" 01-26-2009 11:05 AM

Cluster IRC meeting - Monday 2nd of Feb 2pm UTC/GMT
Hi everybody,

When : Monday 2nd of Feb 2pm UTC/GMT (*)(**)
Where : #linux-cluster
Who : everybody interested is invited to participate

This is our second IRC meeting and it is supposed to last approx. 1
hour. Be prepared that it might last longer.

In order to give more space to open discussion please prepare yourself:

- everybody can add topics to the Agenda in the "Voice to the community"
- prepare a 5/10 lines summary for your topic before the meeting. Typing
realtime takes too long.

- How it should work -

For each item on the agenda:

- fabbione (me on IRC) will make a call on the person that should talk
about the item.
- The intersted person will copy/paste her/his own summary.
- Discussion/question on the specific item. If the discussion takes
longer than 5 minutes, we will postpone it at the end of the meeting.
This is to allow everybody to cast her/his own voice in the agenda.
The meeting moderator will call on the time.

Some golden rules:

- please respect the person that is talking and give her/him time to
complete what she/he is saying. Communication on IRC can be slow.
- Avoid to interrupt the discussion with Off-Topic items. We don't
want to use moderation powers if we can avoid it.
- if, for any reason, your internet connection drops during the meeting,
please message me and I will copy paste the last bits of the

After the meeting:

- please update the wiki for Actions (in case there are any to take)
- mail me with comments/suggestions on how was the meeting. It is
perfectly ok to say "it's really bad" but it would also be nice to
know if it was a good experience.


(*) To convert from UTC/GMT to your local time:

(**) some tools report UTC, others GMT.
For our simple usage of time, they can be considered the same. for the curious
people out there.

I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse.

All times are GMT. The time now is 05:01 PM.

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