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Florin Andrei 03-02-2010 05:26 PM

DHCP client not working with Windows DHCP / dynamic DNS server
# Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5754 Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express

In this particular instance, it's a place where Windows is used for DHCP
and DNS servers. :( I have no control over the Windows side of things.

The Windows sysadmins claim I don't need a fixed IP address, because DNS
will pick up the name after I make the DHCP request. The problem is,
that doesn't happen, even though the DHCP client is correctly configured
(see above). The system is vanilla CentOS 5.4, text-mode install, fully

I boot the CentOS system. Then, on another Linux machine, I do "host
centos.XXXXXXX.local" and it returns host not found. However, if I do
the same for other hostnames, DNS resolution works fine.

Is there anything else I can do on my side to make it happen? Any
particular options in dhclient.conf or something like that?

Florin Andrei
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