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  1. Conffiles (was: from / to /usr/: a summary)
  2. iw: priority should be "optional"
  3. new in dd
  4. Migrating (finally?) from Tcl/Tk 8.4 to something newer.
  5. exFAT fuse driver and the patent situation
  6. Work-needing packages report for Dec 30, 2011
  7. Bug#653617: ITP: scummvm-tools -- A collection of various tools for ScummVM
  8. Uploader field containing the same as Maintainer
  9. Uploader field containing the same as Maintainer
  10. Bug#653595: ITP: qimo-launcher -- An X11 desktop panel that contains launchers for items in a given XDG Menu
  11. Bug#653594: ITP: pyformex -- pyFormex is a program for generating 3D geometrical models from Python scripts.
  12. Bug#653580: ITP: yasat -- YASAT (Yet Another Stupid Audit Tool) is a simple stupid audit tool.
  13. Bug#653571: ITP: libauthority-shared-perl -- a multi-AUTHORITY method for your classes
  14. Bug#653561: ITP: libfolia - implementation of the FoLiA document format
  15. any web services needed?
  16. Bug#653543: ITP: haskell-snap-server -- iteratee-based, epoll-enabled web server for the Snap Framework
  17. Bug#653540: ITP: haskell-snap-core -- Snap: A Haskell Web Framework (Core)
  18. Bug#653537: ITP: haskell-bytestring-mmap -- mmap support for strict ByteStrings
  19. Bug#653533: ITP: haskell-base16-bytestring -- Fast base16 (hex) encoding and decoding for ByteStrings
  20. Bug#653529: ITP: haskell-monadcatchio-transformers -- Monad-transformer compatible version of the Control.Exception module
  21. Bug#653456: ITP: haskell-murmur-hash -- MurmurHash2 implementation for Haskell.
  22. Bug#653453: ITP: haskell-psqueue -- Priority Search Queue
  23. Bug#653442: ITP: libglib-object-introspection-perl -- Perl module to dynamically create Perl language bindings
  24. Represent My Company.
  25. Bug#653415: ITP: libtext-ngram-perl -- Efficient XS-Based n-gram spectrum analysis module
  26. Bug#653410: ITP: liblingua-identify-perl -- Language identification module for perl
  27. Bug#653364: ITP: vcsh -- manage config files in $HOME via fake bare git repositories
  28. Boost defaults change (1.46.1 --> 1.48)
  29. Bug#653254: ITP: mesmer -- Chemical reactions dynamics solver
  30. Bug#653218: ITP: bitstream -- headers to access to binary structured such as specified by MPEG, DVB, IETF and more
  31. Bug#653208: ITP: node-ain2 -- syslog logging for Node
  32. light disco与您共享了照片
  33. /etc/mtab -> /proc/mounts symlink affects df(1) output for /
  34. Bug#653190: ITP: eclipse-gef -- Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework
  35. Bug#653175: ITP: ruby-sequel-pg -- Fast native row fetching for Sequel postgres adapter
  36. Debian Edu/Skolelinux 6.0.3 beta1 test release
  37. most bugs are no bugs ! new/old failure in glibc !
  38. Adding ISO-search support to the CD (netinst) images?
  39. Bug#653133: ITP: libmath-random-mt-perl-perl -- Pure-Perl Mersenne-Twister module to generate random numbers
  40. Bug#653114: ITP: node-cli -- tool for rapidly building command-line Node apps
  41. Bug#653099: ITP: liburi-encode-perl -- Perl module to encode and decode strings to URIs
  42. Bug#653099: ITP: liburi-encode-perl -- Perl module to encode and decode strings to URIs
  43. Bug#653082: ITP: python-django-social-auth -- Django social authentication made simple
  44. Bug#653064: ITP: underscore.logger -- cross-browser and Node.js empowered logging
  45. Problems with gmane and debian lists?
  46. Bug#653057: ITP: node-jsconfig -- Node async configuration loader with command line support
  47. Bug#653055: ITP: libiscsi -- iscsi client library and utilities
  48. Bug#653046: ITP: python-poppler-qt4 -- Python binding to Poppler Qt4 C++ library
  49. Work-needing packages report for Dec 23, 2011
  50. Bug#653025: ITP: libplack-middleware-status-perl -- Perl module for Plack middleware mapping URLs to status codes
  51. packaging system and a shared /usr
  52. Bug#653015: ITP: cmdtest -- blackbox testing of Unix command line programs
  53. Bug#653014: ITP: libsearch-queryparser-perl -- Perl module to parse URI query strings into a data structure
  54. Bug#653010: ITP: drupal6-mod-inactive-user -- inactive_user modules for Drupal 6
  55. Bug#653004: ITP: fonts-pecita -- Sponsor for the font "Pecita"
  56. max orellana quiere chatear contigo.
  57. Esposto integrale di Marra a Procura Roma contro Monti per Bilderberg
  58. Bug#652954: ITP: logisim -- graphical tool for designing and simulating logic circuits
  59. Bug#652945: Atrocious interactions between CDBS, libtool and source format 3.0 (quilt)
  60. Bug#652920: ITP: libalgorithm-combinatorics-perl -- module for the efficient generation of combinatorial sequences
  61. Bug#652919: ITP: libdbix-connector-perl -- fast and safe DBI connection and transaction management
  62. Bug#652913: ITP: libdevel-stacktrace-withlexicals-perl -- Perl module for stack traces with access to lexical variables
  63. Bug#652904: ITP: solarpowerlog -- logging photovoltaic data
  64. Erlang transition to R15B
  65. Bug#652891: ITP: nerdtree -- Nerdtree is a vim plugin which gives a tree view of all the directories
  66. Bug#652848: RFH: line6-usb -- Line 6 POD driver source
  67. installer fails when drive is already partitioned - system with multipath
  68. many packages fail to build twice in a row again
  69. many packages fail to build twice in a row again
  70. many packages fail to build twice in a row again
  71. Bug#652827: ITP: hunspell-an -- Aragonese dictionary for hunspell
  72. RTP
  73. Bug#652819: ITP: lico-update -- Machine update script for The New Linux Counter Project
  74. Bug#652731: ITP: extsmail -- enables the robust sending of e-mail to external commands.
  75. Bug#652698: ITP: libgmlib-dev -- libgmlib development headers
  76. Bug#652697: ITP: libgmtk-dev -- libgmtk0 development headers
  77. Bug#652696: ITP: libgmlib0-dbg -- Debugging symbols for libgmlib0
  78. Bug#652695: ITP: libgmlib0 -- libgmlib0 - gnome-mplayer toolkit
  79. Bug#652694: ITP: libgmtk0-dbg -- Debugging symbols for libgmtk0
  80. Bug#652685: ITP: libgmtk0 -- a set of gtk widgets to use with gnome-mplayer.
  81. Bug#652680: ITP: gmtk -- a set of gtk widgets to use with gnome-mplayer, and gecko-mediaplayer
  82. Bug#652670: RFA: time -- The GNU time program for measuring cpu resource usage
  83. Bug#652658: ITP: clinica -- Simple medical records manager
  84. Shhh.. e segredo! Antecipamos estas ofertas somente para voce.
  85. uscan, watch files, and gihub tags
  86. Desconto de 20% no Combo TRF + TJ (Turmão do Tribunais)
  87. Bug#652557: ITP: libmoosex-types-datetime-morecoercions-perl -- extensions to MooseX::Types::DateTime
  88. Guided partitioning should not offer separate /usr, /var, and /tmp partitions; leave that to manual partitioning
  89. d-i doesn't even gives a clue on what WM is going to be installed (was: Guided partitioning should not offer separate /usr, /var, and /tmp partitions; leave that to manual partitioning)
  90. ITP: v3c-qt -- v3c/automake wrapper for Qt4 (was ITP: v3c-qt -- v3c/automake wrapper for QT)
  91. Bug#652528: ITP: python-vsgui -- simple Graphical toolkit of Python script
  92. Bug#652464: ITP: aguilas -- A web-based LDAP user management system
  93. RFP: BOINC screensaver for Unix/X11
  94. Users of Debian! Who lives in the North Caucasus? (Russia)
  95. Bug#652492: ITP: python-multipartposthandler -- handler for urllib2 to enable multipart form uploading
  96. /etc/mtab and /lib/init/rw migration; libpam-mount breakage
  97. Bug#652481: ITP: libhtml-html5-entities-perl -- module to encode and decode character entities defined in HTML5
  98. Bug#652462: ITP: libwx-scintilla-perl -- Scintilla source code editing component for wxWidgets
  99. Bug#652435: Acknowledgement (ITP: v3c-qt-examples -- v3c/automake wrapper for Qt4 - examples)
  100. Bug#652433: Acknowledgement (ITP: v3c-qt -- v3c/automake wrapper for QT)
  101. Bug#652432: Acknowledgement (ITP: v3c-dcom -- Baby steps to DCOM)
  102. Bug#652429: Acknowledgement (ITP: meta-treedb -- on-disk memory library using meta-data)
  103. Bug#652425: Acknowledgement (ITP: treedb -- on-disk memory library)
  104. Bug#652423: Acknowledgement (ITP: v3c -- C/C++/sh/make/automake/Debian utility toolkit)
  105. Bug#652435: ITP: v3c-qt-examples -- v3c/automake wrapper for Qt4 - examples
  106. Bug#652433: ITP: v3c-qt -- v3c/automake wrapper for QT
  107. Bug#652432: ITP: v3c-dcom -- Baby steps to DCOM
  108. Bug#652429: ITP: meta-treedb -- on-disk memory library using meta-data
  109. Bug#652425: ITP: treedb -- on-disk memory library
  110. Bug#652423: ITP: v3c -- C/C++/sh/make/automake/Debian utility toolkit
  111. Bug#652368: ITP: ruby-gelf -- Ruby GELF library - Graylog2 Extended Log Format library
  112. Bug#652354: ITP: kosd -- KDE On-Screen Display framework
  113. Bug#652318: ITP: ruby-indentation -- Ruby extensions for Array and String classes
  114. Work-needing packages report for Dec 16, 2011
  115. Bug#652292: ITP: libobject-role-perl -- base class for non-Moose roles
  116. Bug#652291: ITP: googlefontdirectory-tools -- various tools for generating, analysing and manipulating font files
  117. Bug#652286: ITP: libobject-authority-perl -- Perl module to add an AUTHORITY method to your class
  118. Bug#652284: ITP: libkmod -- a library to handle kernel modules
  119. Bug#652275: Guided partitioning should not offer separate /usr, /var, and /tmp partitions; leave that to manual partitioning
  120. Bug#652011: general: Repeated pattern of FHS violation: Dependencies of /sbin and /bin, belong in /lib
  121. Bug#652203: ITP: libchi-driver-memcached-perl -- Distributed cache via memcached (memory cache daemon)
  122. Bug#652011: Repeated pattern of FHS violation: Dependencies of /sbin and /bin, belong in /lib
  123. Bug#652103: ITP: nanoflann -- C++ header-only fork of the FLANN library for KD-trees
  124. Bug#652077: ITP: libtest-interface-java -- Uniform test interface to Scala test frameworks
  125. Bug#652076: ITP: scalacheck -- Scala unit test framework inspired by Haskel's Quickcheck
  126. Bug#652074: ITP: cd-hit -- suite of programs designed to quickly group sequences
  127. Bug#652075: ITP: ruby-build -- tool to compile and install different versions of Ruby
  128. libnl3 soname change
  129. debian/copyright, DEP5 and SPDX
  130. RFC/RFR: dh-exec -- Scripts to help with executable debhelper files
  131. Bug#652031: ITP: clustalo -- Clustal Omega is the latest addition to the Clustal family
  132. Bug#652023: ITP: unagi -- Modular compositing manager
  133. Managing left-over configuration files
  134. Bug#652011: general: Repeated pattern of FHS violation: Dependencies of /sbin and /bin, belong in /lib
  135. Hardening release goal blocker
  136. Bug#651998: ITP: v3c-2.4.0-01 -- v3c utility toolkit
  137. Managing left-over control files
  138. Add btrfs command.
  139. Add full support for btrfs via kickstart's btrfs command.
  140. Show btrfs vols/subvols but don't allow editing them.
  141. Add support for btrfs to the devicetree.
  142. Remove an old hack with action registration.
  143. Add new field to PartSpec to indicate btrfs reqs.
  144. Handle device name generation and checking in a more generic way.
  145. Add btrfs base class along with classes for volume, subvolume.
  146. btrfs volumes/subvolumes are created by devicelibs.btrfs.
  147. Scan for btrfs while looking a new devices.
  148. Add backend module for operating on btrfs volumes.
  149. Revert "Put bios boot partitions on all gpt disk on bios systems. (#738964)"
  150. Put NoSuchGroup and DispatchError back, but not in errors.py. (#760786)
  151. BTRFS support
  152. Switching /etc/mtab to /proc/mounts and removing /lib/init/rw
  153. debian/copyright, DEP5 and SPDX
  154. Bug#651943: ITP: qastools -- collection of desktop tools for ALSA
  155. Binary blobs in source packages
  156. Bug#651935: ITP: audioread -- Backend-agnostic audio decoding Python package
  157. Bug#651928: ITP: python-commando -- simple wrapper for argparse that allows commands and arguments to be defined declaratively
  158. options: was Red Hat is moving from / to /usr/
  159. RFA/O: jed and related packages
  160. Bug#651858: ITP: etm -- event and task manager using simple text files
  161. authbind (LD_PRELOAD) and multiarch
  162. Bug#651789: ITP: pentobi -- A clone of Blokus, a strategy board game based on the concept of polyominoes.
  163. Bug#651766: ITP: instead-game-toilet3in1 -- quest/puzzle game
  164. Help with package
  165. Bug#651697: ITP: python-fftw -- FFTW bindings for python
  166. Bug#651683: ITP: pythontoolkit -- interactive environment for Python
  167. Reviving timidity sourceforge project and doing a new official release
  168. Heads-up: Boost defaults changing from 1.46 to 1.48
  169. Bug#651660: ITP: jlog -- durable message queue library
  170. Bug#651575: marked as done (general: usb drive (automount) has wrong permissions, regular user cannot read/write to device/folder)
  171. Bug#651628: ITP: python-bitbucket -- Python bindings for the bitbucket.org REST API.
  172. Bug#651575:
  173. Fwd: Open-FCoE for Wheezy
  174. Bug#651575: general: usb drive (automount) has wrong permissions, regular user cannot read/write to device/folder
  175. Looking for Frans Pop, anyone know his new e-mail address?
  176. Bug#651541: ITP: python-hipay -- hipay.com payment Python module with Django bindings
  177. buildd on Armel, PowerPC and S390(x)? agree on narrowing error, why?
  178. GNU/Linux COM development and Wine/Samba
  179. Bug#651489: ITP: webfinance-front-office -- manage invoices and handle client contacts
  180. Bug#651485: ITP: python-django-coverage -- test coverage reporting tool for Django
  181. Work-needing packages report for Dec 9, 2011
  182. Orphaning genesis -- general-purpose neural simulator
  183. Orphaning emile
  184. Bug#651470: ITP: imagevis3d -- desktop volume rendering application for large data
  185. from / to /usr/: a summary
  186. from / to /usr/: a summary
  187. Bug#651438: ITP: mmg3d -- Moving Mesh Generation
  188. Bug#651416: ITP: glyr -- search engine for music-related metadata
  189. Bug#651368: ITP: node-mongodb -- node.js driver for MongoDB
  190. Bug#651363: ITP: python-github2 -- Library to expose all the version 2 Github API over Python
  191. Getting dh_install to do what we need
  192. Getting dh_install to do what we need
  193. Bug#651338: ITP: libxmlwrapp -- xmlwrapp is a modern style lightweight C++ library for parsing XML
  194. Bug#651324: ITP: python-potr -- Pure Python implementation of the OTR protocol
  195. Detect if root login is disabled?
  196. Red Hat is moving from / to /usr/
  197. ecofont
  198. Bug#651217: ITP: nml -- NewGRF Meta Language compiler
  199. debdelta forensic
  200. dpkg-buildpackage and new "-indep" debhelper options
  201. Bug#651159: ITP: dbusada -- Ada bindings to the D-Bus message bus
  202. Bug#651154: ITP: lv2-extensions-bad -- LV2 extensions from the "bad" set
  203. Archive upload tools
  204. Bug#651101: ITP: pymysql -- Pure Python DB-API Interface for MySQL
  205. Bug#651094: ITP: pyacoustid -- Chromaprint Python bindings and interface to the Acoustid service
  206. Bug#651093: ITP: libyui -- Qt, GTK+ and ncurses UI-Engine
  207. Bug#651091: ITP: bespin -- Bespin artwork for KDE
  208. Bug#651090: ITP: colibri -- alternate notification system for KDE4
  209. Porter help needed: CCSEapps
  210. 2.6+ kernel make-tag problem
  211. New version of newt in experimental
  212. New sections and frontend behaviour
  213. Bug#650975: r8168: does not belong in a stable release
  214. New sections
  215. FTBFS bugs against binary packages
  216. Bug#650842: ITP: libbfio -- basic file input/output abstraction
  217. Donation
  218. The state of geoclue in Debian
  219. Bug#650809: ITP: mysql-connector-python -- Pure Python implementation of MySQL Client/Server protocol
  220. Who is this tell me now pr il find u
  221. The state of geoclue in Debian
  222. Extensao das melhores ofertas da Supersemana de Natal Dell. Sua ultima chance!
  223. What's CUT's status?
  224. What's CUT's status?
  225. Some suggestion
  226. Some suggestion
  227. Bug#650785: ITP: anox -- anoX permits to run an application in another X server
  228. script to link annoying $HOME dirs/files to /tmp?
  229. Bug#648536: general: NTFS formatted external hard disk crashes
  230. Bug#650734: ITP: tupi -- 2D Animation design and authoring tool
  231. The --before option is deprecated. Use override targets instead.
  232. Work-needing packages report for Dec 2, 2011
  233. Bug#650688: ITP: pyjavaproperties -- Python implementation of java.util.Properties
  234. Bug#650668: ITP: tardiff -- Tarball comparison tool
  235. Bug#650648: ITP: kakadu -- kakadu demo tools
  236. Search Engine Optimization.
  237. dctrl-tools with autotools
  238. Bug#650550: ITP: imagetooth -- This library allows to generate images of teeth for odontograms
  239. Viajes Buenavista te presenta....
  240. Bug#650505: ITP: django-mailer -- reusable Django app for queuing and throttling of email sending
  241. suggestion: build-blockers field in control file
  242. Bug#650436: ITP: openerp6 -- Enterprise Resource Management
  243. Bug#650398: ITP: pianobooster -- a new way to learn the piano just by playing a game
  244. Bug#650398: ITP: pianobooster -- a new way to learn the piano just by playing a game
  245. scooter racingparts与您共享了照片
  246. Processed: Changelog for new upstream release should include summary of upstream changelog
  247. Bug#646622: Changelog for new upstream release should include summary of upstream changelog
  248. Bug#650371: RFP: nss-passwords -- toolbar button to "go up" on the web
  249. ITP: ipmiutil -- Easy-to-use IPMI server management utilities
  250. Linux Mint 12 in Debian?