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Felipe Contreras 10-03-2012 01:26 AM

OT: testing/systemd 191-1 failed to boot
On Wed, Oct 3, 2012 at 2:14 AM, nailz <> wrote:

> I too am fed up with all the dross and i only been here a few weeks, i
> mean nobody is forcing anyone to use arch, if people dont agree with the
> way its heading either jump ship to another distro , or god forbid maybe
> even add something constructive to arch.

Totally agree, because disagreements never lead to anything good... oh
wait! it's the other way around: without dissent, there's no

Actually, nailz's reply also had no technical aspect, and was not
asking for help, so he should be banned as well, right? Unless the ban
only applies to the people that disagree with the status quo, not the
people that complain about the people that disagree with the status
quo. In which case you would have to accept that the bans have nothing
to do with the nature of the comments, but rather because a mod simply
didn't like the comment.

To me, and the merrian-webster dictionary, general means:

general: involving, applicable to, or affecting the whole

So, unpopular topics seem to fall under arch-general, because they
still might affect the whole, even though some people (majority?)
might not want it to. They can disagree with the unpopular opinion,
but should not silence it. There is no arch-technical, or arch-help,
or arch-off-topic.

As for you, nailz, if you are feed up with this thread, don't read it,
nobody is forcing you. You can even tell your client to ignore or mute
the thread so your precious ears don't have to go through all this
filthy dissent[2].

Note: I'm prefixing my mail with OT (off-topic), it might be a good
practice for people with sensitive ears to filter these mails, but I'm
sure I'll get banned for just proposing it. Lapidation sketch much?



Felipe Contreras

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