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John Hinton 12-13-2007 05:05 PM

Mail Volume
Thanks Karanbir! It seems you have taken on the task of reducing this
volume. Frankly, at 200 or so messages per day it is simply too much and
I don't have time to even read the headers. So much is not directly
related to CentOS but yet the 'list' has in the past been so good at
troubleshooting almost everything.

My problem is the items important to me, I deal with my own hardware
issues, I don't post to this list with regards to issues with other
software, although I have in the past made recommendations...
troubleshooting those however doesn't really belong here. Meanwhile, I
hope I'm not missing the obvious, the basic issues with running CentOS
based packages.

I have suggested before that maybe alternative lists would be a good
idea. I think a xen list does exist? For sure a CentOS/Hardware list
could be of benefit... not really a CentOS item, but best placed in
front of those running CentOS. I don't know, I'm just thinking out loud
here and adding to what I'm trying to avoid, yet another CentOS thread
on an already overloaded IMO list.

John Hinton
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