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Guillaume ALAUX 08-11-2011 05:38 PM

New packages for OpenJDK7
Hi everyone,

Following the general availability of OpenJDK7 (and community's
jre/jdk), I updated openjdk6 PKGBUILD for OpenJDK7 (thanks Andy for
letting me have a look at that).

Just like the current openjdk6, these packages are based on OpenJDK7 to
which we add the IcedTea code that enable building with free tools and
add some more open source stuff.

The only new thing (apart from version 6 -> 7) is the fact that files
are splitted into 'jre7-openjdk' and 'jdk7-openjdk' (and openjdk7-src).

These packages are not 'final' so not currently available in a repo but

I am away on holidays next week so I won't be able to answer any email
but suggestions are welcome ; feedback also.


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