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  1. Bug#579401: ITP: pyopenfst -- Python bindings for the OpenFst library
  2. Bug#579398: ITP: openfst -- weighted finite-state transducers library
  3. Adah Taylor invites you to join the "marble-tiles" group on FriendFeed
  4. Bug#579379: ITP: pyimport-relative -- relative import of a module for older versions of Python (i.e. pre 2.6)
  5. Bug#579373: ITP: zthreads -- A platform-independent, multi-threading and synchronization library for C++
  6. Disable button icons on stock GTK buttons (#579701).
  7. Remove button icons from the glade files (#579701).
  8. Bug#579284: ITP: voxbo -- processing, statistical analysis, and display of brain imaging data
  9. Bug#579279: ITP: latexila -- LaTeX editor designed for the GNOME desktop
  10. Bug#579278: ITP: trac-icalviewplugin -- Provides iCalendar feeds for ticket queries
  11. Bug#579233: ITP: libhtml-template-dumper-perl -- Output template data in a test-friendly format
  12. Bug#579231: ITP: mricron -- magnetic resonance image conversion, viewing and analysis
  13. Matriculas abiertas
  14. Bug#579177: ITP: xul-ext-monkeysphere -- Iceweasel/Firefox extension for using Monkeysphere on the web
  15. Bug#579147: ITP: libapp-cpanminus-perl -- Get, unpack, build and install modules from CPAN
  16. bindv6only again
  17. Bits from the 3nd Debian Groupware Meeting
  18. Bug#579121: RFP: guice -- lightweight dependency injection framework for Java
  19. Bug#579104: ITP: libopengl-xscreensaver-perl -- Helper module for writing OpenGL-based XScreenSaver hacks
  20. Bug#579076: ITP: bitfrost -- Python library for BIOS security on the OLPC XO laptop
  21. When debconf is no longer required for a package...
  22. AUTO: Hans-Christian Dirscherl ist auer Haus. (Rckkehr am Mo, 26.04.2010)
  23. Fazendo Video-Jogos
  24. Bug#578921: ITP: libdessert1 -- a simple and extensible routing-framework for testbeds
  25. Bug#578864: dpkg-source -b in 3.0 (quilt) package modifies timestamp of manually changed files
  26. Work-needing packages report for Apr 23, 2010
  27. Bug#578829: ITP: wannier90 -- Maximally Localized Wannier Functions
  28. Bug#578787: ITP: openoctave -- MIDI and audio sequencer and musical notation editor
  29. proper edit-build-install-test cycle with v3 source packages?
  30. nfs: off by one error leaves extra slash in a path.
  31. Bug#578750: ITP: kmid -- MIDI/Karaoke player for KDE
  32. Bug#578710: ITP: libsvdrp -- Interface library for the SVDRP protocol
  33. Bug#578703: ITP: cytadela -- old-school first person shooter
  34. #573127 sphinxsearch should use prefix for utlilities
  35. Bug#578690: ITP: mygui -- Library for creating GUIs for games and 3D applications
  37. Bug#578627: ITP: jersey -- JAX-RS (JSR 311) implementation for building RESTful Web services
  38. Bug#578623: ITP: django-openid-auth -- OpenID integration for django.contrib.auth
  39. Make Cancel button the default for 'Weak Password' dialog (#582660)
  40. Bug#578605: ITP: libjsr311-api-java -- JSR 311, JAX-RS, Java API for RESTful Web Services
  41. Bug#578580: ITP: skipfish -- A fully automated, active web application security reconnaissance tool
  42. Bug#578518: RFP: libmojolicious-perl -- A next generation web framework for the Perl programming language.
  43. Bug#578491: ITP: bley -- intelligent greylisting daemon for Postfix
  44. PDF is blocked for printing, etc. OK for acroread (it behaves as expected), but KPDF allows me to print it, even if it is protected! Why?
  45. Bug#578454: ITP: php-ogr -- OGR module for php5
  46. PDF is blocked for printing, etc. OK for acroread (it behaves as expected), but KPDF allows me to print it, even if it is protected! Why?
  47. Bug#578421: virtual-packages: Retire java-compiler, java2-compiler and java-virtual-machine
  48. Bug#578411: ITP: libmusicbrainz-discid-perl -- Perl interface to the MusicBrainz libdiscid library
  49. What does .d at the end of some dirctory and filenames actually stand for?
  50. Don't make all devices on the boot device selector immutable (#583028).
  51. Bug#578387: ITP: log4cplus -- C++ logging API modeled after the Java log4j API
  52. What does .d at the end of some dirctory and filenames actually stand for?
  53. PDF is blocked for printing, etc. OK for acroread (it behaves as expected), but KPDF allows me to print it, even if it is protected! Why?
  54. dollars : facebook
  55. Bug#578328: ITP: python-prctl -- Python interface to the prctl() syscall
  56. Bug#578326: ITP: libbrahe -- A heterogeneous C library of interesting numeric functions
  57. Bug#578314: ITP: tempest-for-eliza -- demostrate electromagnetic emissions from computer systems
  58. Bug#578288: ITP: etsf-io -- Library of F90 routines to read/write the ETSF file format.
  59. Package description review (in ITP)
  60. Bug#578240: ITP: kdevelop-pg-qt -- a LL(1) parser generator based on Qt
  61. Bug#578228: ITP: kdevelop-php-docs -- PHP documentation plugin for KDevelop
  62. Bug#578214: ITP: glogg -- A smart interactive log explorer using Qt4
  63. Bug#578215: RFP: ggaoed -- a high-performance AoE (ATA over Ethernet) target implementation
  64. Bug#578170: ITP: mic2 -- A tool for creating and manipulating Moblin and MeeGo images.
  65. Processed: Bug#578153: Multiple clipboards and cut and paste buffers in X11
  66. Trunk version of linux-image ISSUE
  67. Bug#578157: ITP: bitcoin -- peer-to-peer network based anonymous digital currency
  68. Bug#578153: Multiple clipboards and cut and paste buffers in X11
  69. RFH: poppler
  70. Bug#578120: ITP: python-modbus -- full Modbus protocol implementation
  71. Bug#578108: ITP: jutils -- Common utilities for Java Game Technology Group projects
  72. Bug#578093: ITP: flask -- microframework based on Werkzeug, Jinja2 and good intentios
  73. Debian Project Leader Election 2010 Results
  74. Results for Debian Project Leader 2010 Election
  75. Bug#578229: ITP: libfog-ruby -- Ruby cloud computing library
  76. Bug#578067: ITP: ibus-table-tv -- Thai and Viernamese input methods based on ibus-table
  77. Bug#578061: ITP: ibus-table-code -- additional input methods on IBus Table under IBus framework
  78. Bug#578058: ITP: pylotage -- Python interface between Code_Aster and Salome services
  79. Bug#578054: ITP: metis-edf -- Adaptation of METIS for Code_Aster purpose
  80. lvm: check resizing against format's targetSize (#580171).
  81. Bug#578039: ITP: drupal6-mod-textile -- textile module for Drupal 6
  82. Bug#578230: ITP: libfog-ruby -- Ruby cloud computing library
  83. Work-needing packages report for Apr 16, 2010
  84. Qual o direito das gerações futuras? Venha Participar!
  85. Bug#577971: (no subject)
  86. Bug#577931: ITP: php-text-wiki-mediawiki -- Mediawiki parser for Text_Wiki
  87. Bug#577932: ITP: prey -- simple yet powerful application for tracking stolen computers
  88. Bug#577928: ITP: drupal6-mod-pearwiki-filter -- pearwiki_filter module for Drupal 6
  89. Bug#577715: FTBFS: 7 of 7 tests failed
  90. Bug#577924: ITP: php-text-wiki -- Transforms Wiki and BBCode markup into XHTML, LaTeX or plain text markup. This is the base engine for all of the Text_Wiki sub-classes.
  91. Bug#577833: ITP: haskell-haskore -- Haskore Computer Music System
  92. Bug#577778: ITP: ocaml-buddy -- ocaml bindings for buddy bdd
  93. Bug#577775: ITP: drupal6-mod-flexifilter -- Module that allows to create configurable custom filters
  94. Bug#577819: ITP: amavisd-milter -- New interface between sendmail-milter and amavisd-new
  95. Bug#577820: ITP: aeromail -- PHP-based webmail with minimal dependencies
  96. when is debcheck run?
  97. How does lintian detect embedded-zlib?
  98. Bug#577712: ITP: unicorn -- Rack HTTP server for fast clients and Unix
  99. Free Website for 30 Days with Upgrade BONUS!
  100. Bug#577667: ITP: weboob -- Allows for out-of-browser interaction with websites implementing specific capabilities
  101. Packages added
  102. Changed some pathes to work with new anaconda
  103. Added GConf2 package
  104. Bug#577656: ITP: github-cli -- command-line interface to the GitHub Issues API
  105. document meaning of transition?
  106. Bug#577562: ITP: fsrunner -- KDE krunner plugin for instant file or directory access
  107. Bug#577512: ITP: libmemoize-expirelru-perl -- Expiry plug-in for Memoize that adds LRU cache expiration
  108. Bug#577469: ITP: libspring-security-2.0-java -- Java libraries that provide security services for the Spring Framework
  109. debconf vs cdebconf
  110. Bug#577450: ITP: browserlauncher2 -- Library for opening a browser from a Java application
  111. Bug#577430: ITP: libfusioninventory-agent-task-netdiscovery-perl -- Network device discovery for FusionInventory Agent
  112. Bug#577425: ITP: python-tweepy -- Python twitter library
  113. Bug#577413: ITP: ttf-thabit -- fixed width OpenType Arabic fonts
  114. Bug#577415: ITP: libanyevent-i3-perl -- communicate with the i3 window manager
  115. Bug#577270: ITP: postfix-cluebringer -- Policydv2 (cluebringer) is a rewrite of the policyd anti-spam plugin for Postfix.
  116. Bug#577200: ITP: xacobeo -- XPath (XML Path Language) visualizer
  117. Bug#577193: ITP: django-markupfield -- Custom Django field for easy use of markup in text fields
  118. Bug#577178: ITP: libgtk2-sourceview2-perl -- Enhanced source code editor widget
  119. Annelere Özel Pastalar
  120. Bug#577124: ITP: xen-unmodified-drivers -- Kernel drivers for paravirt-on-hvm devices
  121. Bug#577130: ITP: libcrystalhd2 -- Library for Broadcom Crystal HD video decoder cards
  122. Bug#577107: ITP: gunicorn -- Event-based HTTP/WSGI server
  123. Bug#577087: ITP: spim -- MIPS R2000/R3000 emulator
  124. Bug#577068 acknowledged by developer (close)
  125. Bug#577068: Acknowledgement (Why does bash make itself unconditionally /bin/sh?)
  126. Why does bash make itself unconditionally /bin/sh?
  127. Why does bash make itself unconditionally /bin/sh?
  128. taxbird & co: please provide updates via volatile
  129. Bug#577044: ITP: libmath-polygon-perl -- Polygon calculations
  130. Rpath problem libdbd-oracle-perl
  131. Rpath problem libdbd-oracle-perl
  132. Work-needing packages report for Apr 9, 2010
  133. Bug#576964: ITP: libchart-clicker-perl -- module for powerful, extensible charting
  134. Bug#576956: ITP: vowpal-wabbit -- fast and scalable online learning algorithm
  135. IBFLORESTAS participa da 50 Exposio de Londrina
  136. Bug#576907: ITP: libplack-perl -- interface between web servers and Perl web applications
  137. The 'git' Debian package in squeeze and possible mass bug filing
  138. Sizi, Ürün ve Hizmetlerinizi Milyonlara Tanıtalım
  139. Bug#576817: ITP: drupal6-l10n-ru -- Russian translation for Drupal 6
  140. Bug#576881: ITP: fsmap -- Graphical description in a concept map of the free software world
  141. Bug#576860: ITP: drupal6-mod-i18n -- i18n module for Drupal 6
  142. Welcome to Mixx
  143. Bug#576849: ITP: drupal6-mod-inline -- inline module for Drupal 6
  144. Bug#576846: ITP: drupal6-mod-masquerade -- masquerade module for Drupal6
  145. Bug#576834: ITP: libpath-dispatcher-declarative-perl -- dispatcher module with syntactic sugar
  146. Bug#576833: ITP: drupal6-thm-arthemia -- Arthemia theme for Drupal 6
  147. RFC: how to handle iscsi (and fcoe / zfcp) in rescue mode ?
  148. Bug#576817: ITP: drupal6-l10n-ru -- Russian translation for Drupal 6
  149. Xen not booting in Unstable
  150. Bug#576807: ITP: libdevel-perlysense-perl -- Perl IDE backend with Emacs frontend
  151. Bug#576763: ITP: libtext-csv-encoded-perl -- encoding aware Text::CSV
  152. Bug#576762: ITP: libpdf-api2-simple-perl -- wrapper for PDF::API2 modules
  153. Bug#576761: ITP: libmemoize-memcached-perl -- use a memcached cache to memoize functions
  154. Bug#576760: ITP: liblocale-currency-format-perl -- Perl functions for formatting monetary values
  155. Bug#576757: ITP: libhttp-oai-perl -- API for the OAI-PMH
  156. Bug#576754: ITP: nall -- a user-script based everything notifier on the system tray
  157. Bug#576718: ITP: spokify -- a KDE client for Spotify
  158. Bug#576714: ITP: libopenspotify -- an opensource libspotify-compatible implementation
  159. Bug#576716: ITP: drupal6-mod-ldap-integration -- LDAP integration module for Drupal
  160. Bug#576704: ITP: haskell-hjscript -- Haskell DSL for writing JavaScript programs
  161. Bug#576702: ITP: haskell-hjavascript -- Haskell abstract syntax for a type subset of JavaScript
  162. Bug#576693: ITP: haskell-maybet -- Haskell MaybeT monad transformer
  163. Bug#576681: ITP: tivion -- a simple streaming player for TV, Radio and Sopcast channels
  164. Default value of net.ipv6.bindv6only should revert to 0
  165. Bug#576642: ITP: xserver-xorg-video-qxl -- X.Org X server -- QXL display driver
  166. Bug#576622: ITP: libspring-ldap-java -- Java library for simpler LDAP programming
  167. deb.li - the Debian ShortURL Service - beta test - ciabot script added
  168. Handling optimization flags in Debian packages
  169. Bug#576510: ITP: libformat-human-bytes-perl -- Format a bytecount and make it human readable
  170. Bug#576479: ITP: libhttp-server-simple-psgi-perl -- simple HTTP server with PSGI application support
  171. New Kernel 2.6.32-4-amd -686
  172. Handling optimization flags in Debian packages
  173. Some mail changes
  174. Popcon disabled?
  175. Bug#576437: ITP: python-gevent -- a coroutine-based Python networking library
  176. Keysigning near Rimouski, Quebec, Canada?
  177. Bug#576406: ITP: libfusioninventory-agent-task-snmpquery-perl -- SNMP devices scan support for FusionInventory Agent
  178. ries, AKA ftp-master.debian.org back, status
  179. Hai SEO Friends.. ADD ME TO YOUR LIST
  180. Bug#576383: ITP: python-restkit -- Restkit is an HTTP resource kit for Python
  181. Suspected SPAM tu veux un IPHONE???
  182. SElinux support for findutils.
  183. RFH: flite -- A small run-time speech synthesis engine
  184. Hardware trouble ries.debian.org - ftpmaster.debian.org / release.d.o services back this weekend
  185. deb.li - the Debian ShortURL Service - beta test
  186. Hardware trouble ries.debian.org - ftpmaster.debian.org / release.d.o services back this weekend
  187. Bug#576311: ITP: springpython -- Python extension of Java-based Spring and Spring Security frameworks
  188. Bug#576310: ITP: python-cloudservers -- Python bindings for Rackspace's Cloud Servers API
  189. Is incoming.debian.org down?
  190. Bug#576271: RFP: libgrss -- A Glib-based library to manage RSS and Atom feeds
  191. Bug#576262: ITP: django-countries -- Provides fixtures, models and flags for countries by ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code
  192. Bug#576262: ITP: django-countries -- Provides fixtures, models and flags for countries by ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code
  193. Bug#576260: ITP: javacc-maven-plugin -- Maven Plugin which uses the JavaCC parser generator to process JavaCC grammar files
  194. Bug#576259: ITP: nam -- Nam: Network Animator
  195. Bug#576258: ITP: gst123 -- GStreamer based command line media player
  196. Bug#576253: ITP: cssparser -- Java CSS2 Parser
  197. Bug#576241: ITP: ns2 -- Ns is a discrete event simulator targeted at networking research
  198. Work-needing packages report for Apr 2, 2010
  199. Bug#573070: ITP: hivex -- Windows Registry "hive" extraction library
  200. Bug#576215: ITP: cpan -- All possible perl modules you could ever need
  201. Bug#576214: ITP: libticket-simple-perl -- A basic ticket system
  202. Bug#576194: ITP: mercurial-hgshelve -- scalable distributed version control system (shelve extension)
  203. Bug#576184: ITP: jidanni -- a natural intelligence to find many bugs
  204. Bits from the Release Team: Scheduling, transitions, how to help
  205. Bug#576160: ITP: tclcl -- TclCL (Tcl with classes) is a Tcl/C++ interface
  206. Bug#576128: ITP: otcl -- an extension to Tcl/Tk for object-oriented programming
  207. Processed: reassign 576080 to ftp.debian.org
  208. Bug#575938: ITP: dh-autoreconf -- debhelper add-on to call autoreconf and clean up after the build
  209. Bug#576088: ITP: libphp-swiftmailer -- component-based library for sending e-mails
  210. Bug#576079: ITP: ngsolve -- Finite Element Library on top of Netgen
  211. Bug#576080: general: missing ftp://ftp.upload.debian.org/pub/UploadQueue/README
  212. Advice needed on howto take care about /usr/share/pyshared/scikits
  213. Bug#576029: ITP: angband-audio -- Non-free sound files for the angband game
  214. Bug#576018: ITP: narval -- An Ada framework for Distributed Acquisition Systems
  215. Hadoop in Debian, was: Hardware trouble ries.debian.org
  216. Bug#576006: ITP: qtwebkit -- Web content engine library for Qt
  217. abnormal_exit() method that doesn't forget about switching to tty1.
  218. Bug#575938: ITP: dh-autoreconf -- debhelper add-on to call autoreconf and clean up after the build
  219. Hardware trouble ries.debian.org - ftpmaster.debian.org / release.d.o services disabled
  220. Bug#575988: ITP: libdate-iso8601-perl -- Perl handling of the three ISO 8601 numerical calendars
  221. Bug#575987: ITP: libdate-jd-perl -- Conversion between flavours of Julian Date
  222. Bug#575986: ITP: libdatetime-timezone-systemv-perl -- Perl handling of System V and POSIX timezone strings
  223. Bug#575984: ITP: libtaint-util-perl -- Test for and flip the taint flag without regex matches or eval
  224. Bug#575983: ITP: libhash-merge-simple-perl -- Recursively merge two or more hashes, simply
  225. Bug#575982: ITP: libindirect-perl -- Lexically warn about using the indirect object syntax.
  226. Bug#575981: ITP: libdatetime-format-epoch-perl -- Convert DateTimes to/from epoch seconds
  227. Bug#575980: ITP: libdatetime-timezone-tzfile-perl -- Perl handling of tzfile (zoneinfo) timezone files
  228. Bug#575979: ITP: libautobox-dump-perl -- human/perl readable strings from the results of an EXPR
  229. Bug#575977: ITP: libautovivification-perl -- Lexically disable autovivification.
  230. Bug#575976: ITP: libmodern-perl-perl -- Enable all of the features of Modern Perl with one command
  231. Bug#575975: ITP: libperl6-caller-perl -- Perl6-like OO caller() interface for perl5
  232. Bug#575974: ITP: libtime-y2038-perl -- Versions of Perl's time functions which work beyond 2038
  233. Bug#575973: ITP: libperl5i-perl -- Fix as much of Perl 5 as possible in one pragma
  234. Confirmation Message from Infinite Love Sorrows
  235. md5sums files... and beyond
  236. Bug#575953: ITP: gmock -- Google's framework for writing and using C++ mock classes
  237. Bug#575950: ITP: libperl-prereqscanner-perl -- module for extracting prerequisites from Perl code
  238. Update to work with new python-meh with report support (#562659)
  239. IBFLORESTAS desenvolve o projeto Carbono Social
  240. Bug#575938: ITP: dh-autoreconf -- debhelper add-on to call autoreconf and clean up after the build
  241. Do not try to commit diskLabels on non partitionable devices (#576145)
  242. (take II - extended) Enable network if it is needed when repo is added in UI (#577803).
  243. Bug#575887: ITP: urg -- library to access Hokuyo URG/UTM laser range scanners
  244. Best practices for development workstations
  245. Best practices for development workstations
  246. Proposal: Automatic selection of hardware specific packages
  247. Bug#575850: ITP: libspring-webflow-2.0-java -- Java MVC framework focused in View and Controller layers
  248. Bug#575817: ITP: django-auth-ldap -- LDAP authentication backend for Django
  249. no updates since three days?
  250. no updates since three days?