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  1. ifupdown news
  2. Add Python test for KeyboardDrawingDialog using introspection
  3. Bug#669426: ITP: python-django-evolution -- Django extension that allows tracking of changes in models over time
  4. Bug#669404: ITP: alembic -- lightweight database migration tool for SQLAlchemy
  5. Bug#669390: O: ppmd -- fast archiver program with good compression ratio
  6. Bug#669343: ITP: sratom -- library for serialising LV2 atoms to/from Turtle
  7. Bug#669337: ITP: llrun -- Test run utility for LCAS and/or LCMAPS
  8. Volunteer-initiated team maintenance as a solution for packages with low activity
  9. Bug#669275: ITP: mkgltempdir -- Utility to create a directory owned by the gLExec target user
  10. Volunteer-initiated team maintenance as a solution for packages with low activity
  11. Processed: multiarch tuples are not documented/defined
  12. what to do is maintainer is lacking?
  13. Bug#669260: ITP: pygrib -- python library for reading/writing GRIB files
  14. Bug#669259: ITP: dssp -- protein secondary structure assignment based on 3D structure
  15. Processed: Bug#664257: multiarch tuples are not documented/defined
  16. Bug#669251: ITP: anet -- Ada networking library
  17. Shanghai BSP on the 29 and 30th of April at Peoople Squared
  18. Bug#669232: ITP: lv2 -- LV2 audio plugin specification
  19. what to do is maintainer is lacking? (was: wine-unstable in Debian)
  20. Intend to transition openjpeg 1.5
  21. Bug#669201: ITP: ffdiaporama -- Movie creator from photos and video clips
  22. ITP: sumo -- Simulation of Urban MObility
  23. debootstrap loading both libept1 AND libept1.4.12, .. and fails!
  24. (deferred) bits from the DPL: March 2012
  25. Bug#669108: general: assorted segfault
  26. Bug#669102: ITP: sanlock -- a shared storage lock manager - useful for accessing vm images on a NAS or SAN
  27. Bug#669075: ITP: sigrok-qt -- Qt-based GUI for the sigrok logic analyzer software
  28. Bug#669074: ITP: sigrok-firmware -- firmware files for various logic analyzers
  29. Bug#669073: ITP: sigrok-dumps -- example logic analyzer protocol data for sigrok
  30. Bug#669072: ITP: sigrok-cli -- command-line frontend for the sigrok logic analyzer software
  31. Bug#669071: ITP: libsigrokdecode -- sigrok protocol decoder library
  32. Bug#669070: ITP: libsigrok -- sigrok hardware driver library
  33. Bug#669069: ITP: sigrok-gtk -- GTK+-based GUI for the sigrok logic analyzer software
  34. Bug#669068: ITP: trelby -- movie screenplay writing software
  35. Adding CA certficates outside of ca-certificates (see ITP #666229)
  36. Bug#668917: ITP: libio-lcdproc-perl -- Perl extension to connect to a LCD display through lcdproc
  37. config files, ucf and dpkg (was: The future of non-dependency-based boot)
  38. Bug#668870: RFH: golang
  39. Changing the default document root for HTTP server
  40. Results for Debian Project Leader 2012 Election
  41. Bug#668841: ITP: svipc -- System V InterProcess Communication for Python/Yorick
  42. Packaging of new upstream (pre-)releases until wheezy
  43. Bug#668841: ITP: svipc -- System V InterProcess Communication for Python/Yorick
  44. eglibc 2.14 for wheezy?
  45. Packaging of new upstream (pre-)releases until wheezy
  46. eglibc 2.14 for wheezy?
  47. wine-unstable in Debian
  48. Bug#668809: ITP: logging-tree -- introspect and display the logging tree
  49. Bug#668656: ITP: plotter -- Simple Qt-based mathematical function plotter
  50. Bug#668606: ITP: python-flexmock -- Mock/Stub/Spy library for Python
  51. Bug#668604: ITP: lcmaps-plugins-tracking-groupid -- Groupid tracking plugin for the LCMAPS authorization framework
  52. Bug#668603: ITP: pirl -- PIRL Java Packages
  53. Bug#668598: ITP: ecaccess -- clients to access ECMWF facilities
  54. Bug#668596: ITP: irods -- Data grid storage management system
  55. Debian maintainers for Enlightenment?
  56. Work-needing packages report for Apr 13, 2012
  57. Bug#668565: ITP: libgedcom-perl -- interface to genealogy GEDCOM files
  58. Bug#668556: ITP: dparser -- a scannerless GLR parser generator
  59. Bug#668525: ITP: scas -- Site central authorization service
  60. Bug#668516: ITP: python-pyramid-zcml -- Declarative configuration for the Pyramid web framework
  61. is something wrong with cron.d ?
  62. really? (Debian Policy and LSB)
  63. Bug#668413: ITP: libcgi-compile-perl -- module for compiling .cgi scripts to a code reference
  64. Bug#639214: Find aa paartner aand get laaid t0night!x
  65. Bug#668299: ITP: octave-openmpi-ext -- Octave toolbox for parallel computing using MPI
  66. Bug#668293: ITP: tvnamer -- utility to rename TV-show episodes files
  67. Debian Project Leader Elections 2012: Call for votes
  68. Debian Project Leader Elections 2012: Second call for votes
  69. Bug#668248: ITP:
  70. Social Networking Servers
  71. Gadgets ordine
  72. The future of non-dependency-based boot
  73. The future of non-dependency-based boot
  74. Bug#668218: ITP: gtg-trace -- Generic Trace Generator (GTG)
  75. Bug#668219: ITP: otf -- Open Trace Format support library
  76. Bug#668205: ITP: hunspell-be -- Belarusian dictionary for hunspell
  77. Bug#668173: ITP: lua-dbi -- DBI library for the Lua language
  78. Bug#668154: ITP: php5-msgpack -- PHP library for MessagePack serialization
  79. Bug#668126: ITP: python-odict -- Ordered dictionary in Python
  80. Track your car: Online... On live... On time!
  81. Bug#668108: ITP: liblexical-sealrequirehints-perl -- Perl module to prevent the leakage of lexical hints
  82. Bug#668106: ITP: libbareword-filehandles-perl -- Perl pragma to disable bareword filehandles
  83. Bug#668105: ITP: libmultidimensional-perl -- Perl pragma to disable multidmensional array emulation
  84. Bug#668083: ITP: tvdb-api -- API interface to TheTVDB.com
  85. Bug#668081: ITP: wmcore -- a dockapp that shows the usage of each core in the system.
  86. Bug#668057: ITP: lua-zlib -- zlib library for the Lua language
  87. Bug#648889: Nak ed busty wife wants dat es!6
  88. Chalanam New Version
  89. Debian Local Area Network' (Debian-LAN)
  90. steven wu与您共享了照片
  91. Bug#667992: ITP: libnet-ip-minimal-perl -- module to check if an IP address is version 4 or 6
  92. Bug#667989: ITP: s2tc -- S2TC is a patent-free S3TC compatible texture compression
  93. Please make yourself maintainer
  94. Bug#667972: ITA: stl-manual -- C++-STL documentation in HTML
  95. Multiple DB accounts with dbconfig-common
  96. Bug#667923: ITP: jcm -- Java Components for Mathematics
  97. Bug#626424: Join the number one adult dating site!t
  98. Bug#637232: Hot wife seduces single men!e
  99. Bug#667913: ITP: libcpan-meta-requirements-perl -- set of version requirements for a CPAN dist
  100. Bug#667896: ITP: mitlm -- MIT Language Modeling toolkit
  101. Bug#667855: ITP: gtrex -- Guitar Exerciser is a commandline program that randomises scales and tonalities for the beginner to advancing guitarist
  102. provide the information of led for you __ztlights
  103. Bug#667842: ITP: cover-thumbnailer -- Display music cover and more in nautilus
  104. Bug#667839: ITP: cover-thumbnailer -- Display music cover and more in nautilus
  105. Bug#667832: ITP: libmoosex-relatedclassroles-perl -- module for applying Moose roles to a related class
  106. Bug#667825: ITP: libdata-clone-perl -- Perl module for polymorphic data cloning
  107. Bug#667824: ITP: libcatalystx-injectcomponent-perl -- module for injecting components into Catalyst applications
  108. Bug#667822: ITP: libcatalyst-actionrole-acl-perl -- Catalyst ActionRole for user role-based authorization
  109. Bug#667812: ITP: ruby-ncursesw -- ruby extension of ncurses C library with wide character support
  110. Depo ve Stok Yonetimi 13:19:02
  111. Work-needing packages report for Apr 6, 2012
  112. Filed ( Preinstalled package manager(s) for PCs (wheezy))
  113. Bug#667705: ITP: lcas-plugins-voms -- VOMS plugins for the LCAS authorization framework
  114. machine readable copyright v1 and "GPL version 2 or later"
  115. Processed: reassign 667457 to gwaei
  116. Fix "memcheck=0" (and other store_true boot args)
  117. Bug#667564: ITP: servefile -- Serve files from shell via a small HTTP server
  118. Bug#667522: ITP: joda-convert -- Java conversion between Objects and Strings
  119. debconf and perl : how to use it ?
  120. Bug#667512: ITP: legit -- Git extension to provide a branche manipulation
  121. Bug#667508: ITP: python-clint -- Python Command-line Application Tools
  122. Bug#667502: ITP: python-gitdb -- pure-Python git object database
  123. Bug#667497: ITP: python-async -- framework to process interdependent tasks in a pool of workers
  124. Bug#667496: ITP: python-smmap -- pure git implementation of a sliding window memory map manager
  125. Bug#667484: ITP: node-iconv -- text recoding module for Node.js
  126. lsb-base "Fancy output"; please test lsb-base/experimental (4.1+Debian0+fancy0)
  127. Bug#667462: ITP: nautilus-sound-converter -- Nautilus extension to convert audio files to a different format, using the GStreamer framework.
  128. Bug#667461: ITP: tsdecrypt -- decrypt MPEG transport stream
  129. Bug#667072: ITP: fonts-quattrocento -- classic, elegant, sober and strong Roman typeface
  130. Bug#667071: ITP: lcmaps-plugins-basic -- Standard LCMAPS plug-ins for basic account mapping
  131. Bits from Debian Med team
  132. BTS commands forcemerge and merge merging fields
  133. Bug#667049: ITP: libdvbcsa -- free implementation of the DVB/CSA
  134. Bug#667019: ITP: node-fast-list -- Fast linked list module for Node.js
  135. DEP-8: Discovering autopkgtest-capable packages
  136. Bug#666993: ITP: magick-rotation -- Screen rotation utility for tablet form notebooks.
  137. Bug#666990: ITP: fingerprint-gui -- Use fingerprint readeers to login.
  138. Bug#666961: ITP: milter-regex -- sendmail milter plugin for regular expression filtering
  139. Non-copyrightable work with non-free license.
  140. Bug#666910: ITP: lcmaps-plugins-scas-client -- SCAS client plugin for the LCMAPS authorization framework
  141. Bug#666905: ITP: xacml -- SAML 2.0 profile of XACML v2.0
  142. Bug#666904: ITP: automatic-save-folder -- Open the File Browser at the right location, using simple filters on the downloaded file.
  143. Bug#666902: ITP: irpe -- Icinga Remote Plugin Executor Server
  144. Bug#666878: ITP: ruby-kramdown -- Fast, pure-Ruby Markdown-superset converter.
  145. NM vs. wicd
  146. Bug#666790: ITP: python-regex -- alternative regular expression module
  147. Should every package belong to a team ?
  148. synaptic in gnome (wheezy, etc)
  149. Anyone in direct contact with Peter S. Galbraith (psg)?
  150. Bug#666758: ITP: librole-tiny-perl -- minimalist role composition Perl module
  151. Bug#666754: ITP: aekeech6 -- duplicate duplicate program deduplicator
  152. Bug#666724: ITP: sctk -- speech recognition scoring toolkit
  153. Bug#666723: ITP: sptk -- speech signal processing toolkit
  154. bug reports with urls in them
  155. bug reports with urls in them
  156. Bug#666715: ITP: dedupdedup -- find duplicate programs for finding duplicate files
  157. state of security hardening build flag efforts
  158. Bugs for packages which don't exist anymore / missing maintainer
  159. Bug#666553: ITP: fonts-dosis -- very simple, rounded, sans serif font family
  160. Bug#666546: ITP: fonts-cabin -- humanist sans serif font
  161. Bug#666541: package OpenSearch descriptions for reuse by all browsers
  162. Bug#666527: ITP: ssb-sprom -- A tool for modification of the Broadcom Sonics Silicon Backplane SPROM
  163. Bug#666495: ITP: plasma-widget-menubar -- plasma widget to display a global menubar
  164. Bug#666490: O: svgalib -- console SVGA display libraries
  165. NM vs. wicd
  166. Bug#666410: ITP: sdic-inline-el -- Emacs inline interface for Japanese dictionary
  167. Standard C Library complance test suite
  168. Bug#666263: ITP: log4shib -- log4j-style configurable logging library for C++
  169. Work-needing packages report for Mar 30, 2012
  170. Bug#666242: ITP: clearwaita-theme -- Clearwaita theme for GTK+
  171. Bug#666229: ITP: igtf-policy-bundle -- IGTF profiles for Authority Root Certificates
  172. Bug#666224: ITP: peg -- recursive-descent parser generators for C
  173. Bug#664257: Email Id Awarded 750,000.00 GBP in Coca Cola Promo Prize. Provide Info for claims
  174. dpkg-buildpackage now sets DEB_BUILD_HOST etc for you?
  175. Bug#666194: ITP: librg-blast-parser-perl -- very fast NCBI BLAST parser - binding for perl
  176. Bug#666193: ITP: librostlab-blast -- very fast C++ library for parsing NCBI BLAST output
  177. Bug#666192: ITP: librostlab -- C++ library from the Rost Lab
  178. NM vs. wicd (was: On init in Debian)
  179. Time to remove 32/64-bit variants of GMP?
  180. Bug#666133: ITP: fonts-cabinsketch -- playful sister of the Cabin Family
  181. Bug#666082: ITP: libics -- Image Cytometry Standard file reading and writing
  182. Bug#666075: ITP: libam7xxx -- library for accessing am7xxx based devices
  183. Bug#666026: ITP: libnetfilter_acct -- nfacct library files
  184. Bug#666022: ITP: nfacct -- command line tool to create/retrieve/delete netfilter accounting objects
  185. Bug#666010: ITP: nvidia-texture-tools -- image processing and texture manipulation tools
  186. Preinstalled package manager(s) for PCs (wheezy)
  187. Bug#665942: ITP: ruby-capistrano-colors -- Capistrano helper for colorizing output
  188. Bug#665941: ITP: ruby-capistrano-colors -- Capistrano helper for colorizing output
  189. Bug#665939: ITP: ruby-capistrano-colors -- Capistrano helper for colorizing output
  190. init systems and Policy
  191. init systems and Policy
  192. Bug#665911: ITP: haskell-ekg -- remote monitoring of Haskell processes over HTTP
  193. Bug#665903: ITP: calligra -- KDE SC integrated work applications suite
  194. Bug#665857: ITP: libv8-i18n -- Native internationalization support for v8 EcmaScript engine.
  195. Bug#665815: ITP: libpadre-plugin-parsertool-perl -- A realtime interactive parser test tool for Padre
  196. Bug#665811: ITP: libpadre-plugin-snippet-perl -- Padre plugin to provide TextMate-like snippets
  197. Bug#665805: ITP: ganv -- canvas widget for graph-based interfaces
  198. Unpleasant upgrades from Squeeze to Wheezy
  199. usefulness of ITPs ( mosh ITP not done, just package name taken over)
  200. Bug#631139: mosh ITP not done, just package name taken over
  201. mosh ITP not done, just package name taken over
  202. Bug#665717: ITP: y-u-no-validate -- Iceweasel extension to make security exceptions temporary by default
  203. Bug#665663: ITP: fonts-kaushanscript -- script font that feels like writing quickly with an inked brush
  204. Bug#665454: ITP: canzelay-client -- Canzeley -- It is the client application to organize a German Law Office
  205. Bug#665449: ITP: cl -- Kombu actor framework
  206. summer of code 2013 proposal
  207. multiarch conversion for packages with lib32* packages
  208. test "/etc/init.d/MyPackage start" before shipping, please
  209. test "/etc/init.d/MyPackage start" before shipping, please
  210. Bug#665415: ITP: python3-dateutil -- powerful extensions to the standard datetime module in Python 3
  211. please update to latest upstart version (again)
  212. NM without X (general: users vs developers)
  213. gconftool
  214. please update to latest upstart version (again)
  215. NM without X
  216. Bug#665343: ITP: libnetlib-java -- collection of mission-critical software components for linear algebra system translated from Fortran to Java
  217. Bug#665341: ITP: libjlapack-java -- LAPACK numerical subroutines translated from Fortran to Java
  218. ITP: ecere -- The Ecere SDK is a cross-platform toolkit for building software applications. The SDK includes a compiler for the eC language, and its lightweight runtime environment includes a GUI toolkit, a networking library and a basic 3D engine.
  219. Bug#665318: ITP: faac -- AAC audio encoder
  220. Work-needing packages report for Mar 23, 2012
  221. Bug#665275: ITP: libpadre-plugin-yaml-perl -- YAML support for Padre The Perl IDE
  222. Processed: Bug#665204: general: create package for pg_rman Postgres backup utiltity
  223. Bug#665204: general: create package for pg_rman Postgres backup utiltity
  224. Bug#665085: ITP: ruby-rack-protection -- Protects against typical web attacks for Rack application
  225. Bug#665045: ITP: synfigstudio -- vector-based 2D animation package (graphical user interface)
  226. Bug#665042: ITP: synfig -- vector-based 2d animation package
  227. Bug#665041: ITP: etl -- Synfig extended template library
  228. B2G security model (debian package management recommended) - help and advice needed
  229. FictionCity.NET - The Social Network for Artists
  230. Bug#664979: ITP: m2vrequantiser -- MPEG-2 streams requantization
  231. debian/rules VS debian/copyright.
  232. Bug#664975: ITP: indigo -- Organic Chemistry Toolkit
  233. Bug#664974: ITP: octave-geometry -- geometric computing functions for Octave
  234. Penawaran KEMEJA SERAGAM KERJA, KAOS POLO SHIRT POLOS, Ready Stock, Banyak Desain Dan Warna...
  235. a good "license your software" how-to for upstream developers ?
  236. Bug#664952: ITP: node-ansi -- Advanced ANSI formatting tool for Node.js
  237. Bug#664951: ITP: mitm-me -- Firefox extension to click through certificate warnings
  238. Bug#664902: ITP: mitm-me -- Firefox extension to click through certificate warnings
  239. Creating exact partition
  240. Bug#664845: ITP: libpadre-plugin-pdl-perl -- PDL support for Padre IDE
  241. On init in *Debian*
  242. Bug#664836: ITP: node-gyp -- Native addon build tool for Node.js
  243. Bug#664829: ITP: libperlbal-xs-httpheaders-perl -- Perlbal extension for processing HTTP headers faster
  244. Heads up: aptitude-gtk will likely vanish from Debian
  245. Bug#664784: ITP: sandbox -- A helper utility to run programs in a sandboxed environment
  246. Bug#664760: ITP: python-tinkerer -- blogging engine/static website generator powered by Sphinx
  247. Bug#664759: ITP: python-tox -- generic virtualenv_ management and test command line tool
  248. Bug#664750: ITP: libpadre-plugin-moose-perl -- Moose, Mouse and MooseX::Declare support for Padre
  249. Bug#664747: ITP: jpylyzer -- JP2 (JPEG 2000 Part 1) validator and properties extractor
  250. Bug#664738: ITP: glexec -- User identity switching tool based on grid credentials