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Ralf Mardorf 07-04-2010 03:26 PM

How can JACK handle two Envy24 sound cards simultaneously
Hi :)

due to the final account the electric company repays 104.94€. I wish to
start OT, regarding to a discussion we had about frequency scaling. My
computer run with two HDDs, one became 4 years old and is broken now,
the other is 2 years old and still ok. Start/stop cycles vs power bill.
Dunno about difficulties regarding to computer waste. I'm not the
averaged energy saving lamp user, because I hate the low spectrum of
colour with those gaps and peaks, but I try to avoid standby if
possible. For the computer I'm using frequency scaling and sometimes I
shutdown and startup my Linux several times a day.

I can't use the whole 104.94€ just for fun, but it's enough to get a new
HDD and to bit for two Terratec EWX 24/96 sound cards and to buy a MIDI
gameport cable with opto-couplers already build in. Hopefully I buy one
of the Terratec sound cards at an Ebay auction, hence I would have two,
with the one I already do have as a loan, that IIRC became a gift.

There are several howtos regarding to sync two of similar el cheapos.
Btw. I do have 2 DAT recorders with broken drives, but good converters,
I'm thinking of using those converters by S/PDIF, but the card's

The long and the short of it, I heard that JACK should make using two
cards at the same time complicated, so I googled. Yes, I prefer Google,
when searching for exotic. Anyway, the search words only results in
threads regarding to two sound cards not used simultaneously.

Does anybody know how to use two hw audio devices simultaneously, both

Btw. has anybody ever tested if Envy24 based 'stereo' cards can be used
with S/PDIF and the own converters at the same time? Hence one 'stereo'
card alone would come with 4, but 2 audio IOs.



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