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  1. Bug#586132: ITP: indicator-messages -- indicator that collects messages that need a response
  2. Bug#586110: ITP: mumps-metis -- Mumps library with METIS support
  3. Bug#586108: ITP: mooproxy -- A buffering proxy for moo-connections
  4. Allowing QA uploads for DMs
  5. Bug#586069: ITP: libdbusmenu -- library for passing menus over DBus
  6. Bug#586033: ITP: lua-event -- libevent bindings for Lua 5.1
  7. Bug#586022: ITP: pdfsharp-migradoc -- A set of libraries for creating and modifying PDF documents
  8. Bug#586004: ITP: django-filter -- Django application for allowing users to filter queryset dynamically
  9. Bug#560244: ITP mysql-cluster
  10. Bug#585999: ITP: okasha -- trivial WSGI web framework for Python
  11. Bug#585998: ITP: django-pagination -- easy Digg-style pagination without modifying your views
  12. Bug#586000: ITP: django-sorting -- django pagination with sorting
  13. Allowing QA uploads for DMs (was: A lot of pending packages)
  14. Bug#585952: ITP: gnome-paint - simple, easy to use paint program for GNOME
  15. Debian Installer string freeze: translations to complete (deadline July 4th)
  16. Bug#585935: ITP: googlecl -- command-line access to (some) Google services
  17. Bug#585905: ITP: cassandra -- highly scalable distributed datastore (database)
  18. Bug#585903: ITP: libyaml-snake-java -- YAML parser and emitter for Java
  19. Bug#585902: ITP: libhighscale-java -- high performance java collection alternatives
  20. Bug#585899: ITP: libclhm-java -- high performance Map implementation useful for caching
  21. Show zFCP errors in dialog boxes rather than tracebacks (#598087)
  22. 3.0 (quilt) format and patches applied to "component" source
  23. libnss-myhostname instead of mangling /etc/hosts
  24. vim transition to python 2.6
  25. Processed: Bug#585826: general: gnome trash is full
  26. Indicator applets and related packages
  27. Bug#585826: general: gnome trash is full
  28. Bug#585818: ITP: libmath-base36-perl -- Perl module for encoding and decoding of base36 strings
  29. Bug#585789: ITP: libocas -- OCAS solver for training linear SVM classifiers
  30. Bug#585788: ITP: liblinear -- Library for Large Linear Classification
  31. tech-ctte: Default value for net.ipv6.bindv6only sysctl
  32. Bug#585702: ITP: latexml -- LaTeX to XML Converter
  33. Autobuilding non-free packages?
  34. Bug#585670: ITP: phonefsod -- SHR daemon for freesmartphone.org interaction
  35. Bug#585667: ITP: haskell-ghc-events -- Library for parsing GHC event log files
  36. Essentiality of Bash
  37. ITP: bzr-grep -- Bazaar plugin to grep files
  38. Bug#585621: ITP: opencc -- simplified-traditional chinese conversion library
  39. Bug#585617: ITP: mcron -- Guile-based program for running jobs at regular times
  40. Bug#585602: ITP: gexiv2 -- GObject-based wrapper around the Exiv2 library
  41. ITP: libordb-debianmodules-perl -- An ORLite-based ORM Database API
  42. Bug#585580: ITP: nautilus-ideviceinfo -- nautilus extension showing extended Idevice (Iphone/Ipod/Ipad) information
  43. Bug#585587: ITP: libafs-perl -- Perl interface to the AFS distributed filesystem
  44. Bindv6only once again
  45. Bug#585579: ITP: castor-maven-plugin -- Maven plugin to generate Java beans from XML Schema files
  46. Bug#585583: ITP: pymarc -- read, write and modify MARC bibliographic data
  47. Bug#585567: ITP: gobi-loader -- Firmware loader for Qualcomm Gobi USB chipsets.
  48. Bug#585535: ITP: sigviewer -- GUI viewer for biosignals such as EEG, EMG, and ECG
  49. Bug#585533: ITP: biosig4c++ -- library for accessing files in biomedical data formats
  50. Bug#585517: ITP: poppler-sharp -- PDF rendering library -- CLI bindings
  51. Bug#585510: ITP: herculesstudio -- Hercules gui interface
  52. Bug#585498: ITP: libaudio-ecasound-perl -- Perl binding to the ecasound sampler, recorder, fx-processor
  53. Work-needing packages report for Jun 11, 2010
  54. PLS Add My ID - joesseo@gmail.com
  55. Xen for Squeeze, 3.4 or 4.0
  56. ITP: libdata-formvalidator-constraints-datetime-perl -- D::FV constraints for dates and times
  57. Xen for Squeeze, 3.4 or 4.0
  58. maintainer rejected completing the UPG checks (was: test if primary group, with only implicit membership of the user?)
  59. .publicidad para mail alta eficacia bajo precio fio
  60. Bug#585183: marked as done (general: .deb packages open with Archive Manager by default, not Package Installer)
  61. Processed: reassign 585385 to wnpp, retitle 585385 to RFP: gtk+3.0 -- the GTK+ 3.0 user interface library
  62. Bug#585385: general: Package GTK+3
  63. Bug#585383: ITP: xemacs-chise -- character prossessing based on CHISE Chaon model by xemacs
  64. Re-get partedPartition after re-adding failed-to-remove partition.
  65. A lot of pending packages
  66. Bug#585183: general: .deb packages open with Archive Manager by default, not Package Installer
  67. MAKEDEV, postinst and udev
  68. Bug#585135: ITP: zyn -- ZynAddSubFX engines converted to LV2 plugin format
  69. Bug#585125: ITP: build -- script to build .rpm and .deb packages
  70. I invite you to see my metroFLOG
  71. Bug#585071: ITP: libnih -- small utilitiy library for C application development
  72. Bug#585039: O: timidity -- Software sound renderer (MIDI sequencer, MOD player)
  73. Imprimante de cartes ou badges plastiques
  74. new lilo package maintainer? (was lilo removal in squeeze or please test grub2)
  75. Bug#585012: ITP: qtmobility -- APIs for mobile device functionality
  76. #howmany for grub 2
  77. Bug#584978: ITP: postal-code-jp -- Postal code data in Japan
  78. Bug#584977: ITP: tomoe-gtk -- GTK+ GUI library of Tomoe handwriting engine
  79. auto-tools and debian/source/Makefile.am file
  80. auto-tools and debian/source/Makefile.am file
  81. Bug#584936: ITP: haskell-happstack-data -- Haskell Happstack web framework - miscellaneous data routines
  82. Bug#584920: ITP: invesalius -- 3D medical imaging reconstruction toolkit
  83. Bug#584917: ITP: python-opster -- a python command line parsing speedster
  84. new lilo package maintainer? (was lilo removal in squeeze or please test grub2)
  85. Bug#584904: ITP: haskell-happstack-ixset -- Haskell Happstack web framework - indexing engine
  86. Bug#584903: ITP: haskell-happstack-server -- Haskell Happstack web framework - HTTP server
  87. Bug#584902: ITP: haskell-happstack-state -- Haskell Happstack web framework - distributed state layer
  88. Bug#584901: ITP: haskell-happstack-util -- Haskell Happstack web framework - utilities package
  89. Bug#584892: ITP: haskell-syb-with-class-instances-text -- Haskell Text instance for Scrap Your Boilerplate with Class
  90. Bug#584899: ITP: libhtml-formhandler-model-dbic-perl -- Model class for HTML::FormHandler using DBIx::Class
  91. Bug#584888: ITP: boing26 -- Boing! Amiga demo port for the Atari VCS 2600
  92. Bug#584886: ITP: libmkrf-ruby -- This proposed replacement to mkmf generates Rakefiles to build C Extensions.
  93. Re (2): lilo removal in squeeze / new lilo upstream
  94. status of circulars dependencies in unstable
  95. Bug#584769: ITP: clustershell -- An event-based python library to execute commands on local or distant cluster nodes in parallel
  96. Bug#584760: ITP: ibus-table-others -- provide various tables that beyond Chinese for IBus-Table
  97. enquiry about linux debian
  98. Bug#584729: ITP: libpackage-stash-perl -- Perl module providing routines for manipulating stashes
  99. A Look In the Mirror: Attacks on Package Managers
  100. Bug#584727: ITP: scim-googlepinyin -- Google Pinyin IM engine module for SCIM
  101. A Look In the Mirror: Attacks on Package Managers
  102. Possible Mass Bug Filing: String Exceptions Removed in Python 2.6
  103. A Look In the Mirror: Attacks on Package Managers
  104. Bug#584723: ITP: libhdhomerun -- Configuration utility for Silicon Dust HD HomeRun
  105. how to help end-users to increase the life-time of their SSDs
  106. Bug#584689: ITP: justniffer -- TCP packet sniffer
  107. Wink Invite from Jacklin Smith
  108. Bug#584650: ITP: openlayers -- JavaScript library for map applications on the web.
  109. Bug#584637: ITP: cdat -- Climate Data Analysis Tools
  110. Bug#584636: ITP: cmor -- Climate Model Ouput Rewriter
  111. Bug#584718: ITP: nesc -- A Programming Language for Deeply Networked Systems
  112. Bug#584579: ITP: wikkid -- Bazaar-backed wiki implementation
  113. Bug#584555: ITP: pdfminer -- PDF parser and analyzer
  114. Waiting for SCons 2.0: rebuild test
  115. Bug#584553: ITP: shr-specs -- SHR DBus XML specification & documentation
  116. Can not mount samba with this option "credentials"
  117. Bug#584543: ITP: qxmlrpc -- full Qt4 based implementation of XML-RPC protocol.
  118. Bug#584536: ITP: libmoosex-setonce-perl -- write-once, read-many attributes for Moose
  119. Bug#584570: ITP: portabase -- An easy-to-use personal database application
  120. Work-needing packages report for Jun 4, 2010
  121. Bug#584496: ITP: orxonox -- the hottest 3D action shooter ever to exist
  122. Add check for return value of getuuidbydev (#592294)
  123. Bug#584493: ITP: libbusiness-issn-perl -- Perl extension for International Standard Serial Numbers (ISSN)
  124. Bug#584464: ITP: tpl -- efficient C serialization library
  125. Pallet Racking & Carts_Port.
  126. Bug#584436: ITP: drmaa -- Python interface to DRMAA-compliant distributed resource management systems
  127. Bug#584419: RFP: libjs-jquery-cookie -- jQuery cookie plugin
  128. link exch
  129. Bug#584403: RFP: libjs-jquery-treetable -- jQuery treeTable plugin
  130. Bug#584288: ITP: haskell-unix-compat -- Haskell portable POSIX-compatible layer
  131. Bug#584286: ITP: haskell-strict-concurrency -- Haskell strict concurrency abstractions
  132. Bug#584228: ITP: toonloop -- Live stop motion animation tool
  133. Bug#584222: ITP: vmtk -- the Vascular Modeling Toolkit
  134. Bug#584207: ITP: howm -- note-taking tool on Emacs
  135. Bug#584202: ITP: libamazon-sqs-simple-perl -- OO API for accessing the Amazon Simple Queue
  136. Bug#584181: ITP: cutter-testing-framework -- Cutter testing framework suite
  137. Bug#584177: ITP: nama -- Ecasound-based recorder, mixer and mastering system
  138. ITP: scenic -- Telepresence software for live performances and installations
  139. finally: packages to optionally create default collaboration dirs
  140. cryptdisks(-early) initscripts, dependencies and loops
  141. finally: packages to optionally create default collaboration dirs
  142. Bug#584127: RFP: libjs-jquery-tablesorter -- Flexible client-side table sorting
  143. Bug#584110: ITP: nose-cover3 -- Coverage 3.x support for Nose
  144. Bug#584106: ITP: django-nose -- Django test runner that uses nose
  145. Bug#584013: hyperlatex: Security bugs in ghostscript
  146. Make sure we still have an elf interpreter after unmounting fs (#598222)
  147. ITP: monitor-edid -- tool to retrieve monitor EDID information
  148. clamz accepted in main
  149. users not belonging to the "users" group
  150. Bug#583954: fstab doesn't mount external USB-drive, but mount -a does
  151. Processed: Bug#583954: fstab doesn't mount external USB-drive, but mount -a does
  152. How to follow mailing lists the easy way
  153. Automatically installing hardware specific packages
  154. Remove the old suite() crud from kickstart testing, python-nose work differenlty
  155. Mock _isys and block modules in fw test. They are not needed.
  156. Unittesting improvements
  157. Adjust mdraid size estimates (#587442)
  158. Repo layout change in master branch
  159. completeness of the upg tests
  160. add my id for linkexchange
  161. Bug#583863: ITP: python-gudev -- Python bindings for gudev
  162. Rajesh prajapat has invited you to open a Google mail account
  163. Bug#583845: ITP: mdbus -- DBus introspection utility
  164. Bug#583826: RFH: chromium-browser -- Chromium browser
  165. ITP: cutechess -- Qt commandline and graphical user interface for chess engine matches
  166. Bug#583810: ITP: haskell-diagrams -- An EDSL for creating simple diagrams
  167. Bug#583805: ITP: haskell-colour -- A model for human colour/color perception
  168. Anounce of a secure repo for debian
  169. same UIDs across multiple systems
  170. setgid umask override versus global umask change
  171. Unbootable after kernel upgrade: Lilo can't load kernel
  172. Bug#583749: ITP: xkbind -- X Keyboard Extension Indicator
  173. hashing username => UID
  174. Archive area for clamz (Amazon MP3 downloader)
  175. Bug#583705: ITP: opencsg -- image-based CSG (Constructive Solid Geometry) library using OpenGL
  176. completeness of the upg tests (was: test if primary group, with only implicit membership of the user?)
  177. Bug#583621: ITP: dasm -- macro assembler for 8-bit microprocessors
  178. adduser or useradd (package passwd)?
  179. Source packages: standard formats and interfaces as an alternative to centralisation.
  180. Bug#529974: RFP: rtmpdump -- download media streamed with the RTMP/RTMPE protocol
  181. Bug#583524: ITP: marave -- A text editor that helps you focus on writing
  182. Looking for maintainers of Spacewalk packages
  183. Source packages: standard formats and interfaces as an alternative to centralisation.
  184. Work-needing packages report for May 28, 2010
  185. test if primary group, with only implicit membership of the user?
  186. Bug#583506: ITP: python-setproctitle -- A setproctitle implementation for Python
  187. Bug#583501: RFA: xserver-xorg-video-openchrome -- display driver for VIA Unichrome video chipsets
  188. Bug#583500: ITP: libfsoresource -- freesmartphone.org resource library
  189. Bug#583476: ITP: openscad -- script file based graphical CAD environment
  190. Bug#583474: ITP: libmoosex-types-perl-perl -- Moose types that check against Perl syntax
  191. Bug#583468: ITP: libcpan-meta-perl -- Perl module to access distribution metadata for a CPAN distribution
  192. Bug#583395: ITP: libversion-perl -- Perl extension for Version Objects
  193. Bug#583385: ITP: ibus-table-chinese -- provide chinese input method tables for IBus-Table
  194. Bug#583368: please support .orig.tar.bz2 for source format 1.0
  195. correctly using other packages in postrm
  196. Bug#583335: ITP: python-django-photologue -- Powerful image management for the Django web framework
  197. Meaning of the different “format” fields and files.
  198. Recent changes in dpkg
  199. GID/UID algorithm? ( The story behind UPG and umask.)
  200. Recent changes in dpkg
  201. extlinux
  202. Bug#583272: ITP: haskell-gtkglext -- Binding to the GTK+ OpenGL Extension
  203. Let's write a system admin friendly mail server packaging system
  204. Bug#583261: ITP: haskell-gstreamer -- Binding to the GStreamer open source multimedia framework
  205. Bug#583257: ITP: haskell-gnomevfs -- Binding to the GNOME Virtual File System library
  206. Bug#583236: ITP: haskell-glade -- Binding to the glade library
  207. Bug#583228: ITP: haskell-gconf -- Binding to the GNOME configuration database system
  208. Bug#583225: ITP: haskell-gtk -- Binding to the Gtk+ graphical user interface library
  209. Bug#583220: ITP: haskell-pango -- Binding to the Pango text rendering engine
  210. Bug#583217: ITP: libconfig-mvp-reader-ini-perl -- Perl module providing a MVP config reader for .ini files
  211. Let's write a system admin friendly mail server packaging system
  212. Bug#583215: ITP: haskell-cairo -- Binding to the Cairo library
  213. Bug#583209: ITP: haskell-smtpclient -- Simple Haskell SMTP client library
  214. Bug#583207: RFA: fusecompress -- transparent filesystem compression using FUSE
  215. RFH: bashisms in configure script
  216. extlinux (was: lilo removal in squeeze (or, "please test grub2"))
  217. RFH: bashisms in configure script
  218. proper umask default setting / disabling UPGs / release notes / steps to take
  219. Bug#583170: ITP: haskell-hsemail -- Haskell parser for email messages and SMTP conversations
  220. Bug#583169: ITP: haskell-sendfile -- Haskell portable sendfile library
  221. Bug#583168: ITP: haskell-hsp -- Haskell library for writing dynamic server-side web pages
  222. Improving in-place upgrades of Ada packages from Lenny to Squeeze
  223. RFH: bashisms in configure script
  224. Skip the bootloader placement window if we're on UEFI (#582143)
  225. zFCP component for cio_ignore functionality
  226. Bug#583157: ITP: haskell-gio -- Binding to the GIO
  227. The story behind UPG and umask.
  228. Re (3): lilo removal in squeeze (or, "please test grub2")
  229. Browser's and Distro's (was: SWR Iron: Chromium without the data-mining)
  230. Bug#583133: ITP: haskell-glib -- Binding to the GLIB library for Gtk2Hs
  231. Bug#583101: ITP: gtk2hs-buildtools -- Tools to build the Gtk2Hs suite of User Interface libraries
  232. Upstream stopped to ship tar.gz file. What to do?
  233. Bug#581488: general: lower vm.swappiness by default for desktop installations
  234. Bug#583086: ITP: libcatalyst-plugin-unicode-encoding-perl -- Unicode-aware Catalyst plugin
  235. Processed: Bug#582968: running apps that have sound cause system to hang
  236. mini-dinstall possibly leading to lots of 'Failed to fetch http://xyx/abd_1.2-3.deb Size mismatch'
  237. mini-dinstall possibly leading to lots of 'Failed to fetch http://xyx/abd_1.2-3.deb Size mismatch'
  238. Hola, Bienvenido.
  239. when to split a package into architectu all and architectu any halves
  240. Read cciss devices correctly from 'multipath -d' output (#559507)
  241. Do not enable addon repos by default (#561164)
  242. two patches
  243. Software untuk Toko/Swalayan/Restoran/dll -- Gratis -- Terbatas -- Ayo Cepat Download !!
  244. Bug#582959: ITP: gentle -- suite to plan genetic cloning
  245. Change the configuration of depmod and link modules to better place (#593941)
  246. RFA: several packages
  247. when to split a package into architectu all and architectu any halves
  248. Bug#582897: ITP: wiki2beamer -- Tool to create LaTeX beamer presentations in wiki syntax
  249. Bug#582884: ITP: usb-creator -- Live USB creator
  250. Bug#582867: RFP: pocketsphinx -- a small-footprint continuous speech recognition system