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  1. Bug#593640: ITP: libchi-perl -- Unified Cache Handling Interface
  2. Bug#593632: ITP: liblog-any-adapter-dispatch-perl -- an adapter to use Log::Dispatch with Log::Any
  3. Bug#593605: ITP: tralics -- a LaTeX to XML translator
  4. Bug#593588: ITP: bioperl1.2.3 -- Perl tools for computational molecular biology
  5. Bug#593587: ITP: libparallel-useragent-perl -- Extension for LWP to allow parallel HTTP and FTP access
  6. Bug#593568: ITP: libwww-perl5.808-perl -- version 5.808 of libwww-perl
  7. Bug#593554: ITP: fgo -- A simple GUI launcher for FlightGear
  8. Do not check size of swap partition(s) on s390 (#475358)
  9. Make parent directories for ks scriptlet log files (#568861)
  10. Bug#593496: ITP: hatop -- interactive ncurses client for haproxy
  11. mpath: do not deactivate mpath device upon its teardown.
  12. Bug#593450: ITP: libgnuprologjava-java -- GNU Prolog for Java
  13. Atlas proposal
  14. Bug#593411: ITP: pd-wiimote -- A puredata external for accessing the wiimote controller
  15. Atlas proposal
  16. Atlas proposal
  17. Bug#593341: ITP: twittering-mode -- a Twitter client for Emacs
  18. Bug#593339: RFP: freeorion -- FreeOrion is a free, open source, turn-based space empire and galactic conquest computer game
  19. Bug#593333: ITP: python-bitarray -- module for efficient handling of boolean arrays
  20. Bug#593330: ITP: rapid-spring -- content download tool for spring RTS
  21. Happy birthday!
  22. Is Ryan Niebur MIA?
  23. Bug#593260: ITP: bar -- Show information about a data transfer
  24. Bug#593260: ITP: bar -- Show information about a data transfer
  25. Reference.net is for Sale
  26. OMG WTF BBQ balloons
  27. OMG WTF BBQ balloons
  28. libexplain: need access to debian alpha machine
  29. Filter shekan Usa Nl
  30. Bug#593135: ITP: pyacidobasic -- a simulation tool for acido-basic titrations
  31. Bug#593132: ITP: pysatellites -- simulates the launching of satellites
  32. Bug#593130: ITP: pymecavideo -- a pedagogic tool to analyze video records for mechanics
  33. Bug#593126: ITP: chemical-structures -- A set of molecular structures in open formats
  34. Bug#593122: ITP: algotutor -- program for observing the intermediate steps of algorithm
  35. Closing non-bugs (a.k.a. fixed version is same as found version)
  36. gutenprint maintenance
  37. Bug#593009: ITP: open-dis -- Distributed Interactive Simulation Protocol.
  38. Bug#592997: ITP: yecht -- Yecht is a Syck port, a YAML 1.0 processor for Ruby
  39. Bug#592986: ITP: w3c-sgml-lib -- DTDs etc for W3C markup validator
  40. Constantly Usable Testing team forming
  41. Debug output etc, cluttering the terminal
  42. Intent to hijack anarchism
  43. Bug#592968: ITP: jnr-netdb -- java interface for network functions
  44. Bug#592967: ITP: jnr-posix -- basic POSIX-like functions for Java
  45. Bug#592962: ITP: python-pygene -- simple python genetic algorithms/programming library
  46. sunil singh has invited you to open a Google mail account
  47. Bug#592923: ITP: python-aiml -- an Artificial Intelligence Markup Language interpreter for Python
  48. status of /etc/environment?
  49. NetworkManager uses a different config file now (#623937).
  50. Bug#592877: ITP: apt2 -- Advanced Package Tool 2
  51. Bug#592877: ITP: ups -- Universal Package System
  52. RFP: libcgi-session3-perl -- CGI::Session - persistent session data in CGI applications
  53. RFC: Policy 10.1 and appropriateness of package conflicts
  54. Bug#592856: RFP: libcgi-session3-perl -- CGI::Session - persistent session data in CGI applications
  55. Bug#592839: dpkg-source option to remove files on unpack: debian/source/remove-files
  56. Bug#592819: ITP: librivescript-perl -- Simple trigger/response language primarily used for the creation of chatting robots
  57. Work-needing packages report for Aug 13, 2010
  58. Non-recompilable binaries in source and binary packages (Adobe Flash strikes again)
  59. Non-recompilable binaries in source and binary packages (Adobe Flash strikes again)
  60. Non-recompilable binaries in source and binary packages (Adobe Flash strikes again)
  61. My report after the BOF on distributed bugtrackers at DebConf
  62. QEMU HPPA image
  63. Bug#548195: marked as done (Move cmap and cmap depend package to main)
  64. Bug#592689: ITP: turtleart -- a LOGO-like tool for teaching programming
  65. Bug#592668: ITP: autopack -- Message packing for MPI made easy
  66. Usage of /var/lib for databases not properly described in policy
  67. Do not support "part --grow raid.XX" (#577432).
  68. Mount /proc/bus/usb under /mnt/sysimage (#532397)
  69. Raw Idea: one more control field for sponsors
  70. Bug#592572: ITP: Marave -- A text editor that helps you focus on writing.
  71. Notes from the DebConf Source Format BoF
  72. Sprints (Was: (seasoned) bits from the DPL: comm, derivatives, delegations, money)
  73. Usage of /var/lib for databases not properly described in policy
  74. Is Jonas Genannt MIA?
  75. why are there /bin and /usr/bin...
  76. It's realy working,
  77. eXtplorer web file manager packaging work and SWFUpload packaging
  78. Bug#592413: ITP: qxmpp -- cross-platform C++ XMPP library
  79. Bug#592390: ITP: spm8 -- analysis of brain imaging data sequences
  80. Support for creating installer packages
  81. libcairo2 in squeeze & subpixel rendering
  82. Update Lenny to Squeeze
  83. libcairo2 in squeeze & subpixel rendering
  84. Bug#592353: ITP: ejabberd-mod-shared-roster-ldap -- Shared Roster via LDAP for ejabberd
  85. Update Lenny to Squeeze
  86. Bug#592314: ITP: meego-packaging-tools -- MeeGo packaging tools
  87. Bug#592311: ITP: spectacle -- RPM Spec file generator and management tool
  88. Bug#592287: ITP: php-testing-selenium -- PHP Client for the Selenium Remote Control test tool
  89. Bug#592231: ITP: auto-multiple-choice -- multiple choice papers management
  90. .deb package for a library generation
  91. Bug#592197: ITP: libterm-twiddle-perl -- Twiddles a thingy while-u-wait
  92. Bug#592193: ITP: libdevice-usb-perl -- Perl module to access USB devices using libusb
  93. Bug#592190: ITP: libterm-sk-perl -- Perl extension for displaying a progress indicator on a terminal
  94. Bug#592159: ITP: poezio -- XMPP terminal-based client
  95. Bug#592133: ITP: curlpp -- C++ wrapper for libcurl
  96. doc-base is hugely unloved; bug mass-filing needed?
  97. debdiff for v3 source packages with multiple tarballs?
  98. Bug#592093: O: tcsh -- TENEX C Shell, an enhanced version of Berkeley csh
  99. Bug#505111: will suggest removal from testing
  100. Bug#505111: will suggest removal from testing
  101. Bug#592073: ITP: xinput-calibrator -- A generic touchscreen calibration program for X.Org
  102. Bug#592030: ITP: libhash-moreutils-perl -- Perl module with additional hash functions not found in Hash::Util
  103. Any information if Marcela Tiznado (mlt@debian.org) still around? (package 'when')
  104. Any information if Marcela Tiznado (mlt@debian.org) still around? (package 'when')
  105. Bug#591930: ITP: openttd-openmsx -- a free music set for use with the OpenTTD game
  106. Towards common sense to
  107. Bug#591902: RFP: xul-ext-firexpath -- FireXPath is a Firebug extension that adds a development tool to edit, inspect and generate XPath expressions.
  108. Bug#591704: ITP: pd-windowing -- a library of windowing functions in Pd
  109. Bug#591894: ITP: pyxpcom -- XPCOM bindings for Python
  110. Bug#591877: ITP: libdigest-jhash-perl -- Perl extension for 32 bit Jenkins Hashing Algorithm
  111. Bug#591871: ITP: ibus-xkbc -- Keyboard layout emulation engine based on XKeyboard Config data
  112. Work-needing packages report for Aug 6, 2010
  113. Bug#591855: ITP: mpris-remote -- command-line interface for mpris compatbile media players
  114. CDBS & Multiple source directories in a single source
  115. Bug#591848: ITP: pd-bassemu -- a Pd object for transistor bass emulation
  116. Bug#591847: ITP: pd-cxc -- pd externals library powered by zt0ln d4ta
  117. Bug#591846: ITP: pd-earplug -- binaural filter based on KEMAR impulse measurement for Pd
  118. Bug#591844: ITP: pd-ext13 -- a collection of objects for Pd by dieb13
  119. Bug#591843: ITP: pd-freeverb -- studio-quality Schroeder/Moorer reverb as a Pd object
  120. Bug#591841: ITP: pd-hcs -- a random grabbag of Pd objects by Hans-Christoph Steiner
  121. Bug#591840: ITP: pd-jmmmp -- a collection of Pd GUI objects for musical performance
  122. Bug#591835: ITP: libtest-log-dispatch-perl -- A Log::Dispatch object to test what is being logged
  123. Bug#591834: ITP: pd-list-abs -- a library of list operations for Pd
  124. Bug#591827: ITP: pd-mapping -- a Pd library for creatively mapping data
  125. Bug#591826: ITP: pd-markex -- a library Pd of misc objects from Mark Danks
  126. Bug#591825: ITP: pd-maxlib -- a Pd library for analysing musical performance
  127. Bug#591824: ITP: pd-mjlib -- library of Pd objects for composing music
  128. Bug#591831: ITP: stackapplet -- panel applet to track reputation on StackExchange sites
  129. Bug#593801: ITP: stackapplet -- panel applet to track reputation on StackExchange sites
  130. Bug#591817: ITP: rubinius -- Rubinius is an implementation of the Ruby programming language.
  131. courier-authlib shlibs missing
  132. mpath: update parted object in DMDevice.setup()
  133. mpath: teardown format from MultipathDevice.teardown()
  134. Bug#591790: ITP: font-manager -- font management application for the GNOME desktop
  135. Bug#591737: ITP: pd-moonlib -- library of Pd objects related to GUI control
  136. Bug#591736: ITP: pd-motex -- Pd Externals by Iain Mott
  137. Bug#591735: ITP: pd-pan -- a library of stereo panning algorithms for Pd
  138. l7-filter does not mark any package
  139. Bug#591732: ITP: pd-pddp -- a support library for the Pure Data Documentation Project
  140. Are binary packages required to be built from the corresponding source files?
  141. Bug#591727: ITP: jansi-native -- Java library that allows to use ANSI escape sequences - Native impl
  142. Are binary packages required to be built from the corresponding source files?
  143. Are binary packages required to be built from the corresponding source files? (was: RFH: How to compile swf files from source)
  144. Bug#591713: ITP: pd-smlib -- Signal processing library for Mapping, for Pd
  145. Bug#591711: ITP: pd-pdogg -- a collection of ogg/vorbis objects for Pd
  146. Bug#591709: ITP: pd-pmpd -- physical modeling library for Pd
  147. Bug#591708: ITP: pd-purepd -- a library of standard objects re-implemented using Pd-vanilla
  148. Bug#591707: ITP: pd-smlib -- signal processing library for Pd for mapping data
  149. Bug#591704: ITP: pd-windowing -- a library of windowing functions in Pd
  150. RFH: How to compile swf files from source
  151. Bug#591684: ITP: liblog-any-adapter-perl -- tell Log::Any where to log
  152. Top Listing in Google = New Clients Everyday.
  153. segmentation fault (a.o. in /u/s/debconf/frontend)
  154. Bug#591619: ITP: libubuntuone -- Ubuntu One widget library
  155. mass bug filing: packages not installable on any architecture
  156. When the init.d script exits , the service should be operational
  157. When the init.d script exits , the service should be operational
  158. Bug#591494: ITP: bambam -- Keyboard masher game for babies
  159. Bug#591463: ITP: libcache-memcached-managed-perl -- API for managing cached information with memcached
  160. Bug#591460: ITP: libcache-memcached-managed-perl -- Memcached storage backend for Catalyst
  161. More advanced home directory creation in Debian?
  162. When the init.d script exist, the service should be operational
  163. Seeking machines for nightly builds of ITK
  164. which gfortran version is used to compile liblapack.so.3gf.0
  165. Stepping the clock during boot
  166. Stepping the clock during boot
  167. Some stats...
  168. Bug#591360: RFP: eclipse-subversive -- Provide Subversion (SVN) integration for Eclipse.
  169. Bug#591354: RFP: eclipse-shelled -- Shell script editor for Eclipse.
  170. Bug#591352: RFP: eclipse-epic -- Perl IDE for the Eclipse platform
  171. ibft: always configure network devices if there's ibft available (#617860).
  172. Bug#591332: RFP: xul-ext-skipscreen -- Incredible Rapidshare and Megaupload download helper
  173. Bug#591327: RFP: xul-ext-undo-closed-tabs-button -- This extension allows you to undo closed tabs via a toolbar button or the right-click context menu.
  174. Bug#591328: RFP: xul-ext-quickproxy -- Statusbar button to turn the proxy on and off with a single click
  175. Join my professional network of experts on TooStep
  176. Bug#591302: ITP: 7kaa -- real time strategy game
  177. Bug#591295: ITP: python-simplegeneric -- Simple generic functions for Python
  178. CUT BoF at DebConf10
  179. Bug#591231: ITP: libdbix-class-fixtures-perl -- Fixture datasets for DBIx::Class
  180. Bug#591192: ITP: libbluray -- Support library for Blu-ray disc playback
  181. Mein geschtzter kollege
  182. Bug#591057: ITP: speedcheck -- shows actual Internet download bandwidth
  183. Bug#591048: ITP: py-postgresql -- python3 pgsql driver, cluster mngt tools and client tools
  184. Bug#590999: ITP: libfile-userconfig-perl -- Get a user's existing config directory, or copy in defaults
  185. Bug#590997: ITP: kephra -- GUI-Texteditor along Perl alike Paradigms
  186. Bug#590985: ITP: cipux-passwd -- simple XML-RPC client to set your own password
  187. Bug#590960: ITP: libglobalhotkeys-ruby1.8 -- Ruby binding to define global hotkeys.
  188. Bug#590949: ITP: r-cran-evd -- GNU R Functions for extreme value distributions
  189. When and how can we migrate out of CVS and WML ?
  190. When and how can we migrate out of CVS and WML ?
  191. Write out correct nfs url for repo= in /root/anaconda-ks.cfg (#584580)
  192. Joy Tiwari wants you to check out a post
  193. When and how can we migrate out of CVS and WML ? ( How to make Debian more attractive for users)
  194. Bug#590915: ITP: libbytelist-java -- byte container for JRuby
  195. Bug#590913: ITP: jcodings -- Java-based codings helper classes for Joni and JRuby
  196. GUI packaging
  197. Work-needing packages report for Jul 30, 2010
  198. Bug#590876: ITP: cronie -- Fork of the ISC cron job scheduler
  199. When and how can we migrate out of CVS and WML ? ( How to make Debian more attractive for users)
  200. Bug#590858: RFP: bootchart2 -- An improved boot process performance analyser
  201. Bug#590855: ITP: lua-cyrussasl -- Cyru SASL bindings for Lua 5.1
  202. 需要* piao*请咨询:一三四一零一二零一零零 韩生
  203. Bug#590853: ITP: your-freedom -- The your-freedom.net client
  204. Bug#590852: ITP: wordpress-shibboleth -- Shibboleth plugin for Wordpress
  205. When and how can we migrate out of CVS and WML ? ( How to make Debian more attractive for users)
  206. Bug#590837: ITP: php-xml-rpc2 -- XML-RPC client/server library
  207. Bug#590816: ITP: bluefeather -- Extended MarkDown Converter
  208. Problem with gfortran and pkg-config
  209. less is somehow in a sour state
  210. Bug#590803: ITP: libdbix-class-resultset-recursiveupdate-perl -- A recursive version of update_or_create
  211. Bug#590797: ITP: libdbix-class-introspectablem2m-perl -- Introspect many-to-many relationships with DBIx::Class
  212. JOIN & EARN from now
  213. hello dear need seo link builder
  214. Bug#590747: ITP: joblib -- tools to provide lightweight pipelining in Python
  215. Bug#590694: ITP: bluedevil -- Bluetooth support components for KDE
  216. Add My id
  217. in offset chất lượng cao
  218. Bug#590638: ITP: liblouisutdml -- UTDML to Braille translation library
  219. Bug#590629: ITP: mongrel2 -- a small fast web server agnostic to applications and languages
  220. Bug#590588: ITP: libstring-camelcase-perl -- CamelCase and de-camelcase strings
  221. Would appreciate advice on Debian Policy and draft webapp sub policy
  222. Natasha Jones has invited you to open a Google mail account
  223. Bug#590536: ITP: openpyxl -- module to read/write Excel 2007 xlsx/xlsm files
  224. Bug#590527: ITP: mussh -- MUltihost SSH Wrapper
  225. Bug#590495: ITP: phoneui-apps -- SHR applications
  226. Jos convidou voc para o ClickOn
  227. Email addresses on web pages, was: How to make Debian more attractive for users
  228. Bug#590476: ITP: libdbix-class-helpers-perl -- Simplify the common case stuff for DBIx::Class
  229. Bug#590469: ITP: jemris -- high performace computing MRI simulator
  230. Bug#590465: ITP: gcc-4.5-armel -- The GNU Compiler Collection cross compilers (C, C++) for armel architecture.
  231. Bug#590458: ITP: phoneuid -- SHR daemon for user interaction
  232. Bug#590457: ITP: libphone-ui-shr -- SHR library for user interface, EFL backend
  233. Bug#590444: ITP: python-django-extdirect -- Ext.Direct serverside implementation for Django
  234. Bug#590324: ITP: libpackage-deprecationmanager-perl -- Perl module to manage deprecation warnings for your distribution
  235. teaching users how to submit good bug reports
  236. Bug#590306: MTA/smarthost questions don't suggest reportbug works without them
  237. Bug#590293: ITP: libscalar-util-numeric-perl -- numeric tests for Perl datatypes
  238. Bug#590248: ITP: geogebra-kde -- KDE integration layer for GeoGebra
  239. Bug#590235: Please offer prefilled values for known (free) e-mail providers
  240. Bug#590214: support for submitting bug reports via http
  241. Bug#590195: ITP: libnet-plesk-perl -- Perl extension for the Plesk XML Remote API
  242. Bug#590182: ITP: fgrun -- FGRun is a graphical frontend for running FlightGear
  243. Bug#590135: ITP: php-text-diff -- Engine for performing and rendering text diffs
  244. Bug#590123: ITP: sugar-surf-activity -- WebKit-based browsing activity for the Sugar graphical shell
  245. Bug#590079: ITP: w3c-linkchecker -- Script to check web links
  246. Glenny's - Gwyneth & Vogue on What Food Is All About
  247. Bug#590072: ITP: haskell-lexer -- A fully compliant Haskell 98 lexer
  248. Bug#590450: ITP: daemonfs -- real time monitoring software
  249. Bug#590049: ITP: lejos-nxj -- LeJOS NXJ is a replacement firmware and java api for the Lego Mindstorms NXT and RCX robotics platforms.
  250. Bug#590045: ITP: ant-contrib-cpptasks -- C/C++ compilation tasks for Ant.