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Larry Troxler 09-28-2010 03:44 AM

Why can't I install listed packages with synaptic package manager?
Is there a simple answer to this problem?
I really don't understand because I'm just using the 2.1 CD right out of
the box. All I did was install from the CD (the 64 bit distro), then pick
some interesting packages from the available list to install, some
audio, some others (eclipse, for eexample), and most come back with
first, the non-authenticated packages warning (understandably, given the
state of Linux audio software).
Then the repositories are not found (error 404s), and only a few, if
any, of the packages are installed.

Even just hitting reload gives a big mean message box listing all the
repositories that could not be found. For example, one is

I can gladly give more detail (and can provide some if needed), but
obviously I'm doing something very basically wrong and for the life of
me I can't figure what. Is the http port that synaptic is using
non-standard or something and I need to open up something on my firewall?

I even went to the "Origin" sorting filter and the only anomaly is that
it didn't list the "backports" repository.

In case it matters, I had the same problems with an earlier version of
64-studio - ended up giving up on the debian packaging system simply
because Synaptic would fail in a similar way.

This whole problem doesn't make sense to me, because this is a fresh
installation direct from the CD.
And I don't see any mention in the FAQ of the distro CD being wrong.

Any ideas? Can anyone think of a problem that I could have that's sort
of outside my PC?
I did check the FAQ as well for any last minute changes in the paths to
the repos, but the repos there match what I have checked off.

Again, this is just a plain vanilla studio 64 distro which I installed
from a 2.1 CD maybe a month or three ago. The only thing I remember
doing over the plain distro, is just installing OO and Firefox. I just
simply don't get it. As I type, I further think it's not a case of a
firewall problem, because
I would not be getting 404 errors in the error message boxes if I didn't
actually get a response back from a non-local DNS server (is that right?).

I'm very much perplexed! I mean honestly, AFAIK I did not mess with this
- it's fresh from the CD!
What basic thing am I missing?? If it was a problem with the distro the
mailing list and forum would be swamped with the same question and the
answer would be in the FAQ. Is it possibly an issue with the 64 bit
disto, as opposed to a generic 32-bit installation? That's the only
plausible idea I have right now.

TIA very much!

Please help! I've been steering clear of a windows DAW because I don't
want to spend $2000 and upwards just for software and the more
expensive hardware needed run Windows, but that's sort of starting to
sound like a bargain lately., Help guys and ladies, keep me from the
dark side! ;-) I mean, if I value my free time at only $50/hr, that
$2000 dollars represents only 40 hours of time troubleshooting this
Linux stuff! But I digress and am getting off the subject...

I just want to make music already!


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