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Allan McRae 05-26-2008 06:46 AM

Move geninteg block in makepkg before error checking
Allan McRae wrote:
> This pactch moves the generating of integrity checks to before any
> error checking takes place in the PKGBUILD file. This allows integrity
> generation to complete when unrelated errors exist in a PKGBUILD file
> and allows the removal of multiple checks of the GENINTEG variable that
> would otherwise be needed.
> <snip>

This was part of a conglomerate patch I sent earlier which has now been

I like this move because it removes two checks of GENINTEG plus and
additional check which would be needed in the block checking the arch
array. It now also skips all the other PKGBUILD checks which shouldn't
cause an error when only generating the integrity checks. However, it
does put the geninteg code block in the middle of nowhere, but I suppose
it is an awkward but helpful addition to makepkg anyway.


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Xavier 06-10-2008 08:40 PM

Move geninteg block in makepkg before error checking
Dan McGee wrote:
> So I just reread this patch after seeing it on Allan's "patches
> pending" wiki page section. TBH it seems OK to me, especially since it
> reduces the number of checks needed later in the script, although I do
> see the benefit of running all these checks when generating checksums.
> So I guess I am OK with merging this even though I think there are a
> few drawbacks- any objections?

Well, I don't know what to add.
It is not a big deal either way, so if you are ok with it, just pull it ;)

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