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Alain Reguera Delgado 11-28-2008 04:04 PM

Anaconda Slides Translation
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Hi Guys!

I am trying to build a script that help us render Anaconda Slides in as
many languages as needed. The related files are under:

Translations files are under:

Design files are under:

Rendered images (for trac reference) are under:

Now we have the possibility of rendering Anaconda Slides for the
following langauges[1]: cz de en es fr it ja nl pt ro ru and
for each CentOS specific version. Actually they are around 396 image
files. This work is done automatically by the script.

I would like to make a cut here for you to check and grab
opinions/suggestions for further improvements and the overall work done
until nowadays.

Actually Slides share a common design. Would you like to have the same
design over all CentOS versions or the possibility of having different
designs for different versions ?

Also, versions are another thing I would like to touch. In which places
would you like to see the CentOS version ?

[1] The languages' translation texts need revision.

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