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  1. Bug#608632: ITP: haskell-cmdargs -- Haskell command line parsing library
  2. Phan mem du toan du thau G8
  3. Bug#608609: ITP: libpackage-pkg-perl -- collection of package manipulation utilities
  4. Packaging LetoDMS (mydms)
  5. devel files and libraries in /lib
  6. devel files and libraries in /lib
  7. Bug#608567: ITP: libanyevent-http-perl -- simple non-blocking HTTP/HTTPS client
  8. Bug#608565: ITP: libmath-symbolic-perl -- module for performing symbolic calculations
  9. Bug#608562: ITP: libcatalyst-engine-psgi-perl -- Catalyst engine for the PSGI protocol
  10. Bug#608560: ITP: libcps-perl -- module to manage flow of control in Continuation Passing Style
  11. =Бухгалтерский журнал= debian-devel@lists.debian.org
  12. Marcelino, Pan y Vino, llega al 2011, ven a disfrutarla
  13. Bug#608496: ITP: libkibi -- library for byte prefixes
  14. Bug#608460: ITP: pev -- Utility to get Product Version of PE32 executables
  15. Bug#608377: ITP: libhtml-quoted-perl -- extract structure of quoted HTML mail message
  16. Bug#608424: ITP: backbone -- some Backbone for JS Apps with Models, Views, Collections, and Events
  17. Bitcoin donation
  18. Bug#608410: ITP: libmodule-starter-smart-perl -- Module::Starter plugin to add new modules into existing distributions
  19. Bug#608409: ITP: diaspora-x2 -- web-based client for XMPP-based decentral social networking
  20. Bug#608395: ITP: varnisnncsa-vhost -- Wrapper around 'varnishncsa' tool to save varnish logs with virtualhost
  21. Bug#608392: ITP: underscore -- functional programming aid for JavaScript working well with jQuery
  22. Bug#608380: ITP: libregexp-common-net-cidr-perl -- provide patterns for CIDR blocks
  23. Bug#608377: ITP: libhtml-quoted-perl -- extract structure of quoted HTML mail message
  24. Bug#608375: ITP: libserver-starter-perl -- a superdaemon for hot-deploying server programs
  25. Bug#608371: ITP: libparallel-prefork-perl -- A simple prefork server framework
  26. Bug#608364: ITP: dmedia -- A simple distributed media library
  27. Vale desconto para Reservas em Hoteis no Brasil e no Exterior e Cruzeiros Martimos
  28. Bug#518696: ITP: parallel -- build and execute command lines from standard input in parallel
  29. Bug#518696: ITP: parallel -- build and execute command lines from standard input in parallel
  30. Bug#518696: ITP: parallel -- build and execute command lines from standard input in parallel
  31. Bug#608317: ITP: python-mahotas -- Efficient Image Processing Library for Python
  32. Bug#608299: ITP: libcgi-emulate-psgi-perl -- PSGI adapter for CGI
  33. Safe File Update (atomic)
  34. Bug#608297: ITP: libstarlet-perl -- a simple, high-performance PSGI/Plack HTTP server
  35. Bug#608294: ITP: libencode-perl -- provides interfaces between Perl's strings and the system
  36. Bug#608284: ITP: xhtmlrenderer -- An XML/XHTML/CSS 2.1 Renderer written in Java
  37. Bug#608280: ITP: libnatpmp -- a portable and fully compliant implementation of NAT-PMP
  38. Bug#608270: ITP: minissdpd -- keep memory of all UPnP devices that announced themselves
  39. Bug#608257: ITP: libdist-zilla-plugin-changelogfromgit-perl -- Build a Changes file from a project's git log
  40. Bug#608238: RFA: checkinstall
  41. Bug#608236: ITP: libpod-2-docbook-perl -- module for converting Pod data to DocBook SGML
  42. Bug#608230: ITP: xmonad-log-applet -- GNOME panel applet that displays xmonad log messages using D-Bus
  43. Neticams piedavajums sms kreditesanas joma!
  44. Bug#608224: ITP: haskell-dbus -- Haskell bindings for D-Bus API
  45. Bug#608203: ITP: fuse-emulator -- The Free Unix Spectrum Emulator
  46. Bug#608202: ITP: fuse-emulator-utils -- ZX Spectrum emulator library - Utilities
  47. Bug#608200: ITP: libspectrum -- ZX Spectrum emulator library
  48. Bug #608185: btrfs-tools: balance tree action should be only triggered by root
  49. Bug#608171: ITP: kmozillahelper -- Iceweasel-KDE integration
  50. Aprende marinera y festejo este verano 2011 (inicios semanales) . publicidad . iixlg
  51. Bug#608150: ITP: routino -- Set of tools to find a path between two points
  52. using perl in preinst script
  53. using perl in preinst script
  54. Bug#608113: ITP: python-dbf -- Python module for reading and writing dbf files
  55. using perl in preinst script
  56. Bug#608105: ITP: libformconv -- math formula converter library
  57. Bug#608098: gnome-co revert mass migration from -desktop-environment to -core
  58. Bug#608104: ITP: dockbarx -- A task bar and launcher dock with grouping and group manipulation
  59. Bug#608086: ITP: libmoosex-multimethods-perl -- Moose extension enabling multiple method dispatch
  60. Bug#608080: ITP: libextutils-libbuilder-perl -- Perl module to compile standard, self-contained C libraries
  61. Bug#608030: ITP: libdbix-class-candy-perl -- module that provides syntactic sugar for result classes for the DBIx::Class ORM
  62. Bug#608024: ITP: libgitalist-perl -- modern Git web viewer
  63. Bug#608008: bugs.debian.org: Release-critical bugs status pages show incorrect results
  64. Bug#608001: ITP: libclone-fast-perl -- module for fast data structure copying
  65. Bug#607973: ITP: parti-all -- screen for remote X apps
  66. Modifying a file from another package (rather than replacing it)
  67. Bug#607964: ITP: ucto -- Unicode Tokenizer
  68. Bug#607957: ITP: jsonbot -- Framework for building bots for IRC, XMPP and the Web
  69. Bug#607935: ITP: mbtserver -- Server extensions for the MBT tagger
  70. Collecting data
  71. Bug#607929: ITP: dimbl -- Distributed Memory Based Learner
  72. Question: How is debian-policy during freeze?
  73. Bug#607910: ITP: libfixposix -- Replacement for inconsistent parts of POSIX
  74. Bug#584663: Bug#584653: CVE-2010-2055
  75. Allow existing /var/log
  76. Bug#584653: CVE-2010-2055
  77. Bug#607889: ITP: frogr -- Flickr Remote Organizer for GNOME
  78. Increase your Sales. Get Your website Top Listed in Google; Yahoo & MSN
  79. Bug#607877: ITP: openid4java -- This library allows you to OpenID-enable your Java webapp
  80. owner for ITP bugreports
  81. Bug#607821: ITP: haskell-strptime -- Haskell binding for strptime with some extra features
  82. securing/monitoring Debian devel environment
  83. Bug#607815: ITP: libapp-rad-perl -- Perl module for rapid and easy creation of command line applications
  84. Bug#607764: ITP: pd-hid -- a Pd object for getting data from USB HID devices
  85. Bug#606791: Full install/removal/upgrade test results available
  86. Bug#607748: ITP: libclass-std-fast-perl -- faster but less secure replacement for Class::Std
  87. Bug#607721: ITP: goldencheetah -- Cycling Performance Software
  88. Bug#607712: RFP: libsoap-wsdl-perl -- SOAP with WSDL support
  89. Bug#607675: ITP: libjgoodies-common-java -- JGoodies Common library
  90. /etc/profile.d/
  91. Bug#607562: ITP: ffmpeg-gui -- ffmpeg frontend
  92. Testing debconf scripts
  93. Bug#607488: ITP: geoip-database-contrib -- MaxMind GeoIP (lite) binary database downloader script
  94. Bug#607477: ITP: sonic -- Simple utility to speed up or slow down speech
  95. Bug#607469: ITP: libnet-vnc-perl -- Perl module implementing a simple VNC client
  96. Bug#607445: ITP: gkrellm-gkrellmpc -- GKrellM plugin for controlling MPD
  97. Bug#607440: ITP: leechcraft -- modular "Internet client" application
  98. Bug#607433: ITP: glitch -- simple Python OpenGL scene graph library
  99. fails to purge not RC
  100. Bug#607424: ITP: haskell-bytestring-show -- Efficient conversion of values into readable byte strings.
  101. Bug#607423: ITP: haskell-cereal -- A binary serialization library
  102. Bug#607422: ITP: haskell-directory-tree -- A simple directory-like tree datatype, with useful IO functions
  103. Bug#607421: ITP: haskell-dlist -- Differences lists
  104. Bug#607420: ITP: haskell-iteratee -- Iteratee-based I/O
  105. Bug#607414: ITP: haskell-monadcatchio-transformers -- Monad-transformer compatible version of the Control.Exception module
  106. Bug#607413: ITP: haskell-bytestring-nums -- Parse numeric literals from ByteStrings.
  107. Bug#607412: ITP: haskell-attoparsec -- Fast combinator parsing for bytestrings
  108. Bug#607409: ITP: glib-networking -- network-related giomodules for GLib
  109. Bug#607393: O: phpunit
  110. Bug#607388: ITP: spock -- testing and specification framework for Java and Groovy applications
  111. A festive offer which can change your life
  112. Bug#607384: ITP: libtie-refhash-weak-perl -- Tie::RefHash subclass with weakened references in the keys
  113. Bug#607358: ITP: hinotify -- Hinotify is a Haskell library for inotify, a part of the Linux kernel
  114. Fresh Vasilopita - Greek New Year's Cake now shipping from Greekshops.com!
  115. Bug#607334: ITP: haskell-bytestring-nums -- Parse numeric literals from ByteStrings.
  116. Introducing the "Debian's Automated Code Analysis" (DACA) project
  117. Bug#607256: closed by Holger Levsen ( Bug#607256: general: various programs generate segfaults, like top, w and exim)
  118. ping ?
  119. 404 Errors on http://ftp-master.debian.org/new.html
  120. Bug#607256: marked as done (general: various programs generate segfaults, like top, w and exim)
  121. Bug#607256: general: various programs generate segfaults, like top, w and exim
  122. RFH - fakeroot-ng and ptrace, not Debian specific
  123. Bug#607213: ITP: pyxid -- interfacing with Cedrus XID and StimTracker devices
  124. Bug#607210: ITP: libje-perl -- pure-Perl ECMAScript (JavaScript) engine
  125. NEW SITES
  126. Bug#607161: ITP: haskell-listlike -- Generic support for list-like structures
  127. Bug#607160: ITP: openni -- Library and application for 3D vision sensor
  128. Anybody else having problems w/ DNSSEC and ftp.debian.org?
  129. Anybody else having problems w/ DNSSEC and ftp.debian.org?
  130. Anybody else having problems w/ DNSSEC and ftp.debian.org?
  132. Bug#607043: ITP: jwhoisserver -- Java Whois Server - a small whois server written in java
  133. Bug#607030: ITP: elastix -- toolbox for rigid and nonrigid registration of images
  134. Release Update: deep freeze, remaining bugs, schedule, themes and Wheezy
  135. Bug#607004: ITP: javacsv -- Simple Java library to read and write CSV
  136. d-i meeting - 2010.12.15, 20h30 GMT
  137. add my id for link ex
  138. Bug#606927: ITP: vanityhash -- Utility to search for partial hash matches
  139. Bug#606901: ITP: fullcalendar -- jQuery plugin providing a full-sized, drag & drop calendar
  140. Bug#606892: ITP: ooohg -- installer for a set of 1600 free of charge maps for openoffice.org
  141. Bug#606884: ITP: gsdview -- Geo-Spatial Data Viewer
  142. Bug#606882: ITP: snaphu -- Statistical-Cost, Netowrk-Flow Algorithm for Phase Unwrapping
  143. Bug#606881: ITP: mapready -- The MapReady Remote Sensing Tool Kit
  144. Bug#606877: ITP: epr-api -- ENVISAT Product Reader API for C
  145. Bug#606876: ITP: polsarpro -- Polarimetric SAR Data Processing and Educational Tool
  146. cross-distro work on App Store/Software Center - looking for volunteers
  147. exim-using packages - are you relying on -C or -D options?
  148. Bug#606862: ITP: libdist-zilla-plugin-perl -- Dist::Zilla plugin to update a git repository after release
  149. Bug#606855: ITP: libversion-next-perl -- Increment module version numbers simply and correctly
  150. Bug#606847: ITP: libmodule-optional-perl -- Breaking module dependency chains
  151. Bug#606831: ITP: libfreenect -- open source driver for kinect camera
  152. Bug#606818: ITP: libhtml-mason-psgihandler-perl -- PSGI handler for HTML::Mason
  153. Bug#606816: ITP: libcgi-psgi-perl -- Adapt CGI.pm to the PSGI protocol
  154. Bug#606813: ITP: libjavascript-minifier-perl -- Perl extension for minifying JavaScript code
  155. Bug#606812: ITP: libregexp-ipv6-perl -- Regular expression for IPv6 addresses
  156. Bug#606775: ITP: libgit-wrapper-perl -- Wrap git command-line interface
  157. Cara efektif promosi ke Facebook
  158. Planet subscriptions
  159. Bug#606750: ITP: liblognorm -- Log normalizing library
  160. Bug#606754: ITP: libee -- Event expression library inspired by CEE
  161. Bug#606752: ITP: libestr -- Helper functions for handling strings
  162. Dijital Baskıda İnanılmaz Fiyatlar
  163. Bug#606543: clamav-freshclam: affected by privilege escalation vulnerability in logrotate
  164. privilege escalation and potential data loss in logrotate
  165. Bug#606543: clamav-freshclam: affected by privilege escalation vulnerability in logrotate
  166. Bug#606557: ITP: psychtoolbox-3 -- Matlab and GNU/Octave functions for vision research
  167. Bug#606511: ITP: libcgi-application-plugin-tt-perl -- Add template toolkit support to CGI::Application
  168. Bug#606508: ITP: libcgi-application-plugin-authorization-perl -- authoriation framework for CGI::Application
  169. Bug#606493: gnome-screensaver: Fails to authenticate users with NIS on amd64
  170. Processed: Bug#606493: gnome-screensaver: Fails to authenticate users with NIS on amd64
  171. Bug#606449: ITP: cnagios -- terminal interface for viewing nagios host and service objects
  172. Bug#606446: ITP: tabix -- generic indexer for TAB-delimited genome position files
  173. Bug#606373: ITP: cxxtest -- a xUnit-like framework for C/C++
  174. Bug#606358: ITP: free42 -- HP42S Calculator Emulator
  175. compatibility analysis for Java libraries
  176. compatibility analysis for Java libraries
  177. FOSDEM 2011, second CfT
  178. apt-diff: a tool to diff filesystem content against APT
  179. apt-diff: a tool to diff filesystem content against APT
  180. Bug#606189: ITP: owfs -- 1-Wire File System
  181. New user and group name for inadyn package
  182. Bug#606134: ITP: sheepdog -- Distributed storage system for KVM/Qemu
  183. Bug#606117: ITP: php5-pecl-http -- Extended HTTP support for php5
  184. Reportbug not translated (Was: Bug#605892: please state that mails will be publically archived)
  185. Reportbug not translated (Was: Bug#605892: please state that mails will be publically archived)
  186. Reportbug not translated (Was: Bug#605892: please state that mails will be publically archived)
  187. Bug#606104: ITP: python-sqlparse -- A non-validating SQL parser for Python.
  188. Removing dbconfig support ?
  189. What to do with “Fix FTBFS with ld --as-needed” bugs ?
  190. screenshots.d.n
  191. Bug#606023: RFP: identicurse -- A simple Identi.ca client with a curses-based UI.
  192. Bug#606002: ITP: accountsservice -- query and manipulate user account information
  193. Bug#605985: ITP: gitso -- a frontend to reverse VNC connections
  194. Bug#605966: ITP: spice-vdagent -- Spice agent for Linux
  195. Bug#605928: ITP: timblserver -- Server extensions for TiMBL
  196. Bug#605919: ITP: mbt -- memory-based tagger-generator and tagger for natural language processing
  197. Bug#605905: ITP: frog -- tagger and parser for Dutch language
  198. Bug#605904: ITP: logtop -- Realtime log line rate analyzer
  199. Bug#605902: ITP: gluegen2 -- Tool to automatically generate the Java and JNI code.
  200. Bug#605892: please state that mails will be publically archived
  201. Bug#605881: ITP: coala -- translates action languages into answer set programs
  202. Bug#605879: ITP: gringo -- An lparse-compatible grounder for (disjunctive) logic programs
  203. Bug#605877: ITP: clasp -- A conflict-driven nogood learning answer set solver
  204. List of FTBFS in Ubuntu
  205. Bug#605798: ITP: lldpad -- A Link Layer Discovery Protocol implementation
  206. List of FTBFS in Ubuntu -- sbuild resolver issue???
  207. RE*: List of FTBFS in Ubuntu
  208. Bug#605768: ITP: colorediffs-extension -- an Icedove extension that colors diffs from SVN/CVS notificators
  209. List of FTBFS in Ubuntu
  210. Add Me in G talk for Link building this is Your new friend
  211. Bug#605743: ITP: addressbooks-sync-extension -- address book synchronization for Icedove/Iceape
  212. Bug#605741: ITP: caml2html -- HTML and LaTeX colored syntax from OCaml source files
  213. Bug#605739: ITP: eeglab -- toolbox for processing and visualization of electrophysiological data
  214. xsnow
  215. Notification escape sequences
  216. Notification escape sequences
  217. Bug#605693: ITP: python-kajiki -- Really fast well-formed xml templates
  218. Bug#605688: ITP: iok -- Indic Onscreen Keyboard
  219. Bug#605683: ITP: ocaml-sqlexpr -- type-safe access to SQL DB in OCaml
  220. Bug#605682: ITP: ocaml-deriving -- deriving functions from type declarations in OCaml
  221. Bug#605681: ITP: yojson -- JSON library for OCaml
  222. Bug#605680: ITP: easy-format -- text generation with indentation made easy(ier) for OCaml
  223. Bug#605677: ITP: cppo -- Cpp for OCaml
  224. Bug#605675: ITP: camltemplate -- configurable library for generating text from templates in OCaml
  225. Bug#605674: ITP: camlmix -- preprocessor which converts text with embedded OCaml
  226. Bug#605672: ITP: biniou -- Flexible binary data format in OCaml
  227. Bug#605671: ITP: atdgen -- Code generator for biniou and JSON serialization
  228. Bug#605670: ITP: atd -- Syntax for cross-language data types in OCaml
  229. Bug#605669: ITP: tophide -- Hides toplevel values whose name starts with an underscore.
  230. Bug#605635: ITP: mikmatch -- camlp4 extension for pattern matching with regexps
  231. Bug#605634: ITP: ocaml-inifiles -- read and write .ini files for OCaml
  232. CIFS mount (error -11)
  233. Bug#605629: ITP: synapse -- semantic file launcher
  234. Bug#605652: ITP: ocaml-inifiles -- read and write .ini for OCaml
  235. Bug#605577: ITP: usher -- A dispatcher for multiple monotone servers or databases
  236. Bug#605575: ITP: xstrp4 -- camlp4 extension that expands brace expansions in OCaml string
  237. Bug#605530: ITP: libcgi-application-plugin-authentication-perl -- CGI::Application authentication module
  238. Bug#605522: ITP: libcgi-application-plugin-anytemplate-perl -- use any template system from within CGI::Application
  239. Bug#605502: ITP: libspark-java -- Java package to draw sparklines
  240. Bug#605492: ITP: fieldtrip -- toolbox for MEG and EEG analysis
  241. Bug#605487: ITP: aac-tactics -- Coq tactics for reasoning modulo AC
  242. What Do You Ask Your Paid Search Vendor?
  243. openresolv vs. resolvconf
  244. Bug#605456: ITP: gotoblas2 -- GotoBLAS2 is on of the fastest implementations of the Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines.
  245. Bug#605451: ITP: python-transitfeed -- Google Transit Feed Specification library and tools
  246. next d-i meeting - 2010.12.01, 20h00 GMT
  247. Bug#605414: ITP: pcsim -- simulator of heterogeneous networks of neurons and synapses
  248. Processed: Bug#605408: volatile.debian.org: one of its IP addresses fails.
  249. Bug#605408: volatile.debian.org: one of its IP addresses fails.
  250. Bug#605380: ITP: aha -- ANSI HTML Adapter