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Aaron Griffin 01-27-2009 07:20 PM

Fix texinfo-based depcycles in core
This idea is Thomas', I take no credit, except that I actually wrote it up.

The idea:
texinfo, on install, processes all info files. bash and glibc (and,
likely, other packages in core) no longer need to depend on texinfo,
but should check for install-info in the scriptlets before running.

a) user installs bash and glibc. No info files are processed, texinfo
not installed
user then installs texinfo, all info files are processed
b) user installs texinfo first (somehow)
user then installs bash, info files processed due to existence of
c) user follows case a or b
user upgrades bash or glibc, info files processed as normal due to
presence of install-info

Any issues with this? See attached patch. Please review. If possible,
this needs to go to core before we release the ISOs.

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