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Cameron Kerr 02-03-2011 03:01 AM

Best way to get dhcpd messages piped to a web service.
On 03/02/11 12:45, Jason Pyeron wrote:


> Does anyone see a more proper way?

That depends. What are you really wanting to achieve? Might your problem
be better solved by looking at the dhcp leases file instead, or are you
really just interested in the logs? reveals Net::ISC::DHCPd and Text::DHCPLeases as possible
candidates for inclusion.

> tail -F / -f could both miss messages during log rotation (please correct me if
> I am wrong)

You could also include something like 'tail --follow=name'.

If you are worried about log rotation, it would probably be better to
hook into logrotate's pre/postrotate mechanism.

> What are some of the problems that could be manifested in syslog if the fifo
> consumer stops consuming or has other issues?

You would need to do something intelligent if syslogd were to restart
(eg. because of an update). You would also need to make sure that your
script started after syslogd.

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