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Ralf Mardorf 01-06-2011 04:35 PM

about cd format for installation
On Thu, 2011-01-06 at 16:55 +0000, Daniel James wrote:
> Hi Jim,
> > Having trouble formatting download to a cd for installation. It seems the
> > request is very specific in that a CD -R/RW is requested. Is it really
> > that specific.
> No, any standard 700MB CD-R should work. Using a CD-RW is optional.
> > Having
> > trouble finding that variety in my area stores.
> Many years ago, when CD-Rs cost about $15 each, someone thought the
> re-writable CD was a really good idea. USB memory sticks seem to have
> totally superseded the CD-RW now.
> > Or is it possibly a
> > burning to CD problem on my end: Nero?
> Have you tested the downloaded iso image is intact, before you burn it,
> using the md5sum? Also, make sure you are burning the iso image directly
> to the disc, rather than burning a data disc containing just the iso
> image file.
> After burning, if you look at the CD on a Windows system, you should see
> directories with names such as 'dists' and 'pool', with the latter
> containing the packages.
> Cheers!
> Daniel

Jim, Daniel,

the media is needed for what version of 64 Studio? It might be, that for
3.0 beta and 3.3 alpha even overburning a 700 MB CD won't work ;).

I recommend to use a DVD for burning the CD image ;).

2 cents to the OT:

According to order I bought two USB sticks for Terres Des Hommes today.
One 4 GB stick does cost 6.99 €. Even a DVDRAM is less expensive, but
not that easy to get, anyway, because most people don't use Linux, a
DVDRAM shouldn't cause any issues. On Linux DVDRAM most of the times
isn't fun. The only bad with usual CDs and DVDs is, that USB-sticks etc.
require less space, OTOH e.g. here at Terres Des Hommes they've got
gripsacks, rucksacks etc., so there won't be a difference between
transporting an USB-stick or a DVDRAM, DVD-RW.

Btw. yesterday I installed Edubuntu and started to add audio real-time
to it on my machine. At the displacement camp they do have a "new"
second hand PC and as usual, they wish to keep the already installed
Windows, when I asked to install Linux. Fortunately the Windows at
Tuesday did inform, that its needed to register it within the next 20
days ;D. Perhaps Edubuntu will get a chance there too.

Some people won't eat anything they've never seen before. They simply
know USB sticks, Windows and a lot of hype. USB sticks, CDs and DVDs
will cause a lot of environmental load. I guess a DVDRAM won't waste
that much resources and because it's much, much, much persistent it also
will be less, less, less often become special waste.

Cheers :)


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