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"David C. Rankin" 06-21-2010 11:44 PM

Kudos to the Arch devs!

As mentioned earlier, after my HD tanked, I did my first Gnome only install
using the Arch 2010-05 install media. Except for my FU forgetting mkswap, the
install is picture perfect. Further, since the radeon/dri/mesa modules are
mature enough that they handle gpu downclocking during idle clock ticks, there
is no further reason to hang onto the fglrx driver and limp suse 11.0 along on
my laptops.

Gnome 2.30 is near perfect, the packaging is, from what I can tell so far,
perfect, and a simple 'rsync -au otherbox:/var/cache/pacman/pkg
/var/cache/pacman' seals the deal.

Great Job Devs. That brings my total Arch installs to 7, including my 2 primary
servers. Arch has nailed what a distro should be and that's something worth
jealously guarding against the pressures of change ;-)

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