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Ichthyostega 06-15-2010 01:37 AM

Reading the current discussion on LAD I'm pissed
Ralf Mardorf schrieb:
> Sorry, I need to get a sniff and I need to blubber out. Ignore my email.

Hi Ralf :)

sorry couldn't resist *not* to ignore your mail ;-)

> Did anybody follow "minimal LV2" on LAD?
> Fuck, there are real issues, but gifted coders are talking about formalities.

You should be aware that 80% of a developers "real" work is to observe
formalities up to the tiniest detail. Just having good will and a robust
common sense sadly enough doesn't make a single computer move or work.

There is no "real stuff" beyond formalities, coding is all about formalities.
But people, even a lot of developers, tend to forget that fact.

Honestly, I can't see what is so annoying with the discussion you quote.
I've seen real developers flame-wars, but this here is just an ordinary
exchange. Someone not so familiar with a plugin interface asks some
questions and gets an answer. Something else rants a bit and questions
why parts of that interface are so seemingly complicated (which might
be a valid observation at first sight).

I think, Paul Davies gave a very insightful general answer to that
kind of doubts, thus allow me to quote from it below...

Hermann V.

From: Paul Davis <paul@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Jun 14 2010 - 00:08:55 EEST
> i think that the problem here is not an unusual one. there is a disconnect
> between people who have thought a little bit about something, and people who
> have thought a lot about the same thing. this doesn't mean that the latter
> group is right and the former group is wrong. but look, issues of how to add
> metadata to online/software entities have been a focus of various parts of
> academia and industrial R&D-ish types for many, many years. the design of
> LV2's metadata reflects some part of the general conclusions that this sort
> of work (nowadays "the semantic web") have come up with.

> if you want to argue that this design is wrong in general, i think you have
> an uphill battle (although you will find allies in parts of the semantic web
> world). if you want to argue that its overblown in this particular case, then
> i think its fairly important to show why the considerations that lead to
> this RDF/turtle-ish kind of thing don't apply to the case of describing
> plugins.

> you know, as a beginner to quite a lot of things, i found them confusing. as
> i got more experienced with them, in many (most?) cases i ended up
> understanding why the design was the way it was. confusing-for-beginners is
> not really a particularly compelling argument against something that really
> isn't supposed to be the focus of a beginner's experience anyway. but people
> being people, they find the one or two things that seem confusing and then
> zoom in on that, ignoring its real significance and purpose in the general
> scheme of things.

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