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Old 12-11-2008, 01:20 PM
Steven Whitehouse
Default configfs, dlm_controld & lockdep


I've been trying to track down the cause of the following messages which
appear in my logs each time I start up dlm_controld:

Dec 1 12:53:17 men-an-tol kernel:
Dec 1 12:53:17 men-an-tol kernel: [ INFO: possible recursive locking
detected ]
Dec 1 12:53:17 men-an-tol kernel: 2.6.28-rc5 #179
Dec 1 12:53:17 men-an-tol kernel:
Dec 1 12:53:17 men-an-tol kernel: dlm_controld/2455 is trying to
acquire lock:
Dec 1 12:53:17 men-an-tol kernel:
(&sb->s_type->i_mutex_key#11/2){--..}, at: [<
ffffffffa0294d76>] configfs_attach_group+0x4a/0x183 [configfs]
Dec 1 12:53:17 men-an-tol kernel:
Dec 1 12:53:17 men-an-tol kernel: but task is already holding lock:
Dec 1 12:53:17 men-an-tol kernel:
(&sb->s_type->i_mutex_key#11/2){--..}, at: [<
ffffffffa0294d76>] configfs_attach_group+0x4a/0x183 [configfs]
Dec 1 12:53:17 men-an-tol kernel:
Dec 1 12:53:17 men-an-tol kernel: other info that might help us debug
Dec 1 12:53:17 men-an-tol kernel: 2 locks held by dlm_controld/2455:
Dec 1 12:53:17 men-an-tol kernel: #0:
(&sb->s_type->i_mutex_key#10/1){--..}, a
t: [<ffffffff802b5e11>] lookup_create+0x26/0x94
Dec 1 12:53:17 men-an-tol kernel: #1:
(&sb->s_type->i_mutex_key#11/2){--..}, a
t: [<ffffffffa0294d76>] configfs_attach_group+0x4a/0x183 [configfs]
Dec 1 12:53:17 men-an-tol kernel:

which seems to be caused by the mkdir which dlm_controld does in
configfs. Looking at the stack trace, this didn't make much sense until
I stuck noinline in front of several functions in configfs, whereupon I
[<ffffffff8025808e>] __lock_acquire+0xdce/0x14f5
[<ffffffff80254894>] ? get_lock_stats+0x34/0x5c
[<ffffffff802548ca>] ? put_lock_stats+0xe/0x27
[<ffffffff802549c3>] ? lock_release_holdtime+0xe0/0xe5
[<ffffffff8025880a>] lock_acquire+0x55/0x71
[<ffffffffa024add0>] ? configfs_attach_group+0x40/0x89 [configfs]
[<ffffffff8050563c>] mutex_lock_nested+0xf9/0x2c5
[<ffffffffa024add0>] ? configfs_attach_group+0x40/0x89 [configfs]
[<ffffffffa024add0>] ? configfs_attach_group+0x40/0x89 [configfs]
[<ffffffffa024ac7c>] ? configfs_attach_item+0xed/0x201 [configfs]
[<ffffffffa024add0>] configfs_attach_group+0x40/0x89 [configfs] <- second call
[<ffffffffa024aec5>] create_default_group+0xac/0xe3 [configfs]
[<ffffffffa024af24>] populate_groups+0x28/0x52 [configfs]
[<ffffffffa024add8>] configfs_attach_group+0x48/0x89 [configfs] <- first call
[<ffffffffa024b222>] configfs_mkdir+0x2d4/0x3bf [configfs]
[<ffffffff802b66ef>] vfs_mkdir+0xb0/0x121
[<ffffffff802b8afa>] sys_mkdirat+0xa2/0xf5
[<ffffffff8020b4fc>] ? sysret_check+0x27/0x62
[<ffffffff802569ec>] ? trace_hardirqs_on_caller+0xf0/0x114
[<ffffffff8026cf14>] ? audit_syscall_entry+0x126/0x15a
[<ffffffff802b8b60>] sys_mkdir+0x13/0x15
[<ffffffff8020b4cb>] system_call_fastpath+0x16/0x1b

so it looks like configfs_attach_group is being called recursively in
this case, and I think thats the cause of the warning messages. Also I
spotted a couple of other things... from configfs_attach_item() the
inode mutex which is being locked just uses a plain old mutex_lock()
call whereas in configfs_attach_group() which calls
configfs_attach_item() there is an annotated I_MUTEX_CHILD call. I would
have expected them both to be the same since I presume that the parent
is common (locked by the VFS if I've understood whats going on here).

The second thing is that configfs_attach_item() calls populate_attrs()
which calls through to configfs_add_file(), so in order words it seems
to also be called from the context of the mkdir call. In that case the
inode mutex is locked with I_MUTEX_NORMAL annotation.

So I'm a bit confused as to why lockdep doesn't flag up those issues too
since they appear to occur before the one which produced the above
message, or maybe I've misunderstood how the annotation works.

Any ideas what is going wrong here? I think it must just be an
annotation issue since it appears that configfs works perfectly ok
otherwise, but it would be nice to get to the bottom of it,

Old 12-11-2008, 04:34 PM
Joel Becker
Default configfs, dlm_controld & lockdep

On Thu, Dec 11, 2008 at 03:44:41PM +0100, Louis Rilling wrote:
> These warnings are known issues. This results from a lack of lockdep annotations
> in configfs. I must admit that I started to send patches for that a few months
> ago, and then could not find time to finish this work.
> The problem is a bit harder than just playing with I_MUTEX_CHILD, I_MUTEX_PARENT
> and I_MUTEX_NORMAL, since configfs recursively locks variable numbers
> (this can go to as many as the depth of the whole configfs tree) of
> config_group inodes during operations like mkdir(), rmdir(), and depend_item().
> I was working on two kinds of solutions:
> 1) insert lockdep_off()/lockdep_on() at the places of recursion,
> 2) separate default groups inode mutex classes according to their depth under
> the created group they belong to.
> People tend to reject any proposition like 1), but IIRC Joel was tending to
> accept it.
> Solution 2) does not work for depend_item(). This needs to rework the locking
> scheme of depend_item() by removing the variable lock recursion depth, and I
> think that it's doable thanks to the configfs_dirent_lock.
> Joel, what do you think about this?

I've been waiting for your patch for (1). I am wary of the (2)
approach. Not because it wouldn't work for mkdir(2) - I think it would.
But rmdir(2) has the same recursive locking, with far more importance
(live objects), and would print the same error.



Life's Little Instruction Book #267

"Lie on your back and look at the stars."

Joel Becker
Principal Software Developer
E-mail: joel.becker@oracle.com
Phone: (650) 506-8127

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