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R P Herrold 01-20-2012 05:56 PM

What name would be acceptable for Desktop version of CentOS?
On Fri, 20 Jan 2012, Ljubomir Ljubojevic wrote:

> I would like to stay as close as possible to CentOS name,
> because it practically is CentOS, with third-party
> repositories enabled

You know, the CentOS project takes much care to avoid coming
'too close' to the trade marks of others ... It is just
unfriendly not to respect that effort and history, and to
consciously try to be 'as close as possible' to the mark of

the proposed name form will cause brand confusion in the mind
of un-careful readers who do not follow 'inside baseball'
branding issues. It will result in 'load' coming to the
CentOS support venues, rather than the place that shipped
non-CentOS code. When the such confused souls do show up
anyway in CentOS support venue, the load will fall on people
other than your sub-project, Ljubomir. Is this just?

Please choose something else

my $0.02

-- Russ herrold
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Mike 01-21-2012 03:36 AM

What name would be acceptable for Desktop version of CentOS?

Ljubomir Ljubojevic wrote:
> Dear developers of CentOS, I plan to create/start Desktop
> version/fork/respin of CentOS, practically just to add useful packages,
> modified repository with prioritized third-party repositories, maybe few
> tweaks, and built ISO and repositories, so we are not limited to messing
> with manually adding third-party repositories and dealing with
> dependency problems. Basic repositories will remain from CentOS project.
> I plan to latter on ask about endorsement, maybe even hosting/mirroring
> project or even running it under the CentOS project flag. I will have to
> formulate my goals for the project and see how it resonates with you,
> developers of CentOS.
> For the time being, to keep the ball rolling, I have question about the
> name that you find acceptable (even in the case that I can not find
> common ground with CentOS project and it remains on the sidelines):
> 1. CentDOS (Community Enterprize Desktop Operating System)
> 2. DentOS (Desktop Enterprize Operating System)
> 3. CentOS-DE (Community Enterprize Operating System - Desktop Edition)
> 4. Any new suggestion?
> I personally and few other people like the first name, CentDOS.

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Ljubomir Ljubojevic 01-22-2012 07:24 PM

What name would be acceptable for Desktop version of CentOS?
On 01/21/2012 05:36 AM, Mike wrote:
> Fedora

You said "Bugs" or "Perpetum restituo" (Constant reinstall) ?


Ljubomir Ljubojevic
(Love is in the Air)
PL Computers
Serbia, Europe

Google is the Mother, Google is the Father, and traceroute is your
trusty Spiderman...
StarOS, Mikrotik and CentOS/RHEL/Linux consultant
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R P Herrold 01-23-2012 08:25 PM

What name would be acceptable for Desktop version of CentOS?
On Mon, 23 Jan 2012, Ljubomir Ljubojevic wrote:

> On 01/23/2012 05:28 PM, David Hrbáč wrote:
>> Dne 23.1.2012 15:36, Ljubomir Ljubojevic napsal(a):

> particularly). My sincere apologies. But you have to concede that
> consequence for noob user is the same regardless of the cause.

question: What does all this have to do with CENTOS

answer: nothing, but Ljubomir knows people here will answer

Take this elsewhere ... please, now ; main has been ruined
with chat and OT chatter. I won't have it here

-- Russ herrold
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