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Frank Smith 09-17-2010 04:16 PM

RME HDSPe RayDAT sync problems
HiI have the HDSP 9652 which this card replaces.
If you are using 64studio you need to set the sample rate in the HDSP Conf, *Its under Sound and video This controls alsa and will show up in Jack and Ardour.

When you change the sample rate check which ADAT is locked. *On my system When I lockThe two DDX's they show as locked on adat 2 and 3 *-- and I now realise my problem in losing 8 tracks input is*because*I've used the wrong Adat input (*Should*be 1 and 2!! *bangs head on wall!!)

You also need to set the Pref sync Ref to one Adat source.Check that system clock is showing your new rate and the Autosync Ref is showing the correct rate.Close this and the card is set then lock any Adat stuff to the card.

Hope this helps

On 17 September 2010 16:37, Natanael Olaiz <> wrote:


Does anyone knows if is possible to make a RME HDSPe RayDAT work properly under Linux?

I cannot make it sync correctly with the adat outputs, even if in the alsamixer I select "Sample Clock Source": "Internal 48Khz", the slave devices got sync as 44.1Khz, and it doesn't sound properly (not only the SR).

I only found by google some mails by Fernando, Florian and a few others, but any of those helped me to make it work. I also tried changing HDSPM_freqReg to 100 MHz (see [1]) but didn't seem to help (anyway, on monday I'll do further tests with that).

Any news on that?

Can someone give me some hints to make further tests?

Thanks in advance,




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