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  1. REVU: pyproj 1.8.5-0ubuntu1 (New)
  2. Handling of Debian unstable uploads after the release of lenny
  3. Packaging Problem with SDL in Jaunty
  4. Alessio Treglia (quadrispro) is a MOTU
  5. Iain Lane (Laney) is a MOTU
  6. Christophe Sauthier (huats) is a MOTU
  7. Didier Roche (didrocks) is a MOTU
  8. ical2sqlite
  9. boot-time async readahead...
  10. boot-time async readahead...
  11. Check for 'is None' not '== None'.
  12. Fix PartitionSpec.getActualSize()
  13. request.drive is a string, not a list in this instance.
  14. Fix typo in fsset.py
  15. disk.type is already a string, so we don't have to check the name attr.
  16. Fix handling of device type vs. string in FileSystemSet.setActive.
  17. getPartitionByPath expects the device to start with /dev/.
  18. Fix typo: = -> ==
  19. Remove unused printNewRequestsCyl() function.
  20. Use parted.Disk.getPartitionByPath()
  21. Skip METADATA, FREESPACE, and PROTECTED partitions.
  22. Pass a parted.FileSystem to parted.Partition.__init__()
  23. Iterate over partitions to see free space.
  24. Handle errors probing filesystems on RAID and LVM partitions.
  25. Syntax fixes for the new pyparted for parted.FileSystem.
  26. Iterate over partitions using disk.partitions
  27. Read CHS values from Device.biosGeometry property
  28. Update autopart.py to work with new pyparted syntax.
  29. Use device property on Disk and Geometry objects.
  30. Use correct attribute on FileSystem objects.
  31. Syntax changes for the new pyparted.
  32. Syntax fixes for the new pyparted.
  33. sector_size -> sectorSize
  34. There is no more parted.error, so just use Exception.
  35. Make sure the pyparted package ends up in the updates path.
  36. Don't provide a special partedExceptionWindow anymore.
  37. Don't use the native_type flag anymore.
  38. Syntax fixes for disk_new_fresh() and probe_specific.
  39. Syntax fixes for pyparted-2.0.0
  40. Removed partedUtils.get_partition_by_name()
  41. Remove partedUtils.getMaxAvailPartSizeMB()
  42. Removed partedUtils.getPartSize()
  43. Removed partedUtils.get_lvm_partitions()
  44. Removed partedUtils.getRaidPartitions()
  45. Removed partedUtils.get_primary_partitions()
  46. Remove partedUtils.get_logical_partitions()
  47. Removed partedUtils.get_partition_name()
  48. Remove archLabels and partitionTypesDict that have been moved into pyparted.
  49. Remove partedUtils.get_max_logical_partitions()
  50. Removed sector<->cylinder conversion functions.
  51. Removed partedUtils.getPartSizeMB()
  52. Removed partedUtils.getDeviceSizeMB(), functionality now in pyparted.
  53. Removed partedUtils.get_flags(), functionality now in pyparted.
  54. Remove partedUtils.get_partition_drive()
  55. Remove partedUtils.sniffFilesystemType()
  56. Remove unused code in partedUtils.py
  57. Make anaconda work with the new pyparted
  58. valgrind 3.4.0 upload request...
  59. Processing ubuntu-universe-sponsors queue in time for Feature Freeze
  60. Needs Packaging bug reports
  61. motu-release meeting Feb 3rd - very short minutes
  62. Packaging Trouble
  63. Packaging Trouble
  64. Widelands 13
  65. ProFTPD 1.3.2
  66. Building ion3
  67. Dependency error in xserver-xorg-input-fpit
  68. fsniper 1.3.1-0ubuntu1 (New)
  69. REVU: gnome-format 0.1.1-0ubuntu1 (New)
  70. swac-scan 0.2-0ubuntu1 (New)
  71. marble
  72. Fwd: plasmoid-translatoid 0.4.1-0ubuntu1 (New)
  73. new stable release of openscenegraph-2.8
  74. REVU Day
  75. Fwd: swac-play 0.2-0ubuntu1 (New)
  76. Who to coordinate with on OpenSceneGraph and related project packaging
  77. Iulian Udrea accepted as a MOTU Release Member
  78. Nick Ellery (nellery) is Contributing Developer
  79. Ubuntu and language packs
  80. PATCH: pyblock: fix dm import from native C-code with pythion-2.6
  81. needing help
  82. New LP-liason MOTU Leaders
  83. geanyprj 0.4-0ubuntu1 (New)
  84. Fwd: ubuntu-qa-tools 0.1 (New)
  85. Fwd: osm-gps-map 0.2-0ubuntu1 (New)
  86. plasmoid-drop2ftp 0.3.1 (new)
  87. ecm 1.00-0ubuntu1 (New)
  88. bansheelyricsplugin 0.6-0ubuntu1
  89. REVU: gebabbel 0.4+repack-0ubuntu1 (New)
  90. wanna be tweaker - Blender
  91. wanna be tweaker - Blender
  92. MOTU Meeting Minutes for 2009-01-30
  93. The 'timeout' package have incorrect 'Conflicts' and 'Replaces' sections
  94. Package out-of-date
  95. Fwd: plasmoid-runcommand 1.0-0ubuntu1 (New)
  96. Fwd: plasmoid-weatherforecast 0.8-0ubuntu1 (New)
  97. JabRef dependencies
  98. motu-release team needs members
  99. motu-release team needs members
  100. R: motu-release organisational meeting
  101. Jonathan Thomas (JontheEchidna) is a MOTU
  102. motu-release organisational meeting
  103. Early backports to reduce post-release fixes
  104. Help and sponsor request for package in sponsor queue
  105. The 'timeout' package have incorrect 'Conflicts' and 'Replaces' sections
  106. REVU: dvdstyler 1.7.1-0ubuntu1 (New)
  107. hamster-applet updated to v2.24.3
  108. Is Egroupware in dapper secure?
  109. Proposal for revised REVU workflow
  110. REVU: plasmoid-windowslist 0.3-0ubuntu1 (New)
  111. FreeNX complete suite uploaded.
  112. charm 1.9.1-0ubuntu1
  113. update tex4ht. Use the debian pkg?
  114. rand 1.0.3-0ubuntu1 (New)
  115. REVU: foo-plugins 1.0-0ubuntu1 (New)
  116. Gnomesword, libsword, diatheke, sword modules, bibletime
  117. Need Review And Advocate my new package!
  118. REVU: Automated Package Checks
  119. REVU: Automated Package Checks
  120. blender 2.45-4ubuntu1
  121. uck 2.0.7-0ubuntu1
  122. Call for MOTU Council Nominations
  123. getting a version of wxPython to compile for Ubuntu
  124. Looking for a master of the universe to package my program
  125. Xastir problem
  126. Passing the "REVU Coordinator" title on...
  127. libc-client2007 transition
  128. All hands on deck! It's REVU day!
  129. Launchpadlib support in Ubuntu Developer Tools
  130. nouveau-kernel-source 0.0.11+git20081220-0ubuntu1 (New)
  131. Impact of GPL packaging on non-GPL packages...
  132. REVU Upload problems
  133. xTide transparent
  134. Getting started wiki page
  135. Getting started wiki page (was: Hello there)
  136. Tasque - German Translation for Tasque 0.1.6
  137. Jaunty pre-freeze Freeze Exception Request: lilypond
  138. ttf-droid 1.00~b112+dfsg-0ubuntu1 (New)
  139. Iulian Udrea is a MOTU
  140. Jaunty pre-freeze Freeze Exception Request: mrpt
  141. Developer Application Criteria - Was New Application processes
  142. Gnomesword and Biblememorizer update needed
  143. Developer Application Criteria - Was New Application processes
  144. Thierry Carrez (Koon) is a MOTU
  145. New Application processes
  146. Nomachine down for NX Server, does ubuntu have the server component?
  147. Nomachine down for NX Server, does ubuntu have the server component?
  148. REVU: plasmoid-kbstate 2.0~svn906377-0ubuntu1 (New)
  149. packaging question: "binary-without-manpage"
  150. Update Kernel Modules
  151. bleachbit 0.2.0-0ubuntu1
  152. error in packaging guide-CDBS (fixed)
  153. error in packaging guide-CDBS
  154. error in packaging guide-CDBS
  155. DS9 on Hardy
  156. SDL_gfx 2.0.18 released
  157. Greek translation added for nautilus-script-audio-convert (
  158. cifer 1.1.0-0ubuntu1 (New)
  159. LMMS
  160. PokerTH 0.6.3 available
  161. torrentflux package; bug and patch
  162. FlightGear Updated to 1.9
  163. Xymon 4.2.2 (a.k.a. Hobbit) has been released
  164. Hello there
  165. plasmoid-spellcheck 0.2-0ubuntu1 (New)
  166. Proposal: Move MOTU Applications back to ubuntu-motu ML
  167. GNS3 update?
  168. Proposal: Move MOTU Applications back to ubuntu-motu ML
  169. mtpaint can not display Chinese menus
  170. jigl
  171. Nathan Handler (nhandler) is a MOTU
  172. anjuta dependencies (intrepid)
  173. Updated NetworkManager
  174. The point of debian/compat (was: what compat level for debhelper in jaunty?)
  175. Stéphane Graber (stgraber) is a MOTU
  176. Stéphane Graber (stgraber) is a MOTU
  177. what compat level for debhelper in jaunty?
  178. colorgcc compiler selection
  179. colordiff nocolor patch
  180. When VLC will be updated?
  181. Request to update storeBackup
  182. gnomesword Synaptic
  183. Gnomesword - still shipping pretty old version
  184. Kdenlive
  185. Question about maintenance of the gambc package
  186. Request for Kdenlive 0.7 packaging
  187. linuxsampler package in intrepid
  188. David Futcher (bobbo) is a MOTU
  189. Broken package libgdal1-dev
  190. Let X tell us when it's launched rather than just sleeping.
  191. Broken package libgdal1-dev
  192. MSTTCOREFONTS software package is referencing wrong sourceforge server
  193. ImageJ in multiverse rep
  194. Need reviews
  195. REVU - native uploads
  196. Problems with Cernlib-2006
  197. ipodslave 0.7.3-0ubuntu4
  198. gourmet 0.14.0-lubuntu2
  199. package electricsheep 2.6.8-9
  200. Lighttpd bug thats fixed in upstream but not in the ubuntu package (mod_compress with aliases)
  201. twinkle 1.3
  202. Stefan Ebner (sebner) is a MOTU
  203. New Version trac from edgewall.org
  204. uiflite 2.2.1-0ubuntu1 (New)
  205. Incorrect Schema-definition in Openbox
  206. Onkar Shinde (slytherin) is a MOTU
  207. New package for ubuntu
  208. REVU: Go review :)
  209. lisaac - broken dep - interpid
  210. Regression in sugar-hulahop
  211. python-mtp
  212. ClamAV hardy
  213. update of ndoutils-nagios2-mysql
  214. noip2 new version
  215. Returned mail: see transcript for details
  216. FREEMIND - desktop icon patch included
  217. MOTU Application for Nathan Handler (nhandler)
  218. MOTU Application for Stéphane Graber (stgraber)
  219. Developer News
  220. Here is a new REVU Day
  221. - wrong root certificate
  222. The Mono 2.0 transition (and how to survive it)
  223. dvdstyler
  224. Jaunty pre-freeze Freeze Exception Request: monodevelop
  225. Jaunty pre-freeze Freeze Exception Request: monodevelop
  226. Launchpad options for WNPP support
  227. MOTU Meeting Minutes for 2008-11-14
  228. intrepid: kscope package dependency is broken
  229. Stefan Lesicnik (stefanlsd) is a Contributing Developer
  230. Charlie Smotherman (porthose) is a Contributing Developer
  231. balloontip 2008.11.14-0ubuntu1 (New)
  232. python-ocempgui missing dependency
  233. REVU Day Reminder - Go review! :)
  234. universe-bugs@lists.u.c finally doing what it should
  235. logitech support modules for Ubuntu
  236. Non-MOTU as MOTU Mentors and bad advice
  237. Non-MOTU as MOTU Mentors and bad advice
  238. Using libpam-otpw with sshd?
  239. Free your merges
  240. please update the asterisk-mysql's package
  241. Tools for Jaunty Development in Hardy/Intrepid
  242. Who can get NEW source packages into Ubuntu?
  243. Who can get NEW source packages into Ubuntu?
  244. Who can get NEW source packages into Ubuntu? (was: REVU - Cleanup of the "Needs Review" section)
  245. Who can get NEW source packages into Ubuntu? (was: REVU - Cleanup of the "Needs Review" section)
  246. Michael Casadevall (NCommander) is now a MOTU
  247. linsmith (is at version 0.99.7 in Intrepid)
  248. Samba authentication: smb_auth.sh
  249. PGAPACK test error
  250. Debian RC bug day on Sunday