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Ralf Mardorf 05-18-2008 10:37 PM

Suggestion for a poll
I would like to know what kind of people will use Linux for their DAW.

1. Are they more interested to listen to natural instruments or to
samples and synthesizers?
2. Are there more professionals, resp. formerly professionals or
semi-professionals and amateurs?
3. Are they able to program software or not?
4. Are they unable to speak English?

I'm afraid that a Linux DAW is something that's only interesting for
freakish people.

Reading about Captain Beefheard, Os Mutantes etc. makes me afraid that
we are dinosaurs.

Perhaps we all have more long-playing records than CDs!

Off topic: I'm a dinosaur. Can anybody tell me something about the state
of the art concerning to MIDI-pick ups for guitars?
The last time I'll tried to play "Voodoo Chile" using a guitar synth I
decided, that it's better not to play synthesizers by guitar, because of
the delay. This might be 20 years ago. I've knowledge about studio
equipment, but I always ignores the technology for MIDI-pick ups and at
the moment I have less contacts to the business.

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