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Robbie Smith 08-30-2012 11:20 AM

systemd and netcfg
So I switched to systemd about a week or so ago, and I'm quite impressed
with it. One particular feature I like is it's auto-restart of daemons,
but this has a tendency to behave oddly with netcfg.

My primary internet connection is a mobile broadband one using an
external USB modem and pppd via netcfg. systemd does its bit automating
the connection, but it does it a little too well: if I disconnect the
network interface (say, to switch to a wireless or wired one), systemd
will restart my mobile broadband device when it's next physically
plugged into the computer, *without* informing netcfg that it's brought
the interface up. This effectively blocks me from switching interfaces,
as netcfg can't bring down the interface, and killing pppd stops systemd
from reconnecting it automatically when I resume from a suspend.

How can I get the two to communicate better so I don't get this glitch?

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