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"David C. Rankin" 12-09-2010 05:39 AM

VirtualBox_bin 3.12 - slow system freeze on i686, OK on x86_64
Guys, just a heads up for those that use virtualbox_bin from AUR:

I experienced a system freeze problem on a dell P4 box with
VirtualBox-3.2.12 causing the machine to slowly freeze, become unresponsive,
then hardlock. WinXP (guest) starts fine, but then it will freeze, followed by
the kde taskbar, and then a minute or two later, the mouse and keyboard freeze
and the box is locked. (hard reset required) I went through this lockup process
twice to make sure. Downgrading to VirtualBox-3.2.10 solved the problem for me.

Prior to updating the i686 box, I did another VirtualBox-3.2.12 upgrade on a
x86_64 box (XP guest as well), and all is working well. So it looks like it may
be some issue or memory leak that is killing the i686 package. I (and others)
have dropped notes with the AUR package.

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