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Robbie Smith 10-12-2012 06:16 PM

Writing xkb mappings
Hi list

Using xmodmap to redefine my keyboard mappings was causing Openbox to
hang for about a minute, so I read up on writing my own layouts using
xkb[1]. By and large I've achived the desired results (in much fewer
lines too!) but there's still a few things that don't quite work.

1. I think I've mapped ALT+CAPS_LOCK to act as the third level switch,
but this works sporadically at best. I want to add mathematical symbols
to the keypad, and xev detects most of them, but I can't type them
anywhere except in Vim. There's a dump of the key mapping xkbcomp
created at [2].

2. Is is possible to have complex variable mappings similar to as
described here[3] in That guide is Max OS X specific, but it's
definitely quite nifty.



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