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Gaetan Bisson 02-15-2012 04:29 AM

OpenSSH-6.0 and DNS love

OpenSSH-6.0 will be out soon [1] and introduces support for ldns [2], a
DNSSEC-compliant resolver library providing features similar to
dnsutils. To integrate this in our packages, I plan to:
- put a new package in [core] called dnssec-anchors;
- make dnsutils and ldns depend on dnssec-anchors;
- move ldns from [community] to [core];
- make openssh depend on ldns.

You can check those packages out in my repo [3]. Comments are welcome.

In my opinion, ldns and sister projects unbound [4] and nsd [5] are
great steps forward sane mainstream DNS software, and I am glad to see
OpenSSH agree. If you are presently using BIND, I strongly recommend you
consider switching to them.




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