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  1. Bug#631415: ITP: ninka -- source file license identification tool
  2. Bug#631341: ITP: minimodem -- software audio Bell-type or RTTY FSK modem
  3. Bug#631339: ITP: libapp-termcast-perl -- termcasting module
  4. Bug#631336: ITP: libterm-ttyrec-plus-perl -- module for reading a ttyrec
  5. Bug#631335: ITP: libio-pty-easy-perl -- module providing an easy interface to IO::Pty
  6. Bug#631313: ITP: libfusioninventory-agent-task-esx-perl -- ESX, ESXi, vCenter server inventory for FusionInventory and OCS
  7. cannot log into git.debian.org
  8. Looking for expert Forum and Blog posting services
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  10. Ham Garibe hai yaa nahin!!!
  11. Bug#631224: Whether should grub2 write MBR automatic
  12. Whether should grub2 write MBR automatic
  13. relationships with GNU as an upstream - call for feedback
  14. Bug#631211: ITP: jenkins-task-reactor -- Task execution and control framework used in Jenkins
  15. Bug#631210: ITP: jenkins-executable-war -- Library for building executable .war files
  16. Bug#631209: ITP: jenkins-crypto-util -- Jenkins Utility around Java Crypto API
  17. Bug#631207: ITP: jenkins-test-annotations -- Annotation library for tracking testing in Jenkins
  18. Bug#631206: ITP: funcdesigner -- Python module for rapid prototyping of functions with AD
  19. Bug#631203: ITP: derapproximator -- Python module for computing derivatives via finite-difference
  20. Bug#631202: ITP: spacefuncs -- Python module for N-dimensional space calculations
  21. Kāpēc tev iet pie sirds, ka maigas rociņas to aijā ...?
  22. REMINDER: Participation Requested: Survey about Open-Source Software Development
  23. Bug#631139: ITP: mosh -- fast R6RS Scheme interpreter
  24. Bug#631138: ITP: optgeo -- simulator for geometrical optics
  25. plese add my id
  26. Bug#631080: general: No sound in Squezee, control volume dont found devices
  27. Bug#631020: ITP: populations -- population genetic software
  28. Bug#631002: ITP: swift-im -- The Swift IM client
  29. Bug#630862: marked as done (libconfuse-common: Upgrade fails due to file overwrite error)
  30. Bug#630977: ITP: raccoon -- preparation for ligand screening projects
  31. Fading away an old ABI transition
  32. Bug#630981: ITP: libnet-smtp-tls-butmaintained-perl -- An SMTP client supporting TLS and AUTH
  33. Bug#630977: ITP: raccoon -- preparation for ligand screening projects
  34. Bug#630969: ITP: python-littlechef -- cooking with Chef - the easy way.
  35. Bug#630964: ITP: python-littlechef -- cooking with Chef - the easy way.
  36. RS232 Data to TCP/IP data packet
  37. Bug#630942: ITP: osceleton -- translate skeleton data from a Kinect camera to OSC messages
  38. Bug#630920: RFH: rng-tools -- Daemon to use a Hardware TRNG
  39. kernel module i915 - 3d-acceleration missing after update
  40. Bug#630874: ITP: libcgi-application-plugin-configauto-perl -- Plugin that adds Config::Auto support to CGI::Application
  41. Bug#630870: ITP: libcgi-application-plugin-autorunmode-perl -- CGI::App plugin to automatically register runmodes
  42. kernel module i915 - 3d-acceleration missing after update
  43. first put the packages in place, then afterwards the index files
  44. packaging-dev 0.1 in unstable
  45. Proyecto y creacin de Anarchy-GNU/Linux continuacin
  46. Bug#630810: ITP: epson-inkjet-printer-escpr -- Epson Inkjet Printer Driver (ESC/P-R)
  47. Bug#630809: ITP: wayland-demos -- sample compositor and demo clients for Wayland
  48. Help sought for mdadm
  49. Bug#630795: ITP: jellydoc -- Library for helping generate Jelly taglib documentation
  50. Evrika - Invitatie curs contabilitate
  51. Bug#630789: ITP: transmission-remote-gtk -- GTK remote control for the Transmission BitTorrent client
  52. be more defensive -- check values for nonsenses
  53. check values for nonsenses when creating wireless connection
  54. svn.debian.org ???
  55. Bug#630761: RFP: libczmq -- High-level C binding for ZeroMQ
  56. svn.debian.org ???
  57. Cross-platform detection of multiarch
  58. Bug#630753: ITP: snap -- gene finding with HMMs in Eukaryotes and Prokaryotes
  59. Seminario-Taller Internacional: 5 pasos para Transformar una Oficina de Personal en un rea Estratgica de RRHH por Martha Alles Capital Humano
  60. Download software gratis full version
  61. Bug#630678: ITP: libdebug-showstuff-perl -- A collection of handy debugging routines for displaying
  62. Bug#630677: ITP: rhash -- utility for computing hash sums and magnet links
  63. Bug#630659: ITP: ruby-pkg-config -- pkg-config implementation for Ruby
  64. Bug#630656: ITP: libdata-taxi-perl -- Taint-aware, XML-ish data serialization
  65. Bug#630653: ITP: libbencode-perl -- BitTorrent serialisation format
  66. oshackers.org: visualizing the operating system developers
  67. Legitimate Proposal ..........Urgent
  68. Bug#403619: languagetool -- rule-based language checker
  69. Sobre o site de sua empresa e divulgao no Google
  70. Bug#630492: ITP: omegat-plugins -- Two plugins for OmegaT Computer-Aided Translation tool
  71. Tuvojas pludmales sezona. Esi seksīgs! tu to vari!
  72. Bug#630422: ITP: pwsafe -- pwsafe is a *nix command-line program that manages encrypted password databases
  73. Push tag for haskell-safe
  74. Features Missing in Debian's Package Management System
  75. Bug#630391: ITP: jalv -- tool to run LV2 plugins as stand-alone applications
  76. Project and creation of Anarchy-Gnu/Linux
  77. Participation Requested: Survey about Open-Source Software Development
  78. Merging three direcories in postinst
  79. pbuilder problem?
  80. lynx-cur in experimetal
  81. Voc quer ir a Paris? O Cia das Mulheres leva voc Grtis!
  82. Bug#630235: marked as done (general: DVD is constantly working without disk inside)
  83. Unofficial Debian Monthly Testing Snapshot Release (version 2011.06)
  84. Bug#626020: more about Zookeeper
  85. Bug#630235: It stopped
  86. Bug#630235: general: DVD is constantly working without disk inside
  87. Bug#630233: ITP: python-sphinxcontrib.nwdiag -- Sphinx "nwdiag" extension
  88. Bug#630229: ITP: python-nwdiag -- generate network-diagram image file from spec-text file
  89. more about Zookeeper
  90. Bug#630168: ITP: m4api -- utility/library for Mini-Box M4-ATX DC-DC power supplies
  91. non-standard-dir-perm lintian warning for 2755
  92. non-standard-dir-perm lintian warning for 2755
  93. UDD access from Alioth(s children) (Was: Alioth status update, take 3)
  94. Bug#630134: ITP: python-sphinxcontrib.actdiag -- Sphinx "actdiag" extension
  95. Bug#630116: ITP: dicompyler -- radiation therapy research platform
  96. Bug#630112: ITP: jakarta-taglibs-standard -- Implementation of JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL)
  97. Bug#630105: ITP: kindleclip -- User interface for managing Amazon Kindle's "My Clippings" file
  98. demande
  99. Short question how to avoid creating one of two binary packages from source
  100. Urgent for Neil Williams
  101. Bug#630008: ITP: camlistore -- way to store, sync, share, model and back up content
  102. Bug#629996: ITP: libnet-dropbox-api-perl -- Perl module providing a dropbox API interface
  103. initramfs: (an)aesthetic (?) bug on crypto lvm mount on boot
  104. Bug#629981: ITP: libcourriel-perl -- high level email parsing and manipulation module
  105. Short question how to avoid creating one of two binary packages from source
  106. Bug#629979: ITP: soap4r-ruby1.9.1 -- soap4r for ruby1.9
  107. Bug#629916: ITP: c2esp -- Driver for Kodak ESP 5xxx AiO color inkjet printers
  108. Bug#629909: ITP: access-modifier-checker -- Maven plugin for custom access modifier checking
  109. Bug#629906: ITP: m2300w -- Driver for the Minolta magicolor 2300W/24000W color laser printers
  110. Multiarch with cmake seems to cause FTBFS (Was: Bug#629815: No rule to make target `/usr/lib/libdl.so')
  111. Bug#629860: ITP: libhtml-html5-outline-perl -- implementation of the HTML5 Outline algorithm
  112. wiki.debian.org/GitSrc
  113. Bug#629858: ITP: libhtml-embedded-turtle-perl -- embedding RDF in HTML the crazy way
  114. Bug#629857: ITP: ensemble -- a next generation service orchestration framework
  115. Bug#629856: ITP: txzookeeper -- Twisted library for Apache Zookeeper
  116. Bug#629832: ITP: snoopy -- An execve() wrapper and logger
  117. Bug#629697: ITP: annotation-indexer -- Indexing and validation of Java annotations
  118. ifupdown 0.7~alpha4 in experimental
  119. Bug#629653: ITP: libhtml-data-parser-perl -- parser for data embedded in HTML
  120. Bug#629641: ITP: filo -- FILe and stream Operations
  121. Bug#629642: ITP: libtest-spec-perl -- Perl module to write tests in a declarative specification style
  122. Bug#629641: ITP: filo -- FILe and stream Operations
  123. Bug#629622: ITP: jenkins-htmlunit-core-js -- Jenkins branch of the HtmlUnit Core JS Interpreter
  124. Bug#629614: ITP: rhash -- utility for computing hash sums and magnet links
  125. Bug#629597: ITP: bedtools -- suite of utilities for comparing genomic features
  126. Bug#629587: ITP: cqrlog -- Advanced logging program for hamradio operators
  127. Bug#629584: ITP: dino -- Integrated MIDI piano roll editor and sequencer engine
  128. Bug#629577: ITP: jtreg -- Regression Test Harness for the OpenJDK platform
  129. Bug#629541: ITP: pkg-php-tools -- various packaging tools and scripts for PHP PEAR packages
  130. Bugs against packages from BPO
  131. free classified site
  132. ITP: racktables - Datacenter asset management system
  133. Bug#629529: ITP: jcaptcha -- Java framework for CAPTCHA definition and integration
  134. Processed: Bug#629504: general: Error during compiling kernel module at generating file vnode_if.h.
  135. Bug#629522: ITP: machina -- polyphonic MIDI sequencer based on finite-state automata
  136. multipath: allow mapper/mpath specfifications in kickstart.
  137. 100+ Unique Comments on high PR Forums in just $20
  138. Bug#629508: ITP: robust-http-client -- Robust HTTP client library for Java
  139. Bug#629504: My Workaround
  140. Bug#629504: general: Error during compiling kernel module at generating file vnode_if.h.
  141. Bug#629276: NFS needs same dispensation to use DES as AFS
  142. Bug#629491: ITP: libcatalyst-controller-actionrole-perl -- Apply roles to action instances
  143. Bug#629276: NFS needs same dispensation to use DES as AFS
  144. openvg.h not found
  145. Bug#629435: ITP: hamexam -- Study guide for USA FCC amateur radio (ham radio) license examinations.
  146. Bug#629404: ITP: qi -- lightweight bootloader for OpenMoko Freerunner
  147. Bug#629384: ITP: libeio -- Event-based fully asynchronous I/O library
  148. Bug#629395: ITP: grilo-plugins -- Grilo framework plugins
  149. Bug#629396: ITP: grilo -- Grilo framework
  150. Bug#629381: ITP: libpam4j -- Java binding for libpam.so
  151. Bug#629370: ITP: python-requests -- an elegant and simple HTTP library for Python, built for human beings
  152. Oferta sprzedaży (bez VAT) hali 1.683 m2 w Gryficach 499.000 zł - okazja !!! na działce 1,4 ha
  153. How do I join the development team?
  154. Bug#629344: ITP: plastimatch -- medical image reconstruction and registration
  155. Bug#629323: ITP: python-actdiag -- generate activity-diagram image file from spec-text file
  156. Bug#629313: ITP: python-sphinx-seqdiag -- Sphinx "seqdiag" extention
  157. intermediate result of packaging-dev meta package discussion
  158. Bug#629304: ITP: indicator-datetime -- A very, very simple clock
  159. Bug#629278: ITP: python-sphinx-aafig -- Embedded ASCII art figures in Sphinx documentations
  160. Link-time optimization in debian packages
  161. Lintian backport on ftp-master
  162. Bug#629278: ITP: python-sphinx-aafig -- Embedded ASCII art figures in Sphinx documentations
  163. Bug#629279: ITP: libhtml-html5-microdata-parser-perl -- fairly experimental parser for HTML 'microdata'
  164. Rolling release prototype
  165. Bug#628042: perl: file creation in suid Perl script no longer works
  166. dh_splitpackage 0.2.2
  167. Bug#629249: ITP: indicator-me -- indicator showing user information and status
  168. dh_splitpackage 0.2.2
  169. Bug#629218: ITP: kamerka -- Take photos using your webcam and shiny animated QML interface
  170. Bug#629205: RFP: yelp -- When I use the help function for some Gnome program I get an error
  171. Ok to use upstream doumentation as-is (i.e. not regenerate)?
  172. Portability improvements with libbsd 0.3.0
  173. distinguish between "core" and "main"?
  174. Bug#629083: ITP: sezpoz -- Lightweight library for modular service lookups
  175. Has dak gone fishing ?
  176. Bug#629073: ITP: akuma -- Embeddable daemonization library for Java
  177. Has dak gone fishing ?
  178. Bug#629029: general: Screen scrambled up after hibernation wake up
  179. Texas Invitation Mailing List Unsubscription Confirmation
  180. Bug#629001: ITP: libxml-atom-microformats-perl -- parse microformats in Atom content
  181. British Chambers of Commerce Email: Strike action in current economic climate misguided
  182. Bug#628953: O: mercurial-buildpackage -- Utillities for maintaining a deb package in Hg repository
  183. Bug#628948: O: haxe -- Compiler for the Web-oriented haXe programming language
  184. Bug#628943: O: trayer -- lightweight GTK-based systray
  185. Bug#628942: O: sml-mode -- Emacs mode for Standard-ML programming
  186. Bug#628941: O: siggen -- Signal generation tools
  187. Bug#628939: O: neko -- Virtual machine (byte code), interpreter and compiler
  188. Bug#628938: O: lua-mode -- Emacs mode for Lua programming
  189. Bug#628937: O: libpam-ssh -- Use SSH keys to login and enable eg. single sign-on
  190. Bug#628936: O: libfile-ncopy-perl -- Perl library for extended file copy functionality
  191. Bug#628935: O: libcrypto++ -- C++ class library of cryptographic schemes
  192. Bug#628924: O: changetrack -- automatic log book, recording what files were changed
  193. Bug#628923: O: budy -- Binary Decision Diagram library
  194. Bug#628920: O: asunder -- GTK Audio CD ripper and encoder
  195. Uploading to multiple distros
  196. Bug#628915: ITP: doconce -- document once, include anywhere
  197. Bug#628882: ITP: r-bioc-edger -- Empirical analysis of digital gene expression data in R
  198. Bug#628857: ITP: jtharness-java -- General purpose, fully-featured, flexible, and configurable test harness.
  199. Bug#628856: ITP: bjsonrpc -- asynchronous bidirectional JSON-RPC protocol over TCP/IP
  200. Bug#628807: ITP: maven-antrun-extended-plugin -- Extended integration between Maven and Ant
  201. Behaviour of dpkg-source with "3.0 (quilt)" and VCS and automatic patches
  202. Bug#628803: ITP: localizer -- type-safe access to Java message resources
  203. Bug#628797: ITP: triplane -- a side-scrolling dogfighting game
  204. A personal invitation
  205. Bug#628789: ITP: txw2 -- Typed XML Writer for Java
  206. pam_listfile
  207. pack filter
  208. VCS UI and development workflow (was: Behaviour of dpkg-source with "3.0 (quilt)" and VCS and automatic patches)
  209. HTML Tidy - New Maintainer Required
  210. Bug#628746: ITP: opense-basic -- Free software ROM for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum
  211. Bug#628725: ITP: tiger-types -- Type arithmetic library for Java5
  212. Bug#628721: ITP: metainf-services -- Java META-INF/services generator
  213. Schenk vader een abonnement en ontvang zelf een leuk cadeau!
  214. Does anyone care about LSB on arm?
  215. Bug#628717: ITP: libjemmy2-java -- Java library for automated Java GUI testing
  216. Color Management in Debian
  217. Processed: reassign 628670 to linux-2.6
  218. Bug#628700: ITP: ruby-net-ldap -- LDAP client library for Ruby
  219. Bug#628670: general: Long waking up times on Intel HD gpu and rtl8192ce wireless drivers
  220. patch splitter
  221. Bug#628649: ITP: sphinxcontrib-spelling -- spelling checker for Sphinx
  222. Source format 3.0 (git) ?
  223. UDD access from Alioth(s children)
  224. Ikiwiki in Haskell (Was: Semantic change for dpkg triggers?)
  225. UDD access from Alioth(s children) (Was: Alioth status update, take 3)
  226. Report from the Alioth Sprint
  227. Bug#628548: ITP: r-bioc-limma -- linear models for microarray data
  228. Bug#628528: ITP: aspell-sr -- Aspell dictionary for Serbian language
  229. Lintian auto-rejects
  230. Synching packaging-dev with Developers' Reference ( packaging-dev meta package)
  231. ICU 4.8 in experimental
  232. Bug#628482: ITP: libunicode-linebreak-perl -- UAX #14 Unicode Line Breaking Algorithm
  233. DEP-5 format definition hell
  234. Behaviour of dpkg-source with "3.0 (quilt)" and VCS and automatic patches
  235. consolekit makes trouble
  236. Unable to ssh to alioth
  237. Unable to ssh to alioth (Was: Alioth status update, take 3)
  238. Bug#628445: ITP: primesense-kinect-sensor -- Microsoft Kinect sensor modules for the OpenNI framework
  239. Bug#628434: ITP: python-whiteboard -- Make your own electronic whiteboard
  240. Bug#628421: ITP: xyscan -- data thief for scientist
  241. Curso Virtual: Habildades estratégicas para la alta gerencia
  242. Bug#628401: ITP: openni -- framework for sensor-based 'Natural Interaction'
  243. Bug#628400: ITP: autopostgresqlbackup -- Automated tool to make periodic backups of PostgreSQL databases
  244. Bug#628402: ITP: primesense-nite-nonfree -- OpenNI module providing gesture and skeleton tracking
  245. Bug#628285: RFP: xul-ext-pencil -- GUI prototyping and diagram tool
  246. Multiarch bootstrapping
  247. Bug#628195: ITP: libthrust -- C++ template library for CUDA
  248. Bug#628183: ITP: freesurfer -- analysis and visualization of functional brain imaging data
  249. ITP: libsqlcipher -- Open source database encryption for SQLite
  250. Bug#628156: ITP: haskell-strict -- Strict variants of standard Haskell datatypes