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Pierre Schmitz 09-09-2011 10:05 PM

Repository status report
Hi all,

this is a brief report about the state of some projects affecting the
whole repository of packages.

packages percentage
total 9594
pooled 8150 84.9400%
xz 8890 92.6600%
gzip 704 7.3300%
signed 3186 33.2000%

As you see our efforts to compress packages with xz rather than gzip
and moving to a package pool structure are almost finished, I am also
please with the number of packages that are already signed even though
this is in a early stage and not yet official.

Please have a look at old packages listed at In general I would consider
it a good idea to rebuild packages regularly (e.g. once a year) even if
here are no upstream changes. This way we keep our PKGBUILDs working and
adjust to recent tool chain changes. Here is a short checklist for such

* is there a new version available?
* remove || return 1
* use package(), check() and build() functions
* check install scripts
* general cleanup if needed
* run namcap on package and pkgbuild
* sign the package



PS: yes, I know that the numbers bc calculated don't really add up to
100% :-)

Pierre Schmitz,

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