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"David A. Horner" 03-08-2010 11:53 AM

anaconda kernel modules and --module
Hello all,

I've been fighting to get my hardware raid card to work in F12 for the
last week and a half.
Using the liveusb-creator I created a liveusb of F12, installed
kernel-devel,etc tools, and produced a working
kernel module for the liveusb system.
The kernel module works great from the usb, now I want to get that
module installed with the liveinst to the raid device.

What is the best way to automate the install of kernel modules on the
installed system?
I see there is a --module=MODULE in liveinst --help (or anaconda --help).
It isn't talked about in the docs however...and looking at anaconda
code only got me so far...
I've tried to use --module, it seems to want a path:name. So I've
tried --module /path/to/module:modulename
But this hasn't produced a working install for me either.

I've also tried adding add_drivers="modulename" in /etc/
help it seems.
I've tried creating a initramfs on the installed machine by mounting
it after install and
running dracut to create a new initramfs. This failed to boot for me as well.
I've tried copying the kernel module to the installed system in the
exact go.
I'm missing something simple and stupid.

I'm so close, yet so far...
Any help would be extremely appreciated.

Some additional information about what I've done can be found here:


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