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Old 03-16-2011, 03:19 PM
Default The official pacman repository annotated tag, v3.5.0, created. v3.5.0

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "The official pacman repository".

The annotated tag, v3.5.0 has been created
at d64a3783b52c0fef98a2b83e1421a45486ac4e77 (tag)
tagging 92630c660710332d0e02dea5a3c06c48f75d7321 (commit)
replaces v3.4.3
tagged by Dan McGee
on Wed Mar 16 10:48:45 2011 -0500

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tar-backed sync DB, performance changes, epoch, disk space checking
Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux)


Allan McRae (80):
makepkg: fallback to sane defaults for library stripping
Clarify testing within conditional statements
Do not compare signed and unsigned types
makepkg: clarify aborting on packaging failure
Check return value of fwrite when copying files
Check return value of chdir and getcwd
Check return value of fgets calls
Remove DBEXT usage
Download sync db into DBPath/sync
Fix some whitespace issues
makepkg: use regex to match options for privilege escalation
makepkg: clarify invalid backup entry errors
makepkg: remove unnecessary variable presence check
makepkg: use less local variables in check_sanity
makepkg: error out on empty optdepends entries
repo-add: make --quiet output more quiet
Add wrapper around asprintf calls
makepkg: remove STRIP_DIRS
makepkg: improve srcdir check and add pkgdir
makepkg: compare paths using bash test
makepkg: canonicalize paths from environmental variables
Fix documentation syntax and typo
Move database handling utility functions
Move db cache handling functions
Separate be_files into be_sync and be_local
Completely separate local and sync db handling
Populate sync db from archive
Parse sync database
Only download sync databases
Clean up all old database files and directories
Restrict visibility of checkdbdir and get_pkgpath
Move and rename splitname
Remove lazy loading of deltas
Clean-up parsing local database
Clean-up parsing sync database
Only write to local repos
Add epoch to PKGBUILD prototypes
Combine reading from depends and desc in sync db
Move MAX_DELTA_RATIO definition
Prototype disk space checking functionality
Add function for listing system mount points
Add function to match file to mount point
Add functions to calculate approximate disk usage by packages
Implement disk space checking
Add configuration option to control disk space checking
Display progress bar for disk space checking
makepkg: perform sanity checks on variables in package functions
Explicitly test time difference is greater than zero
Merge desc and depends files in local db
Update pactest suite for change in db structure
Add script to update pacman database format
Document PKGEXT and SRCEXT
makepkg: remove last inappropriate PKGBUILD usage
Always specify arguement type in function delcarations
Only check diskspace availability if needs more than zero
makepkg: allow pkgname usage in split package functions
Correct type for hash value storage
Detect undefined PATH_MAX
Use limits.h for PATH_MAX
makepkg: Add check() function for running test suites
makepkg: add option to clear buildflags
Declare all local functions static
Update copyright years for 2011
Use size_t for alpm_list sizes
repo-add: only attempt to create deltas when asked
makepkg: error on invalid optdepends
makepkg: initialize local arrays to empty
Add a hash table for holding packages
Read pkgcache into hash
Error handling for maximum database size
Slightly more efficient rehash size selection
Rehash efficiently
Refactor finding position for new hash entry
Actually remove packages from pkghash on removal
makepkg: more bash-3.2 compatibility
pactest for removing a required empty directory
Do not print warning with files entry in sync db
Document API changes for pacman-3.5 release
Update NEWS for pacman-3.5 release

Andres P (18):
makepkg: use type -p's return value for PATH checks
makepkg: use double brackets
makepkg: use single redirection when writing PKGINFO
makepkg: use printf when writing pkginfo
makepkg: fix variable checks when writing pkginfo
makepkg: use "declare -f" to test for function presence
makepkg: less code repetition for empty variable checking
makepkg: add to variables without expanding them
makepkg: merge in-line splitpkg handling logic
makepkg: fix inconsistent output when checking dependencies
makepkg: use parameter expansion instead of basename
libalpm: compare pkgname with strcoll
makepkg: remove unnecessary use of sort
makepkg: fix regression in split package function checking
makepkg: undeclared local variables
makepkg: less code duplication in create_package
makepkg: do not ignore errors from pacman when checking deps
makepkg: remove dead code from handle_deps

Bruno Widmann (1):
Abort db_populate if dbpath is not set

Carlos Diaz (2):
bash_completion: remove upstream deprecated functions
makepkg: use portable escape sequence for terminal escapes

Cedric Staniewski (2):
makepkg: fix indention to follow style guide
makepkg: make SRCPKGDEST default to $startdir

Dan McGee (212):
Merge branch 'maint'
Merge branch 'maint'
Merge branch 'maint'
Merge branch 'maint'
Merge branch 'maint'
Use the plural features of gettext
Enable libfetch connection caching
fgets invocation cleanup
Merge branch 'maint'
makepkg: remove trailing quote mark in regex
Merge branch 'maint'
Merge branch 'maint'
libalpm md5: use larger and dynamic buffer
Use OpenSSL MD5 crypto functions if available
Clean up libfetch checking in configure
Merge branch 'maint'
Fix libfetch configure checking
Restore trimming of db and pkg extensions
Remove quotes in remaining bash regexes
Merge branch 'maint'
Update gettext Makefiles to 0.18
Clean up root .gitignore
Update config.guess and config.sub
Update more supplementary build scripts
Update build system (automake, autoconf, libtool)
Merge branch 'build-system'
Merge branch 'maint'
Merge branch 'maint'
Avoid stat call to determine is_directory if possible
Remove use of `seq` in pactree
Only check for function if we are using libfetch
util: fall cleaning on single file programs
contrib/ follow-up work
Unify caching concerns in package accessors
Allow local and sync db to be treated separately
Complete rework of package accessor logic
Move changelog functions to callback struct
Move the cache stuff where it should be
Initial hack at a DB operations struct
Fix bash shell location check
Merge remote branch 'allan/backend'
Small tweaks after backend merge
Add epoch support to pacman/libalpm
Update documentation to reflect new epoch package variable
Make repo-add and makepkg epoch-aware
Add epoch support to pactest
Update contrib/ for epoch
Add epoch verification to makepkg
Add several pactests for epoch code
Merge branch 'maint'
Merge branch 'maint'
Merge branch 'maint'
Ensure stdin args are correctly terminated
src/util: update .gitignore
dirent usage cleanup
Remove AC_TYPE_SIGNAL usage
Refactor statfs/statvfs type check
diskspace style cleanups and small fixes
Make reading from any file possible in sync DB
Turn libarchive warnings into libalpm warnings
Attempt to stop installation when we encounter problems
pacman-optimize: ensure database directory contains local/
Create sync/ DB directory if it does not exist
Update scripts/ .gitignore
Mark sync_db_read() as static
Remove non-public functions from header
Abstract has_scriptlet() to package ops struct
Correctly force load of package reason
Use _alpm_pkg_find in deps search
Add hash_sdbm function
When setting package name, set hash value as well
Used hashed package name in _alpm_pkg_find
Reorganize fields in package struct
Add a cushion for diskspace checking
Merge branch 'maint'
Use macros in sync DB parsing
testdb: update for new database format
Overhaul archive fgets function
pactest: allow testing of package description
Add pactest to test long archive reads
Remove need for memory allocation in _alpm_depcmp
Use name hashes in depends to avoid strcmp calls
Merge branch 'fgets-perf'
Merge branch 'depcmp-perf'
Merge branch 'maint'
Merge branch 'maint'
Fix function indentation
pactest: remove dead function
pactest: Use booleans where it makes sense
Remove FORCE reading from local DB
vercmp: always return 0 if we perform a compare
Refactor old date parsing into single method
Fix some more simple conversion "errors"
Remove need for floating point division in backend
Ensure we use local package when calculating removed size
Progress callback cleanups and fixes
Use double rather than float everywhere
pactest: correctly write epoch and force as necessary
repo-add: use pushd/popd
pactest: build the filelist using a set()
Add two pactests with non-trivial file counts
doc: add docs for repo-add -d option
Small fix to download size lookup and a logger
Add a progressbar for package integrity checking
Unify two free diskspace error messages
Add error message stating which partition is full
Call archive_read_data_skip() while checking diskspace
Fix double filelist issue when upgrading a package
Merge branch 'repo-add-improvements'
Merge branch 'fix-double-load'
Merge branch 'diskspace-fixes'
Merge branch 'maint'
repo-add: fix misguided conditional correction
makepkg: perform all sanity checks before erroring out
Fix integrity check status when installing from file
Add a pactest for the situation in FS#7524
Update valgrind suppressions file
Add strndup fallback function to libalpm util
Improve depends string parsing
Improve splitname memory allocation
Add a likely_pkg hint argument to sync_db_read
pactest: Rename epoch pactests
pactest: add more testing for epoch
Allow version comparison to contain epoch specifier
Remove epoch as an independent field
makepkg: encode epoch in version specifier if > 0
doc: add a vercmp manpage
doc: update current list of authors
Merge branch 'epoch-work'
Merge branch 'maint'
Compute download size for sync packages only
pactest: pylint changes for pmfile
pactest: pylint changes for pactest
pactest: pylint changes for pmenv
pactest: pylint changes for pmrule
pactest: pylint changes for pmpkg
pactest: pylint changes for pmtest
pactest: pylint changes for util
pactest: pylint changes for pmdb
Modify all pactests to not use PKG_MODIFIED
pactest: revamp modified logic
Refactor backup file status check into separate function
Mark backup status strings as untranslated
Be smarter about failure to read backup file contents
pactest: use new-style python classes
pactest: sort repos by alpha order in config file
Add a few new provides tests
Merge branch 'backup-status'
Improve mbasename performance
Query fileowner performance improvements
Update contrib/ Makefile
pkgsearch: handle non-matching lines gracefully
Fix memory leak and error code in DB reading
Fix libtool performance regression with many arguments
Enable failure on server error for curl download command
Ignore known but unused package descfile fields
Remove need to explicitly register the local DB
pactest: pass entire test to rule.check()
Merge branch 'maint'
Call count() once in callback
pactest: allow checking for cache file existence
Add three clean cache tests
Style cleanups in clean cache code
Allow both cleanmethod values to be specified at the same time
Fix locale.h/setlocale inclusion with --disable-nls
Get estimated package count when populating databases
Implement a quick and dirty rehash function
Change default sync hash table sizing to 66% full
Add a new removal smoke test
Add new alpm_list_remove_item() function
Use alpm_list_remove_item in pkghash_remove
Improve pkghash_remove algorithm
Ensure found files are actually files
Add more error checking and logging
Merge remote-tracking branch 'allan/hash'
Add comment about download file resolution
Update translation file indexes and Makevars
Add updated Kazakh translation from Transifex
Add new translations from Transifex
Merge branch 'maint'
Skip diskspace checking for symlinks and directories in all cases
Ensure pkgbase/epoch are defined before doing anything
Fix fileconflict progress with only one package
Avoid a memmove by advancing value pointer
Fix mount dir length calculation
diskspace: use calloc instead of malloc
Check mountpoint read-only status when checking space
diskspace: allow used flag to be toggled for both remove and install
Fix some database size estimation problems
Conflict checking code cleanup
Don't generate filelist unless we are going to use it
Remove trans->skip_add
Mark log callback format string const
Various small spelling fixes and small tweaks
Continue resolving dependencies rather than bailing on first error
Add test case for util-linux/util-linux-ng name switch and deps
Add directory name to ownership error message
Add base transifex client configuration
Fix trans no-argument function definitions
Move locking functions to where they are needed
Check local DB version before continuing transaction
Update translation instructions
Merge branch 'maint'
Update translation template files
Fix some easy to find double translations
Ensure d_type is not DT_UNKNOWN before relying on it
pactest: use actual regexes in OUTPUT rules
Fix gettext plural detection
Fix value of ngettext() count parameter in callback
Updated translations for 3.5.0 from Transifex
contrib/Makefile.am: don't simplify what you don't understand
Bump pacman versions

Dave Reisner (5):
Support reading package args from stdin
pactree: rewrite in C
makepkg: escape closing bash array paren for awk
alpm: remove public visibility of pmpkghash_t
alpm: alpm_db_get_pkgcache_list => alpm_db_get_pkgcache

Eric Bélanger (1):
makepkg: Place source packages symlinks in build dir when SRCPKGDEST is used

Florian Pritz (1):
make -d less strict; add -dd option

Jakob Gruber (8):
CLI args: add pactest with an invalid combination
CLI args: reorganize parsing
CLI args: stricter/better parsing
Tests: Sync group which includes ignored pkgs
Tests: '-S repo/group' syntax
Add const to some ALPM function signatures
A couple of minor manpage adjustments
--print-format displays size in bytes

Jonathan Conder (3):
redirect scriptlet stderr synchronously through alpm
use execv to avoid using sh just to run ldconfig
Fix double close of the lock file

Jürgen Hötzel (1):
Use pipe to create compressed package instead of an intermediate tar file

Nezmer (5):
makepkg: Extract from any file bsdtar can recognize
makepkg: Use mkfifo instead of GNU-only 'mknod <file> p'
Add .in extension to files in contrib
Use sysconfdir, localstatedir, BASH instead of hardcoded values
makepkg: Fix the check for references to srcdir/pkgdir

Nico Schottelius (1):
manpage: add real world examples

Pang Yan Han (5):
Handle PM_ERR_WRITE in alpm_strerror()
Remove redundant _alpm_strtrim() in be_local.c
Handle null pkgcache for local/sync db_populate()
Refactor out common code in pkghash add functions
Use CALLOC for _alpm_graph_new()

PyroPeter (1):
repo-add: Create/modify files databases

Sebastian Nowicki (1):
Set pm_errno on libarchive errors while reading

Thomas Bächler (2):
makepkg: Allow creation of uncompressed packages
libalpm: Fix a missing "nicht" (not) in German translation.

Xavier Chantry (37):
pactest: use simpler method to create tar
pactest: fix gensync
pactest: fix typo in ignore001
repo-add: add delta generation
repo-add: more informative delta messages
be_package: read force entry and convert to epoch
pactest: use valgrind.supp file
Fix a few problems reported by clang-analyzer
alpm: add new alpm_find_satisfier function
pacman/deptest: reimplement with alpm_find_satisfier
alpm: kill alpm_deptest
alpm: don't expose alpm_depcmp
CLI args: update --help and manpage
pacman: sort --help output
alpm/remove.c : respect --dbonly during remove-upgrade
pactree: separate dependency and print logic
pactree: use variables for color and tree output
contrib: remove bash pactree
libalpm/be_package.c: fix small memleak
Makefile: Use git describe --dirty for GIT VERSION
Add interactive provider selection
alpm/dep: add alpm_find_dbs_satisfier
alpm: new alpm_add_pkg interface
alpm: add alpm_find_grp_pkgs
pacman/sync: rewrite target handling
alpm: new alpm_remove_pkg interface
pacman/upgrade: switch to new interface
pacman/remove: switch to new alpm_remove_pkg interface
alpm: deprecate old interface
pacman/sync: implement interactive group selection
pacman: improve select-question
select_display: per-database output
alpm: drop old target interfaces
libalpm: fix db_update documentation
add pactests for -Sdd
alpm/depcmp: new NODEPVERSION flag
libalpm/diskspace.c: remove bogus parenthesis


The official pacman repository

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