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Pierre Schmitz 03-02-2012 10:32 PM

syslinux went straight to core
Hi all,

we had syslinux in both [core] and [extra]. And as I misread the commit
message I thought it was accidentally moved from testing to extra; so I
went ahead and moved it to [core]. Of course that version was broken as
it had moved the extlinux binary from /sbin/ to /usr/sbin/ for some
reason but didn't update the syslinux-install_update script which still
called /sbin/extlinux.

I put a fixed version with pkgrel=3 into core that fixes this issue. I
don't think that even the broken script would have done any harm as it
simply wouldn't have updated syslinux on install (which isn't needed

PS: namcap complains about a missing dependency to util-linux;
maintainers might want to check that.



Pierre Schmitz,

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