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Old 01-09-2008, 11:51 PM
Dan McGee
Default The official pacman repository annotated tag, v3.1.0, created. v3.1.0

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "The official pacman repository".

The annotated tag, v3.1.0 has been created
at db4c62c76be4a9b44bcb5f8d783f0b65818080fe (tag)
tagging 079f5a8346d71b36f703c68e5c1f27fac58815ba (commit)
replaces v3.0.6
tagged by Dan McGee
on Wed Jan 9 18:25:20 2008 -0600

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
A long time coming but we are FINALLY ready to release.

Thanks to everyone who helped out!
Version: GnuPG v1.4.8 (GNU/Linux)

iEYEABECAAYFAkeFZfUACgkQXC5GoPU6du0GCwCgrkgLboM106 qkU21u/ZekuSeZ

Aaron Griffin (37):
From: Andrew Fyfe <andrew@neptune-one.net>
repo-add leaves .PKGINFO in the current directory
Report an error on setmntent failure
Backport changes from 3.0.1
pactest: remove001.py
Testing git emails
ldconfig changes from CVS
New archlinuxppc.org mirror added to mirrorlist
Fix IgnorePkg handling with replacement packages
Fix libarchive permission extraction
Remove trailing slashes from Server URLs
Continue scanning when an invalid DB entry is found
Fix broken resolve_path function
Allow $repo expansion in 'Server' config lines
Support for localized times in metadata
Remove buildtype package accessor prototype
Minor "cannot remove" message cleanup
OMG a space!
Break out transaction test to a separate function
Allow --refresh specified for most -S options
Use ANSI 'foreground' color instead of hardcoding 'white'
Fail loudly is scriptlets cannot be run via /bin/sh
New French mirror at ftp.free.fr
Maintain list tail pointers in the head node
Add STRDUP macro to mirror MALLOC/CALLOC
Missing quote in output
Typo fix (sepArately)
Make the download failure message more clear
Additionally search for non-regex strings on a db search operation
Force mode of all database files to 644
Ensure 0644 permissions for install and changelog files
Correct scriptlet usage pattern
Fail sanely on OUTPUT rules when --nolog is passed
popen does NOT require /bin/sh in a subchroot
Add "which" path searching functionality to pactest
Add real scriptlet checking for pactest
Allow unreadable Include files to be non-fatal

Alessio 'mOLOk' Bolognino (2):
Add vim syntax file for PKGBUILDs to contrib/
Updated vim syntax file

Alexander Baldeck (1):
Bug fix for FS#6944

Allan McRae (4):
Compress hard linked man pages
Only query pacman upgrade when performing actual upgrade
Add remove counterparts to alpm_option_add_* functions
Allow NULL parameter in alpm_trans_commit

Andreas Hauser (1):
FS7355: Add --ignorearch option to makepkg

Andrew Fyfe (71):
Tidy up usage of makepkg.conf
makepkg: remove grep calls from stripping binaries
Moved commands to create package file into create_package().
Cleaned up and simplified create_package().
Moved commands to tidy up package install into tidy_install().
Cleaned up and simplified tidy_install().
Moved commands to setup build environment and run build() into run_build().
Cleaned up and simplified run_build().
Add missing new line to 'pacman -T' output.
Reduced the number of commands run inside fakeroot to the bare minimum.
Removed fakeroot hacks.
fix existing autotools in scripts/*
autotool scripts/abs
autotool scripts/gensync
autotool scripts/makeworld
autotool scripts/pacman-optimize
move parameter count check after check for help and version.
autotool scripts/repo-add
Added copyright header to scripts/abs.in
autotool scripts/repo-remove
autotool scripts/updatesync
chmod -x scripts/*.in
Fixed typo in scripts/repo-remove.in
Remove extra_dist from scripts/Makefile.am
Switch to printf for output messages.
Add -mtune=generic to C{,XX}FLAGS in makepkg.conf
Substitute config directory in scripts.
Autotool fixes/cleanup.
Add autotool substitution for SRCEXT.
FS7319: Add option to disable the inclusion of abs script.
Cleaned up dependencies check functions in makepkg
scripts/makepkg.in: Various clean ups.
scripts/makepkg.in: Clean up gen/check checksum code.
scripts/makepkg.in: All calls to eval_gettext have been remove, gettext.sh is no longer needed.
scripts/makepkg.in: Move the remaining stages into functions.
scripts/makepkg.in: Some more clean ups.
scripts/makepkg.in: Clean up.
scripts/makepkg.in: Rewrite check_{options,buildenv} to tidy them up.
Clean up output messages for translation.
scripts/makepkg.in: Improve error handling and clean up on exit.
scripts/makepkg.in: More clean up.
scripts/abs.in: Rearrange/Cleanup.
scripts/makepkg.in: Fix version comparision in create_xdelta().
contrib/wget-xdelta.sh: Replaced with an improved version.
scripts/makepkg.in: Add gettext translation for WARNING and ERROR.
Autotool clean up.
scripts/makepkg.in: Switch to GNU getopt.
scripts/makepkg.in: Added fakeroot version to .PKGINFO header.
scripts/makepkg.in: Forgot the fakeroot switch when changing to GNU getopt.
scripts/makepkg.in: Use bsdtar to find packages for xdelta.
scripts/makepkg.in: Don't include .PKGINFO etc in .FILELIST
Add two asciidoc manpages to the doc/ dir
Move common stuff into footer.txt and some formating tweaks.
Convert the remaining man pages to asciidoc.
doc/Makefile.am: Set pacman version and date when man pages are generated.
Add Synopsis section to man 5 pages.
Update PKGBUILD example.
Change the exit code for pacman_deptest().
scripts/makepkg.sh.in: Add CHOST to the list of variables exported.
Cleanup of pacman_deptest()
FS#7271 - [patch] option for avoiding caching netfiles
Remove conflict message for no-existent files.
Fix previous makepkg patch, and some pacman output.
Some doxygen comments.
Fix gettext output in repo-{add,remove}
scripts/makepkg.sh.in: Fix 2 bugs
Remove support for SHA1 from pacman.
Clean up MD5 code.
scripts/makepkg.sh.in: Add missing [
scripts/*.sh.in: Clean up and fix a few bugs
scripts/makepkg.sh.in: Strip bins/libs in all {bin, sbin, lib} directories.

Artyom (1):
Add -q/--quiet option for controlling output.

Ash Milsted (1):
makepkg: fix create_xdelta() and add warning

Baptiste Daroussin (1):
FS7485: Replace tar/cpio/unzip with bsdtar for extracting/creating packages.

Chantry Xavier (110):
Let IgnorePkg superceed the FORCE package flag
Fix extraneous "ignoring upgrade" output on Ignore'd packages
Add -Qee option for the original behavior of -Qe
Move parts of pacman_query into subfunctions (query_search, query_group, query_isfile)
Add new pactest remove042
Add two new pactests for FS #6057
Fix for removing a package that is no longer needed
Ensure correct and consistent usage of depmiss
FS7338: Fix conflicts typo totally this time.
Add sync301 pactest- pacman gains new deps and should be pulled in
Add pactest to help debug FS #7415
libalpm/remove.c : file variable used before being initialized.
scripts/makepkg.in: Fix creation of .FILELIST
libalpm/util.c : stat returns 0 on success
libalpm/add.c : ignore libarchive warning.
libalpm/add.c,util.c : log ARCHIVE_WARN warning to debug output.
libalpm/add.c : fix for FS #7484
pacman/packages.c : print an error for files that can't be stated.
pacman/query.c : return after a query on all packages.
libalpm/trans.c : exit the forked process correctly in case of errors.
add remove045 pactest.
conflict.c: start cleaning conflict check functions
libalpm/remove.c : Rsd combination.
remove sync022 and sync023 pactest.
Remove conflict message for non-existent files (reworked)
libalpm/deps.c : fix for remove044 pactest.
libalpm/remove.c : revert part of commit to fix remove044 pactest
Add new sync012 pactest.
Add remove046 pactest for FS#7622.
new pmdepend_t / pmdepmissing_t accessors.
Use only one mirror list for all repos
libalpm/deps.c : split sortbydeps function.
libalpm/deps.c : split alpm_depcmp.
libalpm/alpm_list.c : add SYMEXPORT to all alpm_list_ functions.
libalpm/sync.c : fix DEPENDSONLY flag handling.
libalpm/conflict.c : cleanup + fix for conflict001.
pacman/sync.c : return 0 on succesful search, 1 otherwise.
libalpm/query.c : makes orphans and foreign options as filters.
new query options : explicit (-Qe) and deps (-Qd).
libalpm/db.c : allow unregistering db for interrupted transaction.
Update manpage with new query options.
libalpm/db.c : add alpm_db_unregister_all.
libalpm/sync.c : don't go back on STATE_PREPARED when committing fails.
makepkg : add -L (--dereference) to file.
pacman/sync.c : kill extra newline with groups on -Ss operation.
libalpm/add.c : fix backup handling.
libalpm/remove.c : avoid duplicated packages in removal list.
contrib : update zsh and bash completion to reflect the new sync dbs location.
Add a few pactests collected over time.
libalpm/trans.c : remove the lock even on interrupted transactions.
libalpm/package.c : add new alpm_pkg_compute_requiredby function.
libalpm/deps.c : export _alpm_checkdeps (-> alpm_checkdeps).
Add testdb util for finding inconsistencies in the database.
Remove the DB consistency check from pacman and libalpm.
trans.c : reworking of transaction interruptions
rankmirrors : add support for the $repo var in url.
libalpm/add.c : newline fix.
libalpm/add.c : fix backup handling (2)
libalpm/package.c : fix for FS#8081, case sensitive comparisons in parse_descfile.
Add two pactests with broken requiredby, and two about pacsave handling.
Add sync044 pactest : A dependency induces a replacement.
document the -Qii option.
needs_transaction adjustments
Fix -Sy and -Sp operations.
pacman/pacman.c : add --logfile option.
pacman/pacman.c : put back root check even if -r is specified.
libalpm/trans.c : remove the DBPath <-> RootDir dependence in runscriptlet.
libalpm/trans.c : fix a recently introduced breakage in scriptlets handling.
libalpm/package.c : fix requiredby with multiple providers.
extend type001 pactest with a symlink.
simple pactest renaming : split conflict* into depconflict* and fileconflict*.
Remove the newline automatically added by alpm_logaction.
Add two requiredby pactests
Remove provide.c and provide.h .
pacman/sync.c : remove duplicated fallback on providers.
Remove the IgnorePkg handling from alpm_pkg_compare_version.
Extend the -Sc operation to also clean up unused sync databases.
Minor rephrasing of the question asked by -Sc.
Simple s/conflict/fileconflict/ renaming.
Update PKGBUILD manpage with versioned conflicts.
Remove duplicated get_upgrades function, use sysupgrade instead.
Fix a memleak in _alpm_sync_free.
Fix several memleaks, mostly related to errors handling.
Move mbasename from pacman.c to util.c
pacman/query.c : -Qo optimization.
Minor fixes in sync.c and deps.c.
Add new --needed option for -S.
alpm_list : change the alpm_list_find* to return the matching item.
Delay output during progress bar
libalpm/backup.c : simple refactoring.
pacman/sync.c : improve the sync db cleanup feature.
libalpm/server.c : fix segfault when downloading failed.
_alpm_unpack: return 1 when the file is not found.
testdb.c : add vim modeline according to HACKING, and reindent the file.
src/pacman/: use the FREELIST macro when possible.
update of translation-help and fix a typo in gensync.
Update french translation.
testdb : fix wrong usage of checkdeps.
Finish french translation.
libalpm/remove.c : switch back to lstat usage.
french translation : one broken message caused a segfault.
fix two broken pactests because of date localization.
libalpm/add.c: disable buggy backup handling code that didn't do anything.
add a new upgrade026 pactest for backup handling.
new upgade042 pactest + bugfix in chk_filedifference.
add.c : fix upgrade026 pactest.
conflict.c : fix for upgrade042.
bugfix in pactest when creating a symlink at the top level.
conflict.c : fix for FS#8156, detect conflict between symlink and dir.
Update NEWS with versioned conflicts and new DEP_MOD operators.

Dag Odenhall (3):
makepkg: fix double occurance of word in asroot warning
Check if pkgdir exists in create_package
makepkg: do not retrieve sources if NOEXTRACT or REPKG set

Dale Ogilvie (2):
Add support for creating xdeltas in makepkg.
Clean up variable usage in create_xdelta() and add a check for the xdelta program.

Dan McGee (383):
Improve pacman.c gettext usage
Move .cvsignore -> .gitignore
Fix --ignore behavior on sysupgrade
Continue fixing usage instructions.
Add execute permissions to abs and rankmirrors
Doxygen fixups for libalpm
Fix a 0 and '/0' switch
Remove unnecessary $ENV_CFLAGS from configure.ac
Make all paths and file locations configurable
Remove --disable-fakeroot option from configure.ac
Clean up pacman.c, add localize function
Move makepkg -> makepkg.in in anticaption of gettextized version
Remove some debug print statements that were left in on accident
Enable support for other download protocols in makepkg
Added easynews mirror to mirrorlist.in
Add replaces output to -Qi operation
Add pactest for pre_ and post_remove scriptlet events firing
Fix FS #6872- CFLAGS are not used
Add void to functions with empty parameter list
Forward port 3.0.2 branch fixes
makepkg: unset LC_MESSAGES during builds
Add a pactest for IgnorePkg and force on same package
Forward port NEWS file from 3.0.2
Update all translation po files
Update the pot language files
Merge single-function header files on pacman side
Remove single-function upgrade.c
Remove unnecessary includes of downloadprog.h
Remove more unnecessary stuff
add.c and remove.c cleanup
Update Doxyfile for v1.5.2
Allow sync search to work without arguments
More pacman side cleanup
Pacman side code consolidation- unify callback functions to one file
Move log.c/h -> output.c/h to properly reflect what is contained
Remove MSG output macro (#define and in code)
Remove ERR, WARN, and pm_fprintf macros/functions
Remove ERR calls from the code
Add -pedantic flag to pacman (frontend) CFLAGS
Set the correct type on the log callback function
Start of the newline fixes after switching over the output
Remove output.c and output.h
Clean up gettext on the libalpm side
Remove FREETRANS macro and correctly type _alpm_trans_free
Remove FREESYNC macro and correctly type _alpm_sync_free
Remove FREEGRP macro and correctly type _alpm_grp_free
Remove FREESERVER macro and correctly type _alpm_server_free
Remove FREEHANDLE macro and correctly type _alpm_handle_free
Remove FREEPKG macro and correctly type _alpm_pkg_free
Add a cb_log call on segfaults
Remove FREELISTPTR macro
Set HTTP_USER_AGENT envvar in pacman
Remove 'removes' array from libalpm
Bump up the version numbers a bit for the development branch
Remove STRNCPY macro from libalpm
libalpm util.c and util.h cleanup
Allow repo-add to work with symlinks (fixes FS #7054)
repo-add: fix conflicts instead of conflict bug
Clean up query_fileowner
Slight updates to PKGBUILD.vim
Fix inconsistency in options in default makepkg.conf
Remove unnecessary casts on malloc and elsewhere
Add three new 'requiredby' pactests
makepkg: a few small changes
makepkg: ensure DISTCC_HOSTS variable is exported when required
makepkg: fakeroot-related changes and other misc output
Add autotool-generated scripts to .gitignore
Get --help and --version options working on all scripts
Set paths in pacman-optimize to use configure-time paths
Update POTFILES.in for new source file layout on pacman side
Modernize and update configure.ac
scripts: do autoconf path replacement right
Finish making autoconf changes
makepkg: add source package creation option
makepkg: add srcdir and pkgdir variables
doc/makepkg.8: document --log option
Use @sysconfdir@ in etc/ configuration files
makepkg: switch applicable $startdir/dir refs to new variable names
Set an error exit status on -Qi or -Si failure
Move DB and cache dirs away from there dependence on ROOTDIR
Add Andrew to the authors list
Drop --usesudo option and add some checks related to ASROOT
Remove freespace checking code
makepkg: code cleanup
Rename functions in makepkg for consistency
makeworld: var rename from version -> myver
Start moving hardcoded paths out of libalpm
Remove hardcoded defines from libalpm
Fix pacman-optimize autoconf paths
Move functions out of alpm.c to where they belong
Add a parseconfig to the pacman frontend that compiles
Move three config options out of the backend
Rip alpm_parse_config out of libalpm
Fix up outstanding parseconfig issues
Merge branch 'alpm.c_cleanup' into frontend_config
Fix compilation with GCC 4.2.0
Clean up unnecessary headers and macros from alpm.c
Const correctness!
mirrorlist: Add Brazilian mirror
Add a series of pm_printf functions to pacman frontend
Update configure.ac with a few new functions to check for
Revamp pacman.c main function ordering, switch some output to pm_printf
Remove logmask stuff from backend; switch logging callback to new pm_printf
Fix up things after the last few changes
Implement a -Qt operation in frontend to test the database
Allow multiple CacheDirs to be specified
be_files.c: Fix compilation bug since I removed unnecessary LOG_STR_LEN
pacman.c: Refine error messages used by parseconfig
pactest: fix description of remove040
Attempt to clean up _alpm_sync_prepare
pacman util.h: Add missing stdarg.h include
Functionalize query.c and pacman_query
Remove some more diskspace checking holdover stuff
Clean up pacman/sync.c and organize it a bit
Add ARM architecture to configure.ac
Quick updates to the bash completion script
Remove some use of goto in the pacman frontend
Update Doxyfile and add a few missing parts of documentation
Revert "Fix libarchive permission extraction"
libalpm/util.c: remove unnecessary include
Mirror update and NEWS updates
Don't extract any top-level files in a package that start with '.'
Add archlinux.de mirror
Remove TODO items that have been taken care of.
Fix wrong permissions on pacnew extraction
Remove scriptlet START and DONE commands that we don't use
pacman.c: make parseconfig a bit more robust
Remove lockfile configuration from frontend, make it job of libalpm
Move Doxygen manpage generation to doc/ directory
Add mode and type checking to pactest for files
Remove unnecessary and extra includes
Update 'submitting-patches'
Reduce delay in pactest when running MODIFIED tests
Fix up pactest TODO
Various small fixes as suggested by some static code checkers
First step of moving translations from src/pacman/po to po/
Move scripts from *.in to *.sh.in so gettext can determine type
Make paragraph text in scripts single strings
Add top level hidden file code to package.c
Remove gettext from any alpm_logaction calls
Remove old 'static' manpages in anticipation of the asciidoc switch
Start addition of asciidoc stuff
Make manpage generation depend on footer.txt
Asciidoc updates- make it pretty, fix build, etc.
Add a manpage for repo-add
Add asciidoc checking to configure.ac, make manpage generation optional
Clean up the alpm handle
Add AC_SYS_LARGEFILE to configure.ac
makepkg: when running as root, cut out some warnings
Remove gettext calls from all PM_LOG_DEBUG messages
Fix issue with <dbpath>/db.lck being truncated
Create the pacman DB and cachedir directories upon install
Update translation files on libalpm side after gettext change
Add new pactest that is backwards of sync022
Add {PKGBUILD,install}.proto to contrib/ directory
Remove 'buildtype' from libalpm and pacman
Remove versioncmp.{c,h}, clean up selective #ifdefs
Remove some more conditional include stuff
Ensure requiredby entries are removed during an upgrade
Switch repo-add, repo-remove, and pacman-optimize to bsdtar
Add --asdeps option to pacman
Update AUTHORS file, change encoding to UTF-8
Clean up libalpm/add.c and revise file extraction code
makepkg: Add note with some required programs for execution
Man page revision time
Remove unnecessary entries from .gitignore files
Reorder functions in libalpm/package.c for Doxygen purposes
Cleanup of pacman.c and addition of default paths to frontend
Fix re-pacman locale issues
Update mtune/mcpu/march comments in makepkg.conf
Code cleanup
package.h: implement origin_data union in pmpkg_t struct
src/util: Clean up headers and a few fixes
pacman.c: Alphabetize listing of query options
configure.ac: Clean up and document version number increments
Fix some errors spit out by -Wextra
Clean up architecture handling in configure.ac
Add const qualifier to md5_file and alpm_get_md5sum
Fix for FS 6404 and functionalize some cachedir handling stuff
Post trial install changes, round one
Add a default cachedir if one wasn't specified
Various valgrind mem leak fixes
configure.ac: Remove the hyphen from the version suffix
pacman.c: clarify reason for doing 2 strcmp operations
libalpm/remove.c: check for ability to unlink is wrong
libalpm: add newlines to all strings passed to log callback
Add new mirror
libalpm: remove outdated files from POTFILES.in
Add a few missing includes, caught while compiling on cygwin
Fix sync db location in pactest so new location is acceptable
Make some small changes recommended by splint
Make changes for Arch Linux current -> core change
Add new Russian mirror
Remove a dead mirror, update contrib/pacsearch for core change
Merge branch 'asciidoc' into working
Add Australian mirror
Refine pacman manpage, clarify -S repo/package possibility, remove --test
Update NEWS, -S testing/qt example, and mirrorlist change
alpm: removed unused strtoupper wrapper, remove installeddate on parse_descfile
libalpm/remove.c: fix up arguments to unlink_file
libalpm/add.c: fix backup array issue
Allow a normal 'make' to compile without asciidoc installed
Preliminary support for optdepends
Mirrorlist updates
libalpm: Add newline to alpm log function output
Remove package name dependency from libalpm
Reimplement pacman cache cleaning the right way
Update comments dealing with pkgext/dbext stripping
Add 'full' parameter to alpm_pkg_load
makepkg: When we add an option, we should probably make it work
Remove outdated mirror
makepkg: Fix output color codes for real
libalpm/be_files: Fix outdated code setting path for lastupdate file
libalpm/deps.c: fix memleak found by valgrind
libalpm: Optimize/inline the md5 functionality
pacman-optimize: add check for diff/diffutils
Add new french mirror
Fix backward compatibility with non-epoch builddates
Remove the non-user friendly --ask option
Clean up the scriptlet fork code a bit, honor the child return value
Update usage of gcc __attribute__ flags
libalpm/package.c: ensure we use package name when loading packages
Add gcc format attribute to _alpm_log, catch a few bugs in the process
Add new French Arch mirror
util/testdb: fix up function naming
Updates to fix Doxygen documentation generation
Fix scriptlet pactest cases so they 'succeed' again
Remove rounding on package size totals
Add Hungarian mirror
Fix invalid static scoping of strverscmp
Fix broken or missing includes
Ensure all localization stuff is correctly guarded
Print and typecast time_t correctly
Replace UK mirror with a new updated one
One more added include to help compilation elsewhere
Add strndup implemention for environments that are missing it
Move .cvsignore -> .gitignore
makepkg: readd -p option that was lost in getopt conversion
Explicitly cast void* to char* during printf call
Fix mcheck detection and usage
Clean up LDADD usage
makepkg: add explicit dir to find calls
pactest: generate the filelist the correct way
Add some more debugging output to dep checking code
libalpm: introduce MALLOC and CALLOC macros
libalpm/delta: add const to most methods
doxygen: preprocess SYMHIDDEN/SYMEXPORT macros so they don't show in docs
Make general list copy function
Copy pmdelta_t objects in _alpm_pkg_dup()
pacman/query.c: add missing free()
libalpm/handle.c: make realpath() call portable
When printing size_t, use %zd
Pick best python program available for 'make check'
abs: prefer csup to cvsup
Remove final use of the math library from pacman
Fix basename usage in pacman and utilities
Add a little const correctness fix to alpm_list
Update my TODO
Update libtool files and macros to newest versions
Revise configure.ac
Use an autoconf macro to see if -fstack-protector is available
Add some more autoconf macros to filter our CFLAGS usage
Make building of pacman.static optional
Remove unneeded F77 and GCJ libtool macros from acinclude.m4
Add some text at the top of acinclude.m4 so people know what is going on
Remove unneeded CXX macros from acinclude.m4
vercmp: add some usage instructions
Readd scriptlet logging that got lost in an earlier commit
Clean up usage of extern variables
libalpm: open the logstream on demand
libalpm: use an lstat wrapper so we never dereference dir symlinks
Add LOGFILE as a define at compile time for pacman
libalpm/db.c: change two warnings to errors
Comment out paths by default in pacman.conf
Change -fstack-protector flag to -fstack-protector-all
Update the PKGBUILD example in the manpages
Sync asciidoc.conf with GIT repository changes
Update PKGBUILD.5 with missing devel variable descriptions
doc: update links in footer.txt so they are actual links
Get rid of the footnotes section in generated manpages
Fix some issues with localized dates/epoch usage
Small manpage updates
Add missing 'done' printout
Simplify callback DONE event handling
pacman: remove leftover help string for -Rh
Update bash completion
Add a symlink-based pactest
Add a missing newline in sync confirmation output
Remove unused and broken alpm_list_remove_node function
libalpm: fix lstat wrapper to actually use newpath
Ensure list tail pointer is updated when we remove tail node
Add a horrible little hack to get symlink001.py to pass again
Fix memleak with new alpm_list_reverse usage
Remove 'Total Package Size'
Fix display of -Qip output when a package file is given
Update valgrind.supp to ignore ld 2.X dl_relocate
Return libalpm version number to being dot-separated
Enforce const correctness on dep functions and rewrite alpm_dep_get_string
configure: Doxygen is disabled by default; manpages are included in dist
pacman-optimize: add note saying sync would be helpful
Remove REQUIREDBY usage from libalpm
Remove REQUIREDBY checks from pactest
testdb: remove requiredby checking
Move alpm_splitdep usage to db_read
Fix alpm_list_copy_data
libalpm: change graph malloc to MALLOC macro
Ensure -Si and -Qi output show correct dependencies
Fix a would-be memleak with the new compute requiredby stuff
Add new mirror (FS#8638)
libalpm: simplify sync db lastupdate
War on whitespace
libalpm: use FREELIST when possible
Fix memleak in _alpm_trans_free with package lists
Don't filter package files output based on dir/file status
POSIX shell does not specify meaning of source operation
Fix sh and scriptlet interaction
Spruce up HACKING a bit
Add missing header includes for setlocale
Turn HACKING into an asciidoc document
doc: use source highlighter on PKGBUILD guide, update wrong example text
Add some additional files to .gitignore
Remove -F/--freshen operation
Fix memleak when querying package file(s)
Move requiredby computation before any display starts
Remove some null checks in _alpm_checkdeps
Remove alpm_depcmp DEBUG output
Make pacman path handling (hopefully) a bit more intuitive
Fixes for the ineptitude of libalpm DB registration
Add --ignoregroup to completion files
Remove "done" messages from frontend callback function
parseconfig: refactor duplicate code out into a function
Add 4 new pactests to get better code coverage by pactest
Remove _alpm_depmiss_isin
Add more pactests to increase code coverage
Add a lot more tests (and some pactest fixes) to -Si and -Qi tests
Update all translation files in anticipation of 3.1 release
Merge branch 'maint' into working
Oops- forgot to ever set init to 1 in setlibpaths()
pacman/sync.c: mark sync_trans as static
Update some errors in messages found during localization
Update pacman manpage with description of --clean option
Improve changelog handling through addition of open/read/close functions
Rename prototype install file
Updates to PKGBUILD manpage
pactest: if we are root, don't use fakeroot
Update GNU GPL boilerplate and copyright dates
Set the default packager to "Unknown Packager"
Check for errors on descfile extraction
Initial updates to NEWS file for 3.1.0 release
Change all bug references in NEWS to be 'FS#' references
More updates to the NEWS file (add bug numbers, etc.)
Fixes to allow make distcheck to work again
Update PKGBUILD manpage to give info on scriptlet arguments
Remove abs from the pacman repository
Do not move man pages to a non-FHS location
Update path for Belnet mirror
Ensure that manpages are always distributed and installed
doc: rename manlink macro to linkman
Remove .FILELIST generation from makepkg (and elsewhere)
Switch pkg_new -> pkg_dup in find_replacements
Fix another usage of pkg_new in _alpm_sync_addtarget
Add some more regular contributors to the AUTHORS file
Remove gettext calls from debug-level messages
Small code cleanups with indents/spaces
Remove mentions of ABS from makepkg
doc: add symlink for repo-remove manpage on install
doc: remove --ask option from pacman manpage
makepkg: add application/zip to the recognized types
sync.c: add sanity check so we don't dereference a null pointer
Don't stat cachedir immediately
Remove hardcoded DBEXT value from script
install: install prototype PKGBUILD and install to datadir
Remove stuff that was a little too Arch-specific from manpage footer
Remove makeworld from pacman package
Asciidoc a few more of our informative files
Documentation updates
Update translation-help with new translation policies
makepkg: Fix issues with --asroot and building dependencies
Remove unused date element from pmpkg_t struct
Remove upgradedelay and all code associated with it
NEWS: fix note about ABS
Update configure.ac version for release

Giovanni Scafora (12):
Gettext support in makepkg
Updated Italian Translation
Add gettext/i18n to most of the currently-used scripts
Update Italian Translation
makeworld: gettext support
Update it translation for 3.1
Updated Italian translation for pacman 3.1
Updated Italian Translation
Updated Italian Translation for pacman 3.1
Updated Italian Translation
Italian translation fixes
Updated Italian translation

Gustavo Chain (1):
scripts: extra exit() calls in usage() function

Jaroslaw Swierczynski (1):
Update Polish Translation

Jeff Bailes (3):
Update British English translation
Update en_GB translation
Update en_GB translation for 3.1

Jeff Mickey (1):
Added optdepends support to pactest

Juan Pablo González T (2):
Added Spanish translation
Updated Spanish Translation

Juan Pablo González Tognarelli (1):
Update Spanish translation

K. Piche (1):
Makepkg missing check for empty pkgname

Karolina Lindqvist (1):
Fix case where pacman asks for confirmation when it should not

Marcus Habernehl (1):
repo-add: Fix bug where desc info was omitted if package in a group

Mateusz J?drasik (1):
Add Polish language translation

Matthias Gorissen (3):
Update German translation
Update German translation
Update of German translation

Nagy Gabor (55):
Updated Hungarian Translation.
Using wrong variable for depend lookup in sortbydeps
Use alpm_depcmp in _alpm_pkg_update_requiredby
Add five new pactest tests where pacman currently fails
Fix breakage in checkdeps when upgrading a multiple-depend
Fix issue when upgrading two packages that would break deps
Small speed-tuning to upgrade-checkdep
Implement simple topological sort algorithm for sortbydeps
Add new pactest remove043.
Add pactest requiredby004.
Remove unnecessary trans parameter from _alpm_checkdeps
Make alpm_splitdep immutable
add remove044 pactest.
Update hungarian translation
libalpm/sync.c : ldconfig is run twice.
libalpm/deps.c : cleanup + little fix for resolvedeps.
Hungarian translation updates
Add sync1002 pactest.
libalpm/sync.c : two memleak fixes in _alpm_sync_prepare.
add conflict001 pactest.
Add two pactest for versioned conflicts.
libalpm/conflict.c : small memleak fix.
libalpm/conflict.c : small speed-up and fix.
libalpm/add.c,trans.c : cleanup of requiredby handling.
Add sync1003 pactest.
Update po/hu.po
Add new (failing) sync pactest
Add two new pactests to check symlink behavior
_alpm_depmiss_isin fix
Add alpm_dep_get_string method
Dependency error/log messages fix
dependency error message fix in libalpm/remove.c
Update Hungarian translation
Incorrect usage of alpm_db_whatprovides in sync.c
alpm_list_add == alpm_list_add_last
new add043.py pactest
new trans001.py pactest
Two memleak fixes in pacman.
Generalized alpm_list_find.
libalpm/deps.c : improves IgnorePkg handling in resolvedeps.
Add the pmconflict_t type.
Versioned provisions.
New alpm_list_join function
Improved 'dependency cycle' warning
Fix for sync1003 and sync1004 pactests
_alpm_checkconflicts split
alpm_checkdeps clean-up
New sync1005 and sync1006 pactests
Unify dump_pkg_full in pacman [-Si, -Qip, -Qi and -Qii]
Updated Hungarian translation
Remove duplicated PM_TRANS_CONV_INSTALL_IGNOREPKG message
Updated Hungarian translation
PM_DEP_MOD_LT and PM_DEP_MOD_GT depmods added
Add PM_DEP_MOD_GT and PM_DEP_MOD_LT to documentation
Updated Hungarian translation

Nam (1):
Updated French Translation

Nathan Jones (21):
Display size for packages
Change -z|--showsize flag to ShowSize pacman.conf option
makepkg: Fix typo to make xdelta creation work.
Manually check xdelta exit codes.
Add delta information to the repository database.
Add pmdelta_t structure and functions to libalpm.
Refactor md5sum checking.
Download delta files if UseDelta is set.
Add download size to target list.
Add IgnoreGroup and --ignoregroup option.
Implement IgnoreGroup.
Add TotalDownload option.
Implement TotalDownload option.
Add pactest for IgnoreGroup.
repo-add: Ensure only adding package's deltas.
Add help for --ignoregroup.
Make it easier to ignore multiple packages.
Update zsh completion.
Fix memory leak in shortest_delta_path.
Check ignored packages in _alpm_sync_addtarget().
Documentation updates

Peter Johnson (1):
Allow rankmirrors to read from stdin

Pierre Schmitz (1):
Updating German Translation

Roman Kyrylych (6):
makepkg: spelling fix
Really run scriptlet on pre_remove and post_remove
Correct descriptions of configure options
makepkg: Make it possible to create an empty package
Add support for arch='any'
makepkg: remove .pacsave files when uninstalling dependencies

Scott Horowitz (4):
rankmirrors: download first 50KB of DB to get more reliable numbers
Integrate versionpkg into makepkg
Small updates to documentation.
Correctly handle version comparisons for SVN/CVS/etc PKGBUILDS.

Sebastian Nowicki (1):
Fix mercurial complaining about directory already existing

Sergej Pupykin (1):
Use mbstowcs instead of strlen where applicable

Stefano Esposito (2):
make alpm_strerror binding friendly
Avoid segfaults whet calling alpm_option_get_* before initialization

Travis Willard (2):
separate local from sync dbs on filesystem
Fix compile-time error with de.po, runtime error with db.c

VMiklos (4):
Move the 100% progress bar call before remove scriptlet for output reasons
New pactest: Sysupgrade with a sync package forcing a downgrade
alpm_parse_config(): ignore #.*$, not just ^#.*$
Add a alpm_db_test() function to the backend for checking DB consistency

Vojt?ch Gondžala (1):
Add new Czech translation

?ладими? ?ай?аков?кий (1):
Russian translation update.


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