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"Ralf Mardorf" 06-22-2010 11:24 PM

An issue with GRUB
Title: An issue with GRUB

Hi :)

wicked, after the hard disk hd0 was broken and hd1 became hd0, the drive were the used GRUB for Suse 11.2 is installed, GRUB failed. I couldn't install a new GRUB by an Ubuntu 7.10 live cd to Suse 11.2, but to 64 Studio 2.1.

Unfortunately my new graphics and monitor aren't set up for 64 Studio 2.1, hence I tried to boot Suse 11.2 again, but it failed, with 'Error 2: Bad file or directory type', see the commends for the attached menu.lst.

I'm able to boot 64 Studio 2.1, but I can't start X. I do have settings for my new graphics and monitor that are fine with 64 Studio 3.0 beta and 3.3 alpha, even if I didn't tested those settings now, in the past I experienced that older Debian xorg.confs and newer Ubuntu ones aren't compatible.

It's a PITA to set up those xorg.confs.

Any ideas, what settings might be wrong, that the existing stage 1 seems to be corrupted and what ever else might be bad, just because a hard drive is broken and the drive that's still ok switched from hd0 to hd1?

The attached menu.lst includes the commands I run, by comments. There's information about the file systems and the errors are quoted.



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