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Daniel James 01-06-2011 03:55 PM

about cd format for installation
Hi Jim,

> Having trouble formatting download to a cd for installation. It seems the
> request is very specific in that a CD -R/RW is requested. Is it really
> that specific.

No, any standard 700MB CD-R should work. Using a CD-RW is optional.

> Having
> trouble finding that variety in my area stores.

Many years ago, when CD-Rs cost about $15 each, someone thought the
re-writable CD was a really good idea. USB memory sticks seem to have
totally superseded the CD-RW now.

> Or is it possibly a
> burning to CD problem on my end: Nero?

Have you tested the downloaded iso image is intact, before you burn it,
using the md5sum? Also, make sure you are burning the iso image directly
to the disc, rather than burning a data disc containing just the iso
image file.

After burning, if you look at the CD on a Windows system, you should see
directories with names such as 'dists' and 'pool', with the latter
containing the packages.


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