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  1. O bom velhinho e a Dell se juntaram para lhe trazer estes superpresentes de Natal. Nao perca!
  2. Bug#650290: ITP: lastfmfp -- Last.fm audio fingerprinting library
  3. Bug#650288: ITP: python-cloudfiles -- Python language bindings for Cloud Files API
  4. Bug#650285: ITP: python-openstack-compute -- bindings for the OpenStack API
  5. Bug#650278: ITP: python-wordpress-library -- python module to connect to wordpress blogs using xml rpc
  6. Bug#650266: ITP: jenkins-htmlunit -- Jenkins branch of HtmlUnit browser testing for web apps
  7. Bug#650261: ITP: thredds -- Data server (middleware) for scientific data
  8. SEO needed for my website
  9. Bug#650250: ITP: txlibravatar -- Libravatar module for Twisted
  10. Bug#650248: ITP: pylibravatar -- Libravatar module for Python
  11. Lintian ERROR saying dpatch is obsolete
  12. Bug#650200: ITP: autorenamer -- program to rename files to make them sort in given order
  13. Lintian ERROR saying dpatch is obsolete
  14. Bug#650198: ITP: fcgi-daemon -- Perl-aware FastCGI daemon
  15. Bug#650196: ITP: timebrowse -- NILFS Snapshot Manager/Windows VSS like Nautilus extension
  16. Bug#650172: ITP: collections15 -- Apache Commons Collections with generics support
  17. Your 2012 business & financial forecast
  18. Bug#650154: ITP: python-rgain -- Replay Gain volume normalization Python tools
  19. Bug#650072: ITP: vmmlib -- templatized C++ vector and matrix math library
  20. Processed: Bug#650032: Completely forgot:
  21. Bug#650018: ITP: python-keystoneclient -- client library for the OpenStack Keystone API
  22. Bug#650016: ITP: openstackx -- OpenStack client library
  23. Bug#649995: ITP: libai-fann-perl -- Perl wrapper for the FANN library
  24. Bug#649994: ITP: django-openstack -- Django interface for OpenStack
  25. Bug#649983: ITP: libitl-gobject -- GObject bindings for libitl
  26. armhf and s390x
  27. Work-needing packages report for Nov 25, 2011
  28. users& groups
  29. daily build 24/11/11
  30. Bug#649903: ITP: php-xml-beautifier -- Beautify XML code and make it easier to read
  31. Bug#649897: ITP: horizon -- OpenStack Dashboard
  32. Bug#649812: mention where to find all chromium command line switches
  33. Bug#649780: ITP: libosinfo -- Library for managing information about operating systems and hypervisors
  34. Bug#650032: Fixed
  35. Bug#649743: ITP: hyde -- static website generator with the power of Django templates
  36. Bug#649738: ITP: python-typogrify -- filters for the Django template to transform text into typographically-improved HTML
  37. Bug#649736: ITP: python-smartypants -- a smart-quotes plugin for pyblosxom
  38. Alert - The Branding Revolution
  39. How to manage/document C dependencies?
  40. Bug#649690: ITP: metaconfig -- python ConfigParser bootstraping library
  41. Bug#649682: ITP: numm -- numerical arts library for Python
  42. Bug#649599: ITP: tpm-tools -- Management tools for the TPM hardware
  43. Bug#649589: ITP: cmigemo -- Japanse incremental search tool written in C
  44. Piklab
  45. Piklab
  46. Bug#649538: ITP: r-cran-int64 -- R package providing 64-bit integers
  47. Is anyone using the Units program in a script?
  48. 486 still being sold NEW / was Increasing minimum 'i386' processor
  49. 486 still being sold NEW / was Increasing minimum 'i386' processor
  50. radeon problems
  51. Bug#649483: ITP: libstoragemgmt -- library for storage management
  52. Bug#649477: ITP: unidecode -- ASCII transliterations of Unicode text (Python module)
  53. Bug#649455: ITP: semanticscuttle -- Self-hosted and web-based social bookmark manager
  54. Appreciation
  55. what if a package needs to be "recalled"
  56. Notice with dbconfig-common
  57. Is anyone using the Units program in a script?
  58. Bug#649418: ITP: cdm -- login manager for the console
  59. Bug#649385: policykit-1: pkexec can not open display for GUI programs
  60. Bug#649396: ITP: python-griddataformats -- GridDataFormats provides the Python package 'gridData'. It contains a class ('Grid') to handle data on a regular grid.
  61. Bug#649392: ITP: repsnapper -- STL - > GCode Converter and print software for RepRap machines
  62. Bug#649390: ITP: python-mdanalysis -- MDAnalysis is a Python library to analyze and manipulate molecular dynamics trajectories.
  63. Bug#649385: policykit-1: pkexec can not open display for GUI programs
  64. Bug#649345: ITP: ngraph-gtk -- create scientific 2-dimensional graphs
  65. Bug#649342: ITP: freecode-submit -- remote submission of release updates to Freecode.com
  66. Bug#649338: ITP: pxe-kexec -- Retrieves PXE configuration file and kexec entries
  67. ITP: esys-particle -- HPC Discrete Element Modelling Software
  68. Bug#649309: ITP: redsocks -- Daemon that transparently tunnels TCP connections through a SOCKS/HTTPS proxy
  69. bits from the DPL for October 2011 and others
  70. Bug#649274: Forming a new upstream for timidity (and reporting various issues with current deb pkg)
  71. Function of bootdisk/{i386,x86_64}/grub.conf
  72. Bug#649270: ITP: r-cran-rms -- Regression Modeling Strategies
  73. Bug#649260: ITP: wxgeometrie -- Swiss army knife for the math teacher
  74. Bug#649257: ITP: php-numbers-words -- Numbers_Words package provides methods for spelling numerals in words.
  75. Bug#649256: ITP: php-numbers-roman -- Provides methods for converting to and from Roman Numerals.
  76. Bug#649254: ITP: php-image-color -- Manage and handles color data and conversions.
  77. Bug#649250: ITP: php-image-canvas -- providing a common interface to image drawing.
  78. Bug#649246: ITP: libjas-java -- Java object-oriented type-safe Algebra System
  79. Bug#629255: Perl transition blockers: candidates for testing removal
  80. Perl transition blockers: candidates for testing removal
  81. Work-needing packages report for Nov 18, 2011
  82. Can anyone offer hd partition advice? Circular dependancy!!!
  83. Bug#649123: ITP: eclipse-mercurialeclipse -- Mercurial version control integration for Eclipse
  84. Towards multi-arch: "Multi-Arch: same" file conflicts
  85. Simplifying bootstrap on circular-dependent packages #2
  86. One-Way Links With Pr1, 2, 3 and 4
  87. Distribution and support for Debian-502-i386-netinst
  88. Bug#649076: ITP: libcuba3 -- library for multidimensional numerical integration
  89. Bug#649074: ITP: drslib -- python library for processing climate data with the Data Reference Syntax
  90. Distribution and support for Debian-502-i386-netinst
  91. Apresentando o notebook Dell XPS 14z. Design que inspira. Poder que impressiona.
  92. weekly-builds 14.11.2011: apt-cdrom add fails
  93. ITP: python-fabio -- I/O library for images produced by 2D X-ray detector
  94. Bug#649008: ITP: python-fabio -- I/O library for images produced by 2D X-ray detector
  95. Bug#648978: ITP: libclass-load-xs-perl -- XS implementation of parts of Class::Load
  96. info please (on transitions and dependency levels)
  97. Bug#648964: ITP: meinheld -- high-performance WSGI-compliant web server
  98. Bug#648889: /usr/include/features.h(323): catastrophic error: could not open source file "bits/predefs.h"
  99. Bug#648909: ITP: phlipple -- reduce 3D shapes to a single square
  100. perl transition underway; breakage with libjson-pp-perl
  101. Processed: /usr/include/features.h(323): catastrophic error: could not open source file "bits/predefs.h"
  102. libconfig9 for Wheezy?
  103. Using Qt debug libraries without configure and qmake
  104. info please
  105. Bug#648783: ITP: urllib3 -- HTTP library with thread-safe connection pooling, file post, and more.
  106. FUNIBER - Conferencia "La aplicación de las leyes ambientales"
  107. Bug#648776: ITP: libnumber-bytes-human-perl -- module to convert byte count to human readable format
  108. Two groups of users, one distro in the middle
  109. Bug#648771: ITP: libtest-data-perl -- module providing utility functions to check properties and values of data and variables
  110. Bug#648770: ITP: libinline-files-perl -- module to handle multiple virtual files at the end of your code
  111. Bug#648769: ITP: pylibtiff -- wrapper to the libtiff library to Python using ctypes
  112. Bug#648767: ITP: tifffile -- Reads image & metadata from TIFF, STK, LSM, OME-TIFF and FluoView files
  113. 10% de desconto no site para todas as formas de pagamento somente neste e-mail. Aproveite!
  114. Bug#642198: Bug#648286: ITP: r8168 -- Realtek r8168 device driver for Linux (DKMS version)
  115. Bug#648711: ITP: mydumper -- High-performance MySQL backup tool
  116. How to connect to SQL Server using ODBC and still have kde on my machine
  117. How to connect to SQL Server using ODBC and still have kde on my machine
  118. Bug#648700: ITP: fonts-mmcedar -- combinded font Motoya L Cedar and M+ fonts
  119. Bug#648691: ITP: blktap-dkms -- Xen blktap kernel component DKMS package
  120. important changes in ifupdown 0.7~beta2
  121. Bug#648674: ITP: owncloud -- ownCloud - web services under control
  122. Bug#648668: ITP: libjreen1 -- powerful Jabber/XMPP library implemented in Qt/C++
  123. What Debian use to load automatically kernel module ? discover tool ?
  124. technical help
  125. Package mailing lists
  126. Package mailing lists
  127. Bug#648651: ITP: rfc-tools -- small tools to work with IETF's RFC documents
  128. Upcoming perl 5.14 transition
  129. Bug#648576: ITP: ruby-notify -- desktop notification on cross platforms
  130. Bug#648573: ITP: mha4mysql-node -- Master High Availability Manager and Tools for MySQL, Node Package
  131. Bug#648571: ITP: mha4mysql-manager -- Master High Availability Manager and tools for MySQL
  132. Bug#648536: marked as done (general: NTFS formatted external hard disk crashes Linux/Debian Wheezy)
  133. /tmp as tmpfs and consequence for imaging software
  134. Want to become a DM and co-maintainer
  135. Bug#648536: general: NTFS formatted external hard disk crashes Linux/Debian Wheezy
  136. Bug#648489: ITP: nuitka -- Nuitka is a fully compatible Python compiler, capable of accelerating the execution.
  137. Provides Best Quality Support and Services Of Web Hosting
  138. Desconto de 700 reais somente no Feriadao Imperdivel Dell. Primeiro para voce.
  139. Bug#648475: ITP: libnet-openid-common-perl -- libraries shared between Net::OpenID::Consumer and Net::OpenID::Server
  140. Bug#648452: ITP: python-thrift -- software framework for cross-language services development (Python bindings)
  141. Bug#648453: ITP: libthrift-java -- software framework for cross-language services development (java bindings)
  142. Bug#648451: ITP: thrift-compiler -- software framework for cross-language services development (compiler)
  143. Bug#648444: ITP: triplea -- turn based strategy war game
  144. Bug#648435: ITP: evolution-ews -- Exchange Web Services integration for evolution
  145. Work-needing packages report for Nov 11, 2011
  146. Bug#648306: The mingw* mess in Debian
  147. Can't get rid of diff-contains-substvars warning
  148. Sara Tommasi senza veli contro le banche ti invita a Roma, teatro Quirino, sabato 26.11.11, ore 10.30
  149. Bug#648290: ITP: ruby-unf-ext -- Unicode Normalization Form support library for CRuby
  150. Bug#648288: ITP: kosmosfs -- Kosmos Distributed Filesystem
  151. Bug#648286: ITP: r8168 -- Realtek r8168 device driver for Linux (DKMS version)
  152. ITP: aircrack-ng -- wireless WEP/WPA cracking utilities
  153. Bug#648259: ITP: twpsk -- Soundcard-based X program for operating PSK31
  154. Bug#648258: ITP: twclock -- World clock for ham radio operators
  155. Bug#648236: ITP: xfce4-netspeed-plugin -- traffic monitor plugin for the Xfce4 panel
  156. dh_strip failing on cross-compilation
  157. dh_strip failing on cross-compilation
  158. The mingw* mess in Debian
  159. Concierto Duo de Guitarras "Color a Nuevo" - 1320833283
  160. Package mailing lists (was: bits from the DPL for September 2011)
  161. Trivia: very old files on incoming.debian.org
  162. Dynamic linking against binutils libraries (again) (attn: doko)
  163. Resolve namce conflise with node and nodejs
  164. Bug#648040: ITP: jailkit -- chroot jail utilities
  165. Long term Project for Forum Posting
  166. Bug#648017: ITP: local-file -- small clojure library
  167. Bug#648006: ITP: png23d -- Converts PNG images into three dimensional representations.
  168. Bug#647995: ITP: cellprofiler -- quantitatively measure phenotypes from images automatically
  169. Orphaning mlview
  170. Bug#647886: ITP: openmcdf -- Structured Storage Explorer
  171. Bug#647913: O: boa-constructor -- RAD tool for Python and wxWindows application
  172. Bug#647877: ITP: superkb -- Keyboard-based launcher with unobtrusive on-screen graphical hints.
  173. Is anyone maintaining (the ham radio tool) node?
  174. Bug#647758: ITP: jfugue -- Java API for music programming
  175. Bug#647755: ITP: radare2-bindings -- bindings for radare2
  176. Release goal proposal: Archive-wide build-arch and build-indep support
  177. Bug#647742: ITP: libradsec - RADIUS over TLS/DTLS/UDP/TCP library
  178. Bug#647740: ITP: libvertfo - library abstracting event loop interfaces
  179. Bug#647716: O: xmltoman -- simple XML to man converter
  180. Orphaning lprfax
  181. libpopt
  182. Simplifying bootstrap on circular-dependent packages
  183. Bug#647640: ITP: bibledit-web -- Online Bible translation tool
  184. Bug#647639: ITP: libblocxx -- BloCXX--C++ Framework for Application Development
  185. Bug#647633: ITP: lein-clojars -- Leiningen plugin for interacting with Clojars.org
  186. How to find a sponsor?
  187. Bug#647611: ITP: keystone -- OpenStack cloud identity service
  188. set minimal mainWindow size to 800x600 (resolves #750764)
  189. Sharing data between maintainer scripts and debian/rules
  190. Bug#647579: ITP: python-libmemcached -- python wrapper for libmemcached
  191. can somebody update wwwoffle
  192. Bug#647573: ITP: python-flaskext.uploads -- Upload handling utility for flask applications
  193. Work-needing packages report for Nov 4, 2011
  194. Description-less packages file
  195. Bug#647559: ITP: tweetstream -- Module for simple access to twitter's streaming API
  196. Bug#647558: ITP: instead-game-lines -- clone of "Color Lines" game
  197. Bug#647554: ITP: python-flaskext.oauth -- Extention that makes easy to connect flask apps to oauth providers
  198. Bug#647547: ITP: python-tomahawk -- A simple ssh wrapper for executing commands into many hosts
  199. popcon.debian.org improvement
  200. Bug#647505: ITP: tcp-over-dns -- TCP tunnel through the standard DNS protocol
  201. Bug#647461: ITP: knot -- authoritative domain name server
  202. Bug#647450: ITP: qasconfig-l10n -- Localization package for QasConfig
  203. Bug#647448: ITP: qasmixer-l10n -- Localization package for QasMixer
  204. directory under /usr/bin -- Ok or not?
  205. Bug#647417: ITP: libdbix-class-tree-nestedset-perl -- Manage trees of data using the nested set model
  206. Bug#647416: ITP: libbio-chado-schema-perl -- object-relational mapping layer for use with the GMOD Chado database schema
  207. Friendly reminder to NMUers
  208. Bug#647390: ITP: pybik -- 3D Rubik's cube game
  209. Bug#647356: ITP: couriergrey -- Mail filter interface of Courier-MTA to support greylisting
  210. Advocating the use of RDF for Debian's published metadata
  211. Bug#647285: ITP: musique -- Simple but sophisticated graphical music player
  212. Bug#647269: RFA: ipplan -- web-based IP address manager and tracker
  213. Bug#645656: network-manager in Gnome
  214. Debian mailing list related to gnuradio?
  215. Bug#647263: ITP: gpaste -- GPaste is a clipboard management suite for GNOME
  216. /var/lib/transmission-daemon directory ownership
  217. Bug#647255: RFA: curl -- A library and a commandline client for HTTP and a number of protocols
  218. Bug#647197: ITP: python-snappy -- Python library for the snappy compression library from Google.
  219. Gray out "Configure Network" button in live installations (#749929)
  220. seeking comaintainer for debmirror
  221. Bug#647171: ITP: python-passlib -- comprehensive password hashing framework supporting over 20 schemes
  222. Bug#647162: ITP: python-mimeparse -- basic functions for parsing mime-type names
  223. Bug#647155: ITP: fonts-ipamj-mincho -- Japanese OpenType font, IPAmj Mincho font
  224. Possible mass bug filling for package depending on
  225. Bug#647101: ITP: yubiserver -- Simple and lightweight Yubikey OTP and HOTP/OAUTH Validation Server
  226. Bug#647103: ITP: yubiserver -- Simple and lightweight Yubikey OTP and HOTP/OAUTH Validation Server
  227. Bug#647098: ITP: nemid -- Install certificate for the Danish "NemID"
  228. Bug#647096: ITP: dnssec-trigger -- reconfiguration tool for local unbound server
  229. Debian unstable/expirental missing some bnx2 firmwares
  230. Bug#647063: ITP: nss-ubdns -- NSS module for DNSSEC validated hostname lookups
  231. Bug#647061: ITP: cheops-chess -- C Chess Engine
  232. Bug#647060: ITP: openscad-mcad -- library for the OpenSCAD 3D modeling software
  233. Bug#647050: ITP: cinfony -- python abstraction layer to cheminformatics pacakges
  234. Bug#647048: RFP: notion -- Tiling, tabbed window manager for the X window system
  235. segfault error 4 in libpthread-2.13.so X86_64
  236. Possible mass bug filling for package depending on "menu".
  237. Bug#647034: ITP: bibledit-bibletime -- Glue between bibledit and bibletime
  238. Bug#647033: ITP: cmd2 -- enhanced Python cmd module
  239. Bug#647017: ITP: bibledit-xiphos -- Glue between bibledit and xiphos
  240. Bug#646971: ITP: epoptes -- Computer lab management tool
  241. Bug#646959: ITP: prerex -- course prerequisite chart editor for LaTeX/TikZ
  242. Bug#646956: ITP: rtfilter -- Multichannel realtime filtering library
  243. Bug#646954: ITP: xdffileio -- Library to read/write EEG data file formats
  244. Bug#646948: ITP: drawtk -- fast 2D drawing to design easily visual feedback of BCI
  245. Bug#646947: ITP: libio-file-withpath-perl -- IO::File extension that keeps the pathname
  246. Bug#646928: ITP: gobiblecreator -- Bible software for mobile phones for Java ME (MIDP 2.0)
  247. Bug#646920: ITP: mhvtl -- A Linux Virtual Tape Library
  248. Bug#646895: ITP: gnome-contacts -- Contacts manager for GNOME
  249. Bug#646894: ITP: maitreya -- Vedic and western astrology
  250. Bug#646877: ITP: lolcat -- colorful `cat`