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"drew einhorn" 11-19-2008 03:28 PM

net-snmp puzzle
I have a bunch of centos 5.2 boxes.

I'm trying to run smtp on all of them.
Using indentical net-snmp configuration files.

com2sec notConfigUser localhost smssnmp
com2sec notConfigUser smssnmp

group notConfigGroup v1 notConfigUser
group notConfigGroup v2c notConfigUser

view systemview included .1

access notConfigGroup "" any noauth exact
systemview none none

syslocation SMS - North Carolina

pass . /usr/bin/ucd5820stat

I came up with this config file by tweaking some examples from howto
docs on the web,
I have not gotten to them point where I feel like I really understand
it as well as I should.

On some boxes it just works
On some boxes it complains with:

Nov 19 01:15:08 s1s0105 snmpd[7073]: /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf: line 1:
Error: bad source address
Nov 19 01:15:08 s1s0105 snmpd[7073]: net-snmp: 1 error(s) in config file(s)
Nov 19 01:15:08 s1s0105 snmpd[7073]: NET-SNMP version 5.3.1

But it works anyway.

On other boxes, it complains with:

Nov 19 10:55:03 s1s0106 snmpd[22621]: Warning: no access control
information configured. It's unlikely this agent can serve any
useful purpose in this state. Run "snmpconf -g basic_setup" to help
you configure the snmpd.conf file for this agent.
Nov 19 10:55:03 s1s0106 snmpd[22621]: NET-SNMP version 5.3.1

And does not work. Fooling around with snmpconf leads to much
different config files but they don't work any better.

Any ideas?
Drew Einhorn
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