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Jerry Geis 06-19-2008 08:49 PM

linux rescue on usb thumbdrive
I believe the same issue I see with running "linux rescue" on
a USB drive is the same issue I am having why the thumb drive wont boot.

When installing I have to use expert mode I just cant install directly
as the USB disk is not seen.

What happens extra in expert mode? some delay somewhere???

When doing a linux rescue it looks for existing installations and finds
This is because the USB disk is not yet ready. If I do "fdisk -l
/dev/sda" from the shell given
it is not there, wait a couple second do it again and NOW the fdisk -l
/dev/sda shows the device...

Its just like when you stick a USB disk in a working machine. takes a
few second to be mount-able.

So the big question is how do I get the USB disk to be recognized a FEW
second later?
The boot is happening tooo fast and I think and my USB disk is not yet
ready. That is why it cant find

my ext3 file system on the disk.

I am so close to getting this thing running.

Any suggestion/comments on what I am finding and how to get past it?

Thanks guys.

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Jerry Geis 06-19-2008 09:12 PM

linux rescue on usb thumbdrive
I am hoping this does the trick.... wow has this been a long process.


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