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JohnS 08-09-2010 01:16 PM

CentOS 5.5 : Installing Sources where theyare visibletosystem(VBOXdriver install)
On Sun, 2010-08-08 at 12:01 -0400, MGW-Discussions wrote:
> JohnS wrote:

> I have restarted a second time, after removing the virtualization group,
> and the module compile worked.

Really? Maybe you were running the Xen Kernel?

> However, I am still unclear as to why the kernel-headers were installed
> and it was not detecting them.

See above.

> Also, how would I have resolved this issue of invisible sources and
> headers if it had not just magically started working.

As per your yum command they were already install, you just needed a
reboot to the new kernel.

> I also read just now, how the xen kernel, as installed with
> Virtualization, will not work well with VBox so maybe that was it,
> however, how would that cause the setup script not to see the installed
> sources and headers?

That is not true. I have machine that coexists with Xen and Kvm x86_64.

> Do I need to restart the system when the headers and sources are installed?

Yes for newly installed kernels like Mark said.

> Even though it is now working, I am still unclear why it wasn't, and why
> it is now resolved.

The reboot?


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